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まふまふ (Mafumafu) Namahousou Report ― 050816

Warning: This is a long post, and will not be 100% accurate as it is simply an account of what occurred from my perspective and memory. Because this is summarized from my live-translations on my twitter account, more details can be found there.

Please do not repost my report, including portions of it, anywhere online. If you’d like to re-translate it, please notify and credit me.  


  • Mafumafu starts this nama screaming high pitches & strumming his guitar, before reading out the usual first 100 users to comment
  • Mafumafu remarks that it’s been a long time since he’s held a namahousou, and laughs a little guiltily. He says Niconama hasn’t been working well for him as of late, and because his broadcasts tend to fill up quickly, he’s been using twitcast so everyone interested can listen.

“Datsugoku” Upload

  • Mafumafu: “I released “Datsugoku” yesterday! Neru-san even LINE-ed me saying how great the cover was, and I was happy b/c he doesn’t say it much” 
  • Mafumafu: “Datsugoku was especially difficult to sing b/c it was both high-pitched & high-tempo, whereas a slow song like Machibouke’s more doable” (strums a few guitar chords and belts out the chorus’s high point) “You see, I can still do this highness sitting down cross-legged, but when the highness is paired w/ Datsugoku, my voice ends up thin & with the song goes "unyunyunyunyu”, my body subconsciously moves around when I’m recording and ends up at different distances from the mic throughout the process.”

Gochiusa Event with Amatsuki

  • Mafu: “I had Amatsuki accompany me, & not only did he go all the way there but I also told him it’d be rude to see Gochiusa in weird clothes so we went to buy new clothes and have our hair set (in the salon) just for the event”  


  • Mafu: “My friends were complaining that my namas were just too boring, so I told them “it’s b/c you don’t send me fanmail”! So they sent me fanmail”

Fanmail #1

HN: 天月 –Tengetsu- (aka Amatsuki)

Funifuni-san (T/N: Funifuni – onomatopoeia of caressing a fluffy object), good evening
I always enjoy listening to Funifuni-san’s radio.
This time, your album “Clock Croissant Story” with Soruto-san was also very wonderful.
Among those songs, I like “Tachiiri Kinshi” (No Trespassing) the most.
I am a grandpa turning 80-years-old this year, but I have fun listening to you with my grandchild.
Please try your best from now on as well.

P.S. I assume you are trying so hard that your hair has become white, but what sort of meaning does the barcode on your cheek have?
I am so curious about it that I cannot sleep at night.
Please take care of your health and the like and work hard.

Mafumafu’s Response: (Translated from his actual words)

  • This is… this is one of those messages that want to pick a fight, isn’t it? This Tengetsu-san’s someone who tries instigating things. But this person probably has nothing to do with Amatsuki-san right? Since their names are different.
  • Our album name has ended up sounding quite delicious… wow, I have such a wonderful friend.
  • Even though he went out of his way to accompany me to the Gochiusa event, even though he watched through 2 entire seasons of 12 episodes, a total of 24 episodes for the event, I thought he had become a true friend of mine but this is a complete retraction of that statement. What should I do, what should I do to him… Well whatever
  • (Reads the P.S. about the barcode again) He always comes to attack my barcode… Ah, there may be new listeners in this broadcast, so I’ll explain: this barcode is stuck on my left cheek, but the 2-D Mafumafu has white hair. Meanwhile, the 3-D Mafumafu has brown hair, so in order to link the two, I put my barcode into a barcode reader that “beeps” me into the virtual world and synchronizes me into the 2-D Mafumafu. Everyone, did you know that? This is an extreeeemely important point of me, so please remember that. Tengetsu, don’t you forget about it.

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Not completely sure if anything like this has been asked before, but I'm writing YA Fantasy and I'd like to involve more sword fighting in it (completely *no guns involved*), even though it's set in modern-ish times. Can you think of any possible reasons why guns can't be used/would be useless?

The big one that’s usually pulled out is magic. The idea is that magic and technology don’t play nice together. Dresden Files (and most of the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genre), Shadowrun, and Arcanum, all make use of this concept to varying degrees. It’s not that guns are technically no longer useful, it’s that they don’t work when faced with magic and thus magic users/fantasy monsters have no reason to use them/are incapable of using them. It’s an either/or situation.

