prog bands as high schoolers
  • pink floyd: dropped out in sophomore year. really smart but has been drinking, smoking, and doing drugs since middle school
  • ELP: flamboyantly gay theatre kid who’s extra about everything
  • yes: weird stoner who keeps getting into unstable relationships. nothing they say makes sense but they’re nice
  • genesis: honors student, head of creative writing club, but also a hardcore furry and does absolutely nothing to hide this fact. occasionally goes to school cosplaying as their OCs
  • barclay james harvest: looks like a redneck but actually isn’t. they’re just really into farming
  • king crimson: scary goth in jazz band. constantly drifting from one friend group to the next and has not had a single relationship last more than 2 months
  • van der graaf generator: reclusive nerd in AP english. also in jazz band with king crimson and has a slight crush on them
  • rush: the biggest fucking nerd in the entire school. cannot go one week without being shoved in a locker at least once
She Said
Barclay James Harvest
She Said
Barclay James Harvest // She Said

“She Said” is a composition comprising two songs written by Les Holroyd. The first song, “Miss Bailey” comprised the main verses, whilst the other, “And I Will Always Love Her” comprised the refrains. At the suggestion of Woolly Wolstenholme the two tunes were combined with an evocative Elizabethan recorder solo from John Lees to produce one of the most fully realised of Barclay James Harvest’s early compositions and perhaps one of the most powerful opening songs for any album of the time.

Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest // Galadriel

The recording of “Galadriel”, a song with a title inspired by a character in “Lord of the Rings” and another Barclay James Harvest classic, was to provide an everlasting memory for John Lees.John Lennon had been working at Abbey Road studios during the recording of “Once Again” and his guitar, a Blond Epiphone, was standing in the corner of studio 2 the evening recording commenced on “Galadriel”. John Lees used this guitar (which Lennon had used on the famous “roof top” session at the Apple headquarters in Saville Row and seen in the “Let It Be” film), to record the memorable introduction to “Galadriel”.

05. Good Love Child
Barclay James Harvest
05. Good Love Child

Barclay James Harvest - Good Love Child

Good love child
Gonna steal the scene
Make love, make love, make love, child
And make it mean
Take love, take love, take love, child
And keep it clean
Put your hands in the air
Put your feet on the ground
Put your mind in a dream
‘cause there’s nothing we ain’t seen

I’m a child of South Africa
I’m a child of Vietnam
I’m a child of Northern Ireland
I’m a small boy with blood on his hands
Yes I’m a child of the universe
Yes I’m a child of the universe
You can see me on the TV every night
Always there to join in someone else’s fight

I didn’t ask to be born and I don’t ask to die
I’m an endless dream, a gene machine
That cannot reason why

—  Barclay James Harvest, Child Of the Universe