A Bardsday celebration:

Me: Happy Bardsday, Birthday, Deathday Will!!!!!!
Here a cake in memory of one of your plays to celebrate the occaision!

Will: Much obliged,just one question Jane….
Me: Yes?

Will: Which play? Macbeth?

Me: Might be.

Will: Romeo and Juliet? Caesar and you ran out of knives?  Hamlet? Anthony and Cleopatra?

Me: Good guesses all of them.

Will: …..

Will: You’re not gonna tell me?

Me: You have only yourself to blame, you stabbed the whole bunch.

Will:*Sighs* Do I at least get my cake now?

Me: Sure sweetie

Will: Just..  Why do I only get only 4 candles? It is my 400th deathday after all!

Me: Use your imagination! Each burns as bright as 100!

Will: But thesee are still only 4…

Me: Excuse me! Weren’t we supposed to see  the armies of England and France at the Globe?

Will: The rest is silence *stuffs himself with cake*

(P.S. Don’t tell tell him his first guess was right)

Will: I knew it!

Me: Shut up and eat.