i was here for a long time now, and i finally decided to do a follow forever, after i reached 2.1K followers. I just wanted to say thank you to every single of you for making my days on tumblr so nice and funny. I really do love you all and i hope i won’t forget mention someone. plus im to lazy to do this alphabeticallyso im just gonna put urls in no particular order

@heartsoftruth @dyballah @taulant-xhaka @umtitifc @itsfutbolnotsoccer @fabritius @prince-dybala @iwobifc @barcascule @torresaddicted @stormycat-dash @iniesta-s @hailneymar @fcterstegen @raflnhalcantara @barcarsenal @frvankcastle @bayern-xo @princesasophie @maxl0pez @barca-neymessi @fcbshady @neymarchive @mein-holgi-boy @azkathefangirl @footylyf @king-ramos @juliejohnston @heathspulisic @andregomes21 @shakiraspique @bartra @penalteaze @rma-fcb @asensilove @terfinhaaa @buerking38 @robinholding @neyvenger @fcrafinha @mascheranoi @teatimewithniall @thirstegen @grizits @jordiabla @amorbarcelona @messisballondor @reyrafinha @theo-griezmann @ceibos @atletipool @janeinjanein @paulodybxla @footylover @cantbeatus @atletiti @salomonrondons @diegoalvesisgod @behzaintfunny @robertsatandowski09 @football-is-everything @judgynando @rafinhaha @griezmoan @kimmearth @gayern-munchen @shoutitouttotheworld @emremcr @borussia-dorkmund @satannite @neymardefensesquad @thomasqueunuser @thiagomaia @saintneymar @sergirobreto @fatherpique @thinkingoverloves @barca-is-bae-tbh @mariogolmez @itsoffside @messifangirl @jordialba @piquesozil @rafinhoe @oursaviourpique @xavimascheranos @messireally @romanbburki @aftgomes21  @football-s @vamosleomessi @andressiniesta @ohmygrizi @shaneschlong @barce-fabu-lona @princesa-dybala @dybullet @losalbicelestes @happyxavi @barcelonaesmuchomas @griezmanny @celine-xox @petit-leo @bavarianboyz  @albanesa @atletikrizi @rbuerki1 @rocketic @asensihoe @kingpique @robertsatandowski09 @captainmessi @princesa-rafinha @sergegnbry  @jujudraxler @luchorgasm @amorlionel @antvibe @abcde-fc @foreverdedicatedtoperfection @mterbaegen @alexchambos @bartristaa @messineymar @barcaobsession @holamessi @billericaytobarcelona @neymessifc @juvelona @4fabregastasticxavi6 @siempremessi @mrs-messi @vamosblaugrana @bartra-marc @haillionel @loriskariius21 @daddymessiii @lionelandresmessii @luchoscoolerthanyou @jordialbae @riflereus @sashapique @s0miserem @brazilianzaddys @granit-xhakas @milanpique @messismyhusband @teamzidane @ivanperisiic @wilsheresdimples @kloppostyles @lord-farqueer @fcbarcelohna @torresista @mrs-bartra @ohcarlesmycarles @judybarca @love-for-football @blaugr4na @lionelsmessi @samperisme @nevmar @reyfinha 

and again, i hope i didn’t forget anyone, i love you guys so much! <3

hi guys today (9/3) is my birthday so im interrupting our 6-1 celebration to make a follow forever for my mutuals. ive been on the football fandom for a year now and i wanna thank all those people that has been awesome since day 1 ! i love you all thanks for following me :D also for those ive kinda stop talking to,, im so sorry its not u its obviously me and i love u guys too. sorry if i missed out anyone im getting old

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anonymous asked:

Can you suggest some barça blogs for me pls?? I'm such a fan of yours btw

im so afraid if i accidentally forget someone bc i follow many of them, and all of them are amazing.

