bard rock

My friend and her friend have been running demo campaigns for this game world they’re designing and I was asked to play a single player demo. So I made a joke character: a half elf punk rock bard with a tragic backstory. You know, the usual “it’s not a phase, mom!” kind of stuff.

The tragic backstory included him running away from a tribe of wood elves who were trying to sacrifice him to the goddess of hunting. Later he regretted it and felt like maybe he angered the goddess since he was supposed to die there for her.

Well, turns out the campaign ended with him saving that very goddess, entering a sacred place of that goddess, being approached by the goddess’ sacred animals and all in all being accepted and not shamed for running from the ritual. It got so emotional that I cried.

Not that much of a joke character anymore.

“All right, Steven, we’ve adjusted the metaphysical properties of the Temple to create a customized dungeon for you!”

“Awesome!  I’m gonna roll a bard.”

“Steven, it’s not really that kind of–”

“But bards are awesome!  I wanna roll a bard.”

“Yeah-heah!  Rock that dungeon, little man!”

“You know, I don’t think a bard is exactly the right class to pick to overcome the challenges we–”

“Steven, it’s not really that kind of dungeon, okay?”