I saw this on Twitter, and I was like???? The heck??? I’ve been living in Croatia for over 22 years and I’ve never seen anything that looks even remotely similar to the first pic, and nothing on the scale of the second pic??? Where are those places???? So I reverse Image searched, and guess what? They’re not in Croatia.

The first one is a hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The top right is a resort in the Côn Sơn archipelago islands, Vietnam. The third one, however is in Croatia (National Park Plitvice Lakes - a truly magnificent place).

I just thought this situation was…really extra, and wanted to share. There are plenty of beautiful, interesting places in Croatia that could’ve been added to the Tweet instead, there was no need to falsely advertise. 

When did Victuuri start boning?

It’s pretty clear by now that Victor and Yuuri are definitely shagging - the idea that in 2016 you’d have two men engaged to be married but had never done the nasty is so weird that we can’t accept it as the default assumption, especially when you see they pushed the beds together in their Barcelona hotel room.

The question then is, when did it start? Let’s examine the evidence in far too much detail!

Episode 4 - not here, that’s for sure. Yuuri is still freaked out by Victor’s romantic overtures.

Episode 5 - that’s still the look of someone uncomfortable with physical intimacy

Episode 5 ending - This is our first option. It’s the point where we see Yuuri properly flip from being embarrassed about Victor’s intentions to being bold about it.

Episode 6 - Here is the second option. Victor is particularly amorous, they’re away from home together for the first time, and we know how drink loosens Yuuri up…

…but Yuuri himself doesn’t think they did. But then again, Yuuri doesn’t remember much about what happens when he drinks. If he did drink, of course - we’ve also seen that he doesn’t like to drink before competitions.

Episode 7 - This isn’t something you’d say to comfort someone who you weren’t already on kissing terms with. Victor isn’t in cheeky flirtatious mode here, he wants to comfort Yuuri by doing something that he knows makes him happy.

Episode 7 - likewise; the surprise wasn’t kissing him, it was kissing him in public. If they weren’t already on kissing terms it would have been a hugely inappropriate time to try making a move on his pupil, and we know Victor is a classy guy.


Katsuki Yuuri lost his virginity either in his bedroom immediately after winning the Chugoku-Shikoku-Kyushu Championship, or in a drunken fumble the night before the China Cup Short Program, or in his hotel room the evening following that.

The interpretation that fits most couples I know’s stories of how they got together has them getting nekkid while drunk before the Cup of China and having a bit of a grope but realising they’re too rat-arsed to make a proper go of it, falling asleep together instead, and then picking up where they left off the next evening. 

However, since Yuuri doesn’t tend to drink before competitions I’m more inclined to go with the first option. I’m thinking there were scented candles involved, and Yuuri penetrated Victor on a bed barely two feet away from where he’d stashed the big pile of posters of him. He was probably also wearing his gold medal while doing it.

Adventure (“Is that my shirt?”, Sam x Reader, fluff)

Idk how this got where it went but I was listening to my fluff playlist and this happened haha enjoy!! also this is mostly an apology for the copious amounts of angst I have lined up xx

Word Count: 2,247

Warnings: Lil bit NSFW


Life with Sam was a constant adventure. That was something you’d learned early on in the relationship with the surprise puppy he’d gotten the two of you, spontaneous weekend road trips and the fact that you now were the proud owner of over four thousand frequent flyer points. In hindsight, you thought the fact that his occupation title was “treasure hunter” should have been enough of an indicator that this would be the case.

This weekend? Roadtrip to Valencia from your hotel in Barcelona. You were on a job, but considering it was the simplest break-and-enter the two of you had ever been given, you and Sam had decided to make it bit of a vacation.

It ended up being a four-hour drive with traffic, but the two of you had brought plenty of snacks and Sam had downloaded a surprise playlist that mostly consisted of pirate shanties he’d made sure to memorise all the lyrics of. After the second hour, the two of you were belting them from the tops of your lungs with windows rolled down on the highway, the reflection of the dog with his head sticking out the window in your rear view mirror.

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Neymar vs Mazzafera - Moda vs Futebol | #HotelMazzafera

[Turn CC on for English subtitles: video starts at 0:40 [and with the subs]


Hotel Review: Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

What’s in a name? When it comes to Grand Hotel Central, everything.

The 147-room Barcelona property, opened last year, is certainly grand. A 1920s-era edifice reborn as a boutique hotel, it succeeds in balancing the impressively chic with the supremely comfortable—no easy feat. Read more >

The sails must be on the boats, not on the coastline

Escollera del Port Olímpic - Barcelona

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