ah yes perfect

all the little kids think he’s cool because he’s older and has freaking claws and also jumps really high and he’s all cool and silent but in reality he’s afraid he’s gonna start stuttering oops

and he leaves his school early to pick Bones up everyday but it’s okay because the kids at his school are mean to him and beat him up. plus Bones piggy backs and he jumps all the way home and it looks really cool

also he has a retainer.


Eagleclaw modelling various clothes that either Zero showed me or i saw on Jon Heder

and also molting.(did you know that when Eagles molt, they file their talons down to nubs and break their beaks? they grow back even stronger and sharper than ever before and they feel reinvigorated!)

SO I COMPLETELY MISREAD A REQUEST I GOT????? (i’ll draw the actual request now don’t worry)

but i ended up liking how this came out(despite not shipping any of the characters) so here, have a rickybones pic nobody ever wanted or asked for

winter clothing because i like to beat the summer heat by drawing people in winter

so uh


my bad

and Ricky has a sweater with a salad on it so in all reality everybody’s a winner


“What you fail to see, even with vision gifted from the sun, is that not all is as it seems. You see me. Those around you see human. Cease your discomfort and embrace the notion, or forever remain confused.”

Kira, the not quite human Cadet. She speaks in really confusing riddle-y talk most of the time. She has a third eye under her bangs which is why she doesn’t wear the helmet or goggles.

Abilities include:

  • Second sight, as well as implications to seeing a person’s soul
  • The appearance of telekinesis due to her own ‘spirit animal’(ie The Dude to Eaglebones) without having to verbally summon it(she’ll admit she isn’t really telekinetic, and will say her and her spirit animal have a connection that cuts out the need for verbal communication)
  • Human appearance
  • Astral projection(leave her body to explore the spirit realm) with ease, usually after assuming a levitated meditation pose
  • Can unite with her beast in dire circumstances, gaining its power as well as revealing her true appearance to those who don’t have second sight
  • She can also divine, scry, and see auras(she simply considers them a part of the person’s soul), but doesn’t see this as a power
  • tl;dr she has a strong connection to the spirit realms etc

I think that was it power wise!! also she turned the shorts of the uniform into a skirt(with small shorts underneath), she thinks it’s more comfortable.


okay so a while back(even before Antibats were announced/revealed entirely) my friend mused the idea of someone cloning the Aquabats, except something happens and while they have the same powers/capabilities, they’re complete opposites of their original

and recently the idea was fueled despite me not wanting to seem like i was copping off the Antibats, but the development of these guys became too great to just not expand upon

and so from left to right, we have Dick Physical, Crush, Humerus Mockingdick, Bob Commander, and Blender.

they named themselves, too. they consciously chose these names for themselves.

Dick Physical is lazy, and loves anything unhealthy to eat. despite not working out, he still manages a body like Ricky’s, probably attributed to fast metabolism and running really fast. he’s kind of rude, too, but not in a huge asshole kind of way. he’s also got crooked teeth.

Crush is pretty quiet and doesn’t seem to show emotion very well. he’s in control of the power he shares with Crash, however. despite not being very emotion bearing, he can be pretty melodramatic(don’t ask him about his name, too many crush orange soda cans have suffered from that question)

Humerus Mockingdick is a dick. if that wasn’t obvious. he’s basically Bones if he had straight hair and wasn’t knocked down a peg by Eagleclaw and the Sun God. he thinks he’s the heavens’ gift to mankind and poses a lot to show it.

Bob Commander is actually not their leader. commander is just his last name. he’s content to not be in the spotlight, but likes to help organize and brainstorm plans with the others, even though they all prefer to just dive into situations.

Blender is…. i wanna say special, but he’s kinda just an idiot. it’s basically a Jimmy shell with personality but no intellectual data installed. one notable function he has and loves is his blender function. he’s the actual leader and that really explains why these guys make terrible villains.

all in all, these clonebats were meant to be evil bat opposites, but they’re kind of incompetent when it comes to being a villain. the evilest thing they could probably do is just break into and stay inside the tram until the Bats got really annoyed.

sooo here you go. i really like these guys ha ha


my Cadet!!

dubbed Barky, a nickname i myself am called quite often(from Barclay).

half dog based on the name, with a super sniffer and color blindness!(color books are like 70x less fun because of it)

i was thinking maybe a sonic bark too but that might be pushing it.

[hi res]

commission for my buddy dungeonmaster11 of Eaglebones and Bass Girl from The Aquabats! Super Show dressed as Spades Slick and Sn0wman from Homestuck in a kismetic embrace(you can only imagine how hard it was to answer “so what are you drawing?” to my family).

[unedited/doctored sketch here if anybody wanted to see it aha :V]