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Behold: three Shakespeare-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

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(These are not mine. I found them on a Facebook thread and through Google searches. If any of these are yours and you want them taken down, just shoot me a message. If any of these are yours and you want credit, just shoot me a message or comment on this.)

Valentine's Day
  • Sebastian: As today is Valentine's Day, I predict the young master will have another one of his bouts. Everyone be prepared.
  • Finny: *shuddering* Last year was so scary!
  • Snake: Does Smile hate Valentine's Day? Says Emily.
  • Ciel: *appearing from around the corner* Don't be foolish, Snake. I LOVE Valentine's Day.
  • Sebastian: Oh, young master... We were just having a meeting about today's events-- no need to concern yourself with the detai--
  • Ciel: Do you know what makes Valentine's Day so great?
  • Snake: Um... Other people? Says Osca--
  • Ciel: The PROFIT. I'm running a candy and toy company after all. This truly is the most glorious day of the year..!
  • Bard: Oh my god he's at it again.
  • Mey-Rin: Young master, please calm down!
  • Ciel: In fact, today is so important that I'm giving all of you the day off-- even Sebastian. Plus, I made you all Valentine's cards.
  • Bard: You sick freak!
  • Finny: *sniffling* Where did the young master we know and love go? What if he never comes back?
  • Ciel: Anyway, I need to go call Elizabeth. Enjoy your day off.
  • Ciel: *leaves*
  • Sebastian: Now that the young master has left, I suggest we orderly evacuate the manor in favor of our Valentine's Day safe house in the woods.
  • Snake: Shouldn't we--
  • Sebastian: No. RUN.
What hobbies do your D&D characters have?

Please list them in the reblogs, along with (approximate) alignment, class, and race! I’m making charts for Science.

I’ll start.

Duran, Human Barbarian, NG: Woodcarving, hiking, and botany.

Faust, Tiefling Paladin, CG: Reading and writing poetry, reading romance novels.

Vallorik, Dragonborn Druid, LG: Baking, weaving, and storytelling.

Lyle, Halfling Bard, NE: Card games, improvised acting, and solving/creating riddles

For now, the set is complete! All six player character party members, three mounts/companions (plus one friendly mouse), a former character turned NPC, and Malthus’ demon familiar with a will of his own. Fun little project! I will likely complete the rest of the major arcana at a later date, once we have more NPCs to fill out the cards.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about making my own godtier analysis blog, but I have no clue how to start and im afraid of giving an incorrect analysis x.x do you have any tips on how you analize godtiers? (And, if it isn't too much to ask, could you add to your list a post about what personality traits each class/aspect almost always has? Thank you x.x)

Oh my gosh! Yes! Go for it!!!

Don’t worry about giving a wrong analysis. The Edit button exists for a reason and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going back and saying “whoops, bit of a goof here, lemme fix that.”

And I don’t need to add your request to my list. I’mma just do it here. ; ) 

Maids tend to be isolated but passionate about their interests and are always willing to help - within reason, of course.

Sylphs (like yours truly) are usually pretty nosey and think that they know best. We’re a bit more mellow about our interests than maids though, until we get the ‘all clear’ that the other person really wants to hear about it.

Princes can be a bit self-centered and pretentious, but they are usually cool and competent enough to pull it off. 

Bards are fucking wild cards do not try to figure that shit out.

Knights can be pretty dang self-deprecating. Like honestly y’all, be nice to yourselves. You deserve it.

Pages are generally easy-going and mellow. They aren’t especially likely to do a lot unless they’re being led into it or forced into by circumstance.

Thieves are pretty self-centered and self-aggrandizing, but they’re also go-getters who are willing to work to back up their claims.

Rogues are generally pleasant, talkative, easy-going, and group-oriented. Just real friendly people.

Witches are often isolated, same as Maids, but they’re very powerful and almost hyper-competent with their aspect.

Heirs are easygoing and tend to be very in tune with their aspect. They’re often a bit thoughtless, but still likable.

Mages are know-it-alls when it comes to their own aspect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re intelligent. They tend to focus on their aspect even at the expense of their efficiency or their role in the session.

Seers are know-it-alls in general, and they tend to be pretty fucking wordy. They are very confident about their knowledge, even if they’re not confident in themselves.

If the person is a Destruction class, Prince or Bard, then they’ll act like the opposite aspect.

Space players are big on creation and are often very feminine. They’re often skilled artists or inventors, with lot of different clothing styles.

Time players are big on destruction and death, but not necessarily in a dark way. They can be interested in history and archeology, or just destruction as a whole.

Life players tend to be energetic and rebellious, with a healthy disregard for authority.

Doom players are orderly and rule abiding, often with a skill at programming and mathematics.

Void players are inexplicable. You can’t categorize them, but that’s because that’s just how they are.

Light players are the chatterboxiest motherfucks. They tend to be self-important, but mostly they just don’t shut the fuck up.

Heart players are kind and romantic, usually focusing on an ideal that they want realized. 

Mind players are clever and fun to be around, but they’ve got a tendency to be pretty shallow.

Rage players are really… passionate. Gotta love that passion.

Hope players are pleasant and harmonious with a deep love of stories, but they can often be a little bit stupid.

Breath players can be uncertain of their role in things, but they’re usually pretty willing to give it the ol’ college try. They’re not easy to manipulate at all.

Blood players are grounded and serious - maybe more serious than they really need to be. They care harder than anybody.

So the URealms website has opened up and I’m here playing with the character creator on the site.

I have accidently the worlds smallest Gnome Bard. Who is also a artist.
I want to keep her with me forever, probably in a pocket.

maybeangels-maynotbe  asked:

My bard pulled the wish card from the deck of many things and there was absolutely nothing I could when he wished from an electric lute. Nothing at all.

i mean… tbh u got off literally so easy with that request. i would’ve wished for like, at least 8 electric lutes and they used their omnipotent wish for only 1 electric lute
The smutty Shakespeare game you need for your next smarty-pants party
“Bards Dispense Profanity” challenges players to explore Shakespeare’s dirty side

“In the new game, released this month, a designated Profanity Judge lays down a card that shows an uncompleted sentence, such as: “I’m getting a degree in English. It’s basically four years of _______.” Players select appropriately suggestive Shakespeare cards from their hand…”


So I was reading about history of card games because BECAUSE…! U3U)/

and I was looking at the different suits for different countries and apparently in German decks the suits are Hearts, Bells, Acorns, and Leaves. 

And I thought it was so perfect for these four ;w;

Cause Bard shot Smaug while on a bell tower, the leaves was obvious for Thranduil, BILBO’S ACORN, and the Arkenstone as the heart of the mountain for Thorin.  

I’ll do a more clean digital version of this and more stuff with these suits when I have time UuU