So, earlier today, I was walking down Bardstown Road and I had this thought, like, Okay, so you know how there are “ride-or-die” friends? If you have really hardcore friendships with a writer, are they your write-or-dies? Because I’m ridic, but anyway, you were my first ~write-or-die to come to mind. Or brainstorm-or-die or something. I like cooking ideas with you. I like sharing my ideas with you, and I like hearing your ideas (yes even your angsty rps where you make the life of your favorite character in a particular fandom as difficult as possible and then worse). You’re the person I can send my first first drafts to that will make me feel better about it before I send it to anyone else, and I love reading your stuff when you send it to me.  I really miss doing twitter chats with you, because they’re more fun that way, but you got your stuff and that’s acceptable, I suppose. I also really enjoy waking up to like 32 notifications on my app and going, “Oh, she’s back!” You’re such a lovely, sweet person, and you’re going to make an awesome mom. And one day, I’m going to have to book a very long, expensive flight to come see you because we need to meet in person at some point, we just do.

Figo, a K9 officer in Bardstown, KY, says goodbye to his partner Jason Ellis. Ellis was slain 25 May on his way home from work.

Police say debris — which has not been described in detail — was purposefully placed on the Springfield Road exit off the Blue Grass Parkway to cause Ellis to stop. When the officer got out of his cruiser, he was shot numerous times with a shotgun from an embankment above the roadway.

33-year-old Ellis leaves behind a wife and two young sons. He is the first officer ever killed in the line of duty in Bardstown.

A $125,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved. Anyone with information on Ellis’ death is asked to contact Kentucky State Police at (800) 222-5555, Nelson County Dispatch at (502) 348-3211 or Bardstown Police at (502) 348-6811.