Your characters are going dragon hunting or finding a troll in the sewers, then they probably aren’t going to bring guns with them. They’ll take an enchanted sword or any other necessary equipment for dealing with the threat. This will expand out to the mass majority of society. Your police officers will probably still keep their guns for dealing with non-magical threats, but may also carry a silver sword or whatever else they need to subdue the now magical threats their job requires them to deal with. You don’t actually need a special department for that either. It’s just that there are now psychics, telepaths, and magical knights on the Force. The major thread here is that people will adjust, society will adjust, and it will go on.

Also, if you don’t know that the cop you’re character is dealing with is a telepath, then life in general just got a whole lot more interesting.

This one is very common in the genre, though. One of the others is that magic was gone for a long time and society developed without it, then it returned. This skips out on having to explain how society developed without guns but also can lead to a more post-apocalyptic setting environment due to all your comforts (like cars and computers) no longer working.

You have Highlander, where it’s tradition. The sword is also the best way to ensure they get a clean beheading in their duels which allows them to take the other Immortals power. This doesn’t stop non-Immortals (and even some Immortals) from carrying or using guns, but it does mean you’ll most likely always see two Immortals dueling each other instead of using another alternative.

If you were wanting to excise just guns, then you’ve got a bit of a problem. The gun is directly related to technological and societal advancement. This includes the technological benefits that you are enjoying right now such as your computer, the internet, the car, and the socioeconomic changes of the past 400 years. The reason why feudal lords were able to keep control of their populations was because they had a monopoly on violence. The gun disrupts that monopoly. It creates a world where it no longer takes talent, training, or skill to kill a knight.

The British Empire. The United States. Colonialism in South America, Africa, India, the Middle East, and China, would all have looked very different, if it happened at all. Without guns, our modern world just isn’t the same.

I hate the butterfly metaphor from Chaos Theory, but the spirit of it holds weight here. You change one aspect of history and then, consequently, everything that hinged on it also changes. A good example of a narrative which explores this concept is Alan Moore’s Watchmen, if you read while having a solid understanding of American history/the Civil Rights era/the Vietnam War, etc, you can really see how the creation of Doctor Manhattan specifically changed the landscape of history. Starke suggested reading it with Where the Domino Fell by James Stuart Olsen and Randy W. Roberts, which is about Vietnam and American foreign policy after Vietnam. It’s a quick shot from 1945 to 2010. It’s also worth noting that Doctor Manhattan made the gun irrelevant, he also made nuclear weapons irrelevant and that endlessly perpetuated the Cold War.

I would read the comic before watching the movie because there’s a lot of little details that get lost, but if you really want to change history then I’d label Watchmen as required reading.

This is all me leading into to saying that whatever you do with your setting, it would be a good idea to start thinking about consequences. Not big consequences, the small every day consequences that lead into your sense of safety and security. Think about aspects of your life where instead of imagining “what would it be like if I had magic”, ask yourself “what would it be like if that person over there had magic and I didn’t”. What would life be like if we didn’t have a police force, or a fire department, or hospitals. Do you still go to the dentist when you have a toothache? Or do you visit the faith healer up the street instead? What proofing did the supermarket put in to keep the technomancers from screwing the barcode readers? Did the Department of Justice establish a special magic division? How does one keep telepaths and clairvoyants from cheating on their exams?

It’s questions about quality of life that usually result in the best worldbuilding. It’s not “what do I want it to be like”, it’s “if I changed this, what would be different?”, “what would the possible outcomes be?”, “how would people try to abuse the new systems?”, “how would other people stop them?”. The more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll find, then you can establish a sense of daily life in your setting which feels normal.


So I did some zoom-and-enhance work on the Counselor’s uniform barcode:

To get this:

and then this:

both of which scanned on two different online barcode readers as a UPC-E code for the number 16228382.

I have no idea what it’s for, though, beyond that UPC-E codes are generally used for small things that full bar codes won’t fit on. Anyone?

(Analysis of the numbers themselves is also welcome.)

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I really love your Bucky/Darcy flirting contest post and it got me thinking. Imagine Bucky flirting with the young librarian at the library because it makes him feel like himself again. Imagine him trying hard to get through to her but she just ignores him eventhough he know she checks him out. Imagine Bucky's triumphant smile when one of his more forward advances got her blushing just the tiniest bit. Oh, and it was worth it.