okay so lets go 

@messisleftfoot @andregomes21  @bartra  @neyvenger @mascheranoi  @thirstegen @jordiabla @amorlionel @amorbarcelona  @reyrafinha @kingpique @mterstegen1 @sampers @ceibos @footylover @fcbaycelona @neymardefensesquad @fcbarcelohna  @fctreblelona @itsfutbolnotsoccer @jordialba @piquesozil @messifangirl  @margaritfcb @football-s @vamosleomessi @andressiniesta  @barce-fabu-lona @messitheanswer @neymarslionel  @leocuccittini @haillionel @milanpique @sashapique @celine-xox @barcelonaesmuchomas @petit-leo  @captainmessi @princesa-rafinha @reyfinha @goneyfinha @luchorgasm @culepersempre @mrs-bartra @bartra-marc @barca-penguins @ivanrakitic @football-its-my-life  @messismyhusband @messisblondehair @barcaobsession @billericaytobarcelona  @juvelona @4fabregastasticxavi6 @campnou-s @papirafinha @lionelandresmessii  @lionelandremessi @rafaeloangelo @rafinhoe @rafinhaha @jordialbae @brazilianzaddys @iniestas-fiesta  @s0miserem @ohcarlesmycarles @judybarca @blaugr4na  @samperisme

i think that’s it. im really sorry if i forgot somebody. i love you all!

2B mentions that YoRHa androids are modelled after their human creators so she’s telling us there’s a real life 2B as beautiful as her but we never saw her in the game why. And 9S’ creator’s gotta be as cute af as he is, damn.



Dear Anonymous :
Hi!!! Thank you!!!!  It’s a great honor ! XD
I haven’t drew very much the art of Republic Commando yet because it hasn’t published novels of the Japanese version.
Since the game has the Japanese version I became to love by it.
I’m reading novels of the English version, but I’m sad because I cann’t perfectly understand…
But This Novels is really amazing! It’s just a must see book for Clone Wars and Mandalorians enthusiast!
I draw art again!

Dear Anonymous :
This is a ordinary Kamen Rider first who rode in the BARC speeder …;_;
I was surprised that you know the superhero TV shows of Japan!
Kamen Riders is cool! I like Another Agito of the Kamen Rider Agito!

One Piece chap 814

So this chapter brings me  a lot of feelings!

The fact that Sanji is from an assassin’s family isn’t really shocking for me because I love how the plot is going to evolve I really love that! 

The assasin’s side is really becoming obvious by the way Sanji’s often picking pseudonym (Mr Prince) and the way is always acting in the shadows very spy/assassin’s like. He’s very extravagant but at the same time rather discreet to be able to be easily forgotten as during arc of the casino of Arabasta he was able to enter and distroy the bridge easily like a pro. He’s also really charismatic almost like a mafia boss.

 I saw SaNa(SanjixNami), and Zosan of course!

SaNa for the way Nami’s defending Sanji tooth and nails! She seems to understand that Sanji’s past is even more complicated than it seemed before and that even though he is acting like a protector, like everything is going to be okay He is unsure and he’s the kind of man prefering to be hurt instead of his nakama being hurt!

Zoro also understand that but for him he really dont like that(maybe a reminder of the Thriller Barc sacrifice. Of course Zoro is only enraged when talking about his curly brow nakama trying to save everyone and I think its really cute :)

I also love when we can see Luffy really protector of his crew (and especially of Sanji !!(LuSan ahah!) I love how for Luffy loosing Sanji is worst than being under Big Moms orders, e can really see the pure relation of nakamaship.

So as always tell me what you think about this chapter and what are your impressions/hypothesis/ideas ?

★ Sultan continues its Blockbuster Run on TV Ratings : Salman Khan Mania!!

Sultan continues its Blockbuster Run on TV Ratings : Salman Khan Mania. Sultan is unstoppable on Television with exceptional ratings in its first 8 Airings : Details.

It is always said that a true test of film is always on Television and Sultan has proved to be a gargantuan blockbuster on television withe exceptional ratings every time it has aired on Television.

Sultan has stood the test of time with exemplary ratings every single time the movie has aired on Television. It has fared way better than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK, two films which were more successful films theatrically. Dangal is yet to air on television. It will be interesting to see how it trends on Television.

Sultan had released on 6th July and it had collected around 585 crores gross worldwide.

The BARC Viewership ratings for the 8 airings of Sultan is as follows:

First –  1,13,10,000
Second – 60,85,000
Third – 55,66,000
Fourth – 48,64,000
Fifth – 98,02,000
Sixth – 47,99,000
Seventh – 47,06,000
Eight – 49,64,000