Enjoy the wonderful city of Barcelona by exploring the great museums such as The National Museum of Art of Catalonia and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Also worth visiting are the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi in the La Sagrada Familia Church and Park Guell. Many Barcelona hotels await to make a memorable vacation!

Barcelona boasts of many  landmarks and historical places, but one of the things that you must pay attention to when you’re here is the food. The food item that you must try here is the tapas, or snacks/appetizers in Spanish cuisine. Don’t just try it once—make sure to go to as many restaurants as possible in order to full experience this amazing food. For drinking, don’t miss out on their wine. Also worth trying the horchata, a drink made from tigernuts. The best way to discover food in here is by getting the locals’ opinion on where to eat. Many Barcelona hotels await to add excitement to your gastronomical trip!

No one will ever feel out of place in Barcelona, Spain, for there are so many diverse activities that await visitors of all ages! For those who love architecture, give your eyes a treat by looking at the Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, one of Italy’s most revered architects. For those who love the arts, do not miss the Museu Picasso and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Foodies must simply try the mouth-watering seafood at the different restaurants around the city. This place is also home to many amazing hotels that will sure not fall short in providing you with the best vacation!

Being in Barcelona, Spain gives tourists access to both commercial attractions and harbours in the city. The Barcelona Harbour, for instance, gives an amazing view of the sea and a connection to nearby shopping centers, and cafés, where mouth-watering seafood could be consumed in outdoor restaurants. The Port Vell, home to the world’s largest aquarium, is also a must-see.

Visiting Barcelona? Stay Here

Visiting Barcelona? Stay Here

When me and my best friend decided to visit Barcelona, it was kind of spur of the moment, believe it or not. At first we thought we would be traveling to Greece for the summer of 2014, but once we realized that was a little out of our price range, we settled on another country with equal opportunity for fun, sun and culture.

Once we decided on Barcelona, the next (and most important) step was…

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