“Give it up, Bucky,” Steve mutters, and turns a new page in the newspaper he’s holding up in front of his face with a loud crinkle. “She sees jerks like you in here e-ver-y day.”

Bucky ignores him. The line at the circulation desk moves forward as one more patron gets his books stamped and heads for the door, and Bucky’s next in line.

“Hiya Mary,” Bucky says, and sidles up to the high counter. Mary looks up from where she’s sliding the checkout slip into a blue hardback, then snaps the cover shut and sets it aside. It’s late in the afternoon so the desk lamps are on, a row of green glass in every patron window.

“Aw, hey Bucky, how’s it going?”

“I’m not so bad, doing better now, you know,” he says, and slide his books across the counter to her with a grin and a toss of his head. Mary rolls her eyes, but smiles as she flips open the back cover of his first book.

“Better now, huh? What turned your day around then?” She presses the rotary date stamp with a smart cha-thunk onto the card, flips closed the cover and grabs the next book. Open, card, stamp, shut.

“Visit to the library. Perks me right up.”

“That so.”

“Would I lie to you?”

“You must really love books then,” Mary deadpans, and pushes the stack of his checkouts to the edge of the desk, right up against Bucky’s chest, where he’s leaning heavily over the counter. Somewhere off to the side, the newspaper with legs that is Steve lets out a noise that Bucky might call a giggle if he were feeling charitable - which he isn’t - but which in reality is a lot more like snort.

“You know me,” Bucky drawls. “Can’t get enough of them.”


“Fuck. Fuck. Steve - ”

“That’s the wrong barcode,” Steve says, and pulls the book gently out of Bucky’s hands. He points to the publisher’s barcode on the back corner, then flips it over to show him the library scan code on the front. “You want this face up.”

Bucky looks at the book dubiously, then slides it under the laser scanner again, watching for the wavy red lines to line up with the sticker. It lets out a loud beep which makes him wince, but on the computer screen next to him, the title of the book flashes up under ‘Checkouts’.

Bucky looks at the screen, at the book he’s just scanned and at the small stack he has left. He likes the library - a lot of it’s the same as he remembers: hardwood everywhere and the same kind of indistinct human noises you get when a lot of people try very hard not to talk loudly. Some of the desks even have green bankers lamps still, even though they’re sharing space with module computers that are scattered throughout the stacks.

Everything is like that though, these days. The same, but not quite. Different, but not exactly. 

“I miss the card catalog,” Bucky mutters, and grabs another book. “And librarians. Librarians who know - what the fuck is going on with this machine; Steve, I hate this thing.” The barcode reader won’t pick up the book. He wiggles it, lines it up, flips it over, and is thinking about throwing it on the floor when a voice behind him says,

“I could help you with that, if you like.”

Bucky turns, scowling, into the smiling face of a tall girl. Her dark hair is cut short and she has a glittering piercing in her nose, and best of all a badge pinned to her blouse that says ‘Madeline’ and under that ‘Circulation Manager’. She’s grinning at him like she knows exactly what’s wrong, and for once the scrutiny doesn’t make him feel wrong footed, so he hands her the book.

“Your machine hates me,” he says, pointing.  

“Can’t have that!” Madeline says cheerfully, and taking the book, turns it 90 degrees and waves it in the general direction of the computer. It beeps. Still smiling, she nudges Bucky gently out of the way and makes short work of the rest of his selection: swipe, beep, swipe beep, until she’s stuffing a printed receipt into the dust jacket of a mystery novel and dumping the whole lot into his arms. “There you go.”

“You’re an angel,” Bucky breathes, and he means it sincerely, except that to his surprise, her eyebrows shoot straight up into her hairline.

“Angel? Haven’t been called that in a long time.” She’s looking at him with slightly more frank appraisal, and Bucky feels something almost like pride as he straightens up and brushes his hand through his loose hair.

“Sure, sure - you’ve even got a bit of heaven on you still.” He taps the side of his nose where her piercing is. To his delight, she laughs, her cheeks turning a pretty pink.

“Enjoy your books sir,” she says, and pats the top of the stack in his hands before walking off to help someone else.

“You are impossible,” Steve says fervently, but Bucky feels too good to care.