Holy snaaaaaap! This one had me clutching my heart! Im pretty sure I hadn’t seen this one till now. Really brilliantly done!

fireyfobbitmedicine replied to your post: “I meant to say no fucking wonder Chibs clings on and gets attached to…”:

Maybe it’s because he knows he’s a hologram and so it’s futile to even hug but of course to each their own

But Chibs knows he’s a hologram too, and she tries to hug HIM. And you can argue that “Well it’s because she’s emotional and not thinking about that”, and you’ll be precisely making my point.

Endymion’s still making hand gestures. He’s poking at Time Keys. He’s WALKING, for fuck’s sake, when as a hologram, he doesn’t technically need to move at all, he can just glide or project his image. We see him doing all of these unnecessary movements, presumably because his consciousness is not automatically set to “hologram” by default.

Things like reaching out when someone you love is hurt and distressed is an instinctive reaction. Particularly, one would think, when it’s your BABY GIRL and she’s CRYING and TRYING TO HUG YOU.

That Endymion doesn’t move at all is, doesn’t even twitch and then remember and pull back, is, for me, very telling and VERY upsetting on Chibi-Usa’s behalf.

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