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We both live in SoIn and the one thing I'd like to know about you is what is your favorite record store in the area? Mine is Guestroom Records in Louisville (or Grimey's in Nashville).

first of all omg it’s so cool that you live here?? i hardly ever talk to anyone on here who does hahaha. i’ve been to guestroom liiiike two or three times! i haven’t been to nashville since i was a tiny child tho so yeah haha

i have so many?? all of the ones on bardstown road in louisville are excellent but my most favorite is definitely better days. the staff there is super nice and they always have really good stuff with pretty reasonable prices?? and a close second favorite is matt anthony’s which is honestly almost just as good tbh, just a tiny bit smaller selection for the sort of things i like

ALSO idk what part of southern indiana you’re in but if you live anywhere near clarksville there’s this lady i know who has a yard sale every few months and she sells records for $1 and that’s where i get a lotttt of mine bc they’re generally in really nice shape so it’s kind of amazing. like, she fills her entire garage with boxes of records and has the sale all afternoon. she also has a booth in the peddler’s mall which is awesome too

oh!!! and the flea off market. that’s excellent too but a lil pricey at times. and also since im officially ranting about this now if you ever go to st. louis!!! there are tonssss of good record stores there


What’s happenin’?

Queer Women and Coffee is a twice-per-month meet-up for queer-women-identifying individuals. This is a great way to meet new people, connect with like-minded people, and relax in some solidarity in a safe, friendly space.

DATE: Sunday, January 29th, 2017
LOCATION: Highland Coffee (1140 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204)

Let me know if you have any questions. See you there! Spread the word if you’re an ally!

Happy Father’s Day

“Y/N L/N.”

“Robert Singer?” You joked. You smiled knowing what this call was about. He had finally gotten your gift.

“Y/N, why is there a bottle of bourbon and a card now sitting on my desk?” He asked.

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Figo, a K9 officer in Bardstown, KY, says goodbye to his partner Jason Ellis. Ellis was slain 25 May on his way home from work.

Police say debris — which has not been described in detail — was purposefully placed on the Springfield Road exit off the Blue Grass Parkway to cause Ellis to stop. When the officer got out of his cruiser, he was shot numerous times with a shotgun from an embankment above the roadway.

33-year-old Ellis leaves behind a wife and two young sons. He is the first officer ever killed in the line of duty in Bardstown.

A $125,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved. Anyone with information on Ellis’ death is asked to contact Kentucky State Police at (800) 222-5555, Nelson County Dispatch at (502) 348-3211 or Bardstown Police at (502) 348-6811.