here’s a trashy WIP for BARDSTUCK because it’s 1am and I cannot find the will in my soul to draw all those fuckin dwarves.

It’s also clear that I cannot do backgrounds for shit from scratch with a binary pen and my attempt at the barge was limited at best.

I am however, pleased with the piddly little lifeform that is bilbo baggins’s image. Here’s a close up.

He’ll appear in his own intro page much like Bard and Thranduil have.

This isn’t what you had in mind when you said you wanted to find out who this elf was. You’d rather be sat with your three children, making sure they’re alright for the night but it seems you have been called to an audience at the last moment.

Before you stands KING THRANDUIL, who apparently has brought the term GLAMPING to middle earth judging by the damn chandelier hanging in his tent amongst thrones and other such nonsensical items. You sure as hell don’t recall seeing the items being brought along with him and wonder if the mirkwood royal conjured them out of thin air.

Unsurprisingly, this king isn’t much better than the other members of highsociety you’ve met in that he’s after SHINY OBJECTS within the mountain. No matter the race, you can pretty much tar them with the same brush. 

You have no desire for such things though and just want words kept and things rebuilt, pointing this out to the Elven king earns you a coy amusement and you wonder if it would sully relations so soon if you don’t make a snarky comment or two. However he did PROVIDE FOOD AND MUCH NEEDED SUPPLIES for everyone, so you sort of owe him a debt.



((so, i ended up making bardstuck a thing. It should be noted I am REALLY rusty on my lore, but the last image got a good response so I’m running with it. (this is xchrononautx)

image credit for the snazzy tent comes from here.

Send in asks and see what you get. Bilbo and co will be drawn as and when! ))