Ok, I’m going to rant ... I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been reading and listening to people’s reviews of Dead Men Tell No Tales, and you know what I’ve found? That most people are so fucking hard to please, it’s maddening. For example, people are bitching that Jack is too depressed and drunk in this one, that he isn’t the same positive, happy-go-lucky pirate that we saw in the first movie ... well, duh! He’s been stuck on land for the past goodness knows how many years, his ship is stuck in a fucking bottle, and he doesn’t have a crew! Of COARSE he’s not gonna be in a fucking cheery mood! Of COARSE he’s gonna want to get drunk off his face! I mean, ffs, he’s a pirate! The only place he’s happy is on the ocean, but he hasn’t been able to BE on the ocean because, again, HE HASN’T GOT A FUCKING SHIP OR CREW!! Then, of coarse, you have people comparing the bank heist scene to the scene in Fast 5, saying that Disney copied it. Seriously? Are people really THAT small-minded? I fucking swear, filmmakers can’t put ANYTHING into the plots of their films without some fuckwhistle comparing it to a scene in another movie! One person also said that Salazar wasn’t in the movie very much, and that if you are going to see the movie for Salazar, don’t ... Bitch, I will fucking see the movie for Salazar even if he’s in it for five fucking minutes! I did not wait a whole fucking year, getting excited for this character, AND he fact that he was being played by Javier Bardem, just for you to tell me not to fucking see it! Who the fuck are you to tell people whether or not they should see a movie?! Let people make up their OWN goddamn minds!  I could go on and on about the bitchiness that eminated from these reviewers, but I won’t, because it will only depress you. Either way, I’m still going to see this movie, I’m going to ENJOY this movie - because I’m not going to fucking sit their with a stick up my arse and compare it to the last ones - and all these whiney, hard-to-please haters can retreat back into the shadows of the sad little gutters they crawled out of.
DARK UNIVERSE Announced; Johnny Depp As The Invisible Man & Javier Bardem As Frankenstein's Monster Confirmed.

DARK UNIVERSE Announced; Johnny Depp As The Invisible Man & Javier Bardem As Frankenstein’s Monster Confirmed

Universal has officially announced that their series of classic monster movie reboots will collectively be known as Dark Universe. Click on for a preview video and a cast pic featuring the stars…

Universal Pictures has just announced that its rebooted series of classic monster movies will be known as the Dark Universe, and will kick-off with next month’s The Mummy.

The studio has also officially confirmed that The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster will be played by, respectively, Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem, who will join Tom Cruise as Nick Morton and Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll. The entire team is pictured above with Sofia Boutella, who will play the The Mummy of the title.

In addition, it’s been announced that Bill Condon will direct Bride of Frankenstein, which will be the next film in the series and is set for release on February 14, 2019.


Universal unveils its ‘Dark Universe’

Universal has set a date for Bride of Frankenstein, and debuted the first photo of the stars it has assembled for its shared universe, the newly titled Dark Universe.

Assembled in the first-look photo of the Dark Universe stars are Johnny Depp (The Invisible Man), Javier Bardem (Frankenstein’s Monster), Cruise (Nick Morton), Russell Crowe (Dr. Jekyll) and Sofia Boutella (The Mummy). Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll is set to provide the glue linking the films together, with his mysterious organization Prodigium charged with tracking the world’s monsters.

Universal has also released a logo and sizzle reel for Dark Universe, which draws from the studio’s long history of monster films dating back to the golden age of Hollywood.



A tribute to Alfred Hitchock’s films by Annie Leibovitz (& others), 2008.


The Legend of Korra “Cast”

Korra - Jennifer Lawrence

Mako - Sam Clafin

Bolin - Jim Sturgess

Lin Bei Fong - Tilda Swinton

Asami - Anne Hathaway

Tenzin - Bryan Cranston

Amon - Benedict Cumberbatch

Unalaq - Javier Bardem

Zaheer - Dave Bautista

Kuvira - Daisy Ridley

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