W Barcelona Hotel plaza at midnight

Five Shovel Talks That Never Happened (+2 That Did)

1. When Yuuri is practicing his combination spin at center ice at Cup of China and Phichit says conversationally, “So.” His eyeliner is honestly the stuff of legends. Victor should ask his technique. “You should know that at any given time I’m ready to commit murder for that boy.”

Victor hums. “Then,” he says, smiling, “we have that in common.”

Phichit gives him a long, low stare. Then, brilliantly, he smiles back. “Oh,” he says. “I like you.”

2. When Yuuri, leaving the banquet at Rostelecom, is driven to the airport in the Team Yakov van, sandwiched between Mila and the window. She happily, between yawns, relates anecdotes about Yakov, about Victor, along with some jokes about Yuri Plisetsky and some unnamed skater crush of his. Yuuri nods and kneads his fingers and waits for the other shoe to drop.

When they let him off at the airport, Mila gives him a fierce hug and says, “Give Vitya our love?”

“… that’s it?” says Yuuri. Who has not yet grasped that he’s capable of breaking anyone’s heart, let alone Victor’s, but knows, nonetheless, how these things are supposed to go.

Mila’s smile gets a little confused. But she confirms, “That’s it.”

3. When Minako slumps against her chair in the Barcelona hotel bar and sighs, “He’s practically my kid, so I’m biased. But he’s the easiest thing in the world to love, right? Getting him to let you, though.”

“I’m sorry,” is what Victor finally says. He doesn’t know how he feels about any of this, but he especially doesn’t know how he feels about being comforted by Minako, when she should probably be comforting Yuuri back up in the room.

“Victor. You think I haven’t been where you are?” She smiles grimly. “You’re doing fine.”

4. When Yuuri’s parents take Victor aside that last night in Hasetsu.

“That boy.” Toshiya’s smiling as he shakes his head. “He doesn’t trust his heart with many people. You know?”

Hiroko’s holding one of Victor’s hands in both of hers before he can form a reassurance. “We’re so glad it was you,” she says.

(There was a lot of crying that night, is all I’m saying.)

5. When Yuuri learned that trying to match Yakov Feltsman shot for shot is a terrible idea, no matter how nervous you are about your one-on-one dinner with him. Or maybe it is a good idea, if it gives you the courage to spend the evening monologuing how much you care about his surrogate skating son. “He’s always got a lecture in the Kiss and Cry,” Yuuri says dreamily at one point. “Just like you.”

“Katsuki,” Yakov says, sitting very stiffly in the restaurant foyer as they wait for Victor to come collect his trashed fiancé. Yuuri, resting facedown against his shoulder, doesn’t see his face. “You’ve made him very happy.”

“Aww,” Yuuri slurs, smiling into Yakov’s coat. “You too.”

“Your landing on the Salchow today was atrocious,” Yakov says.

“You too,” Yuuri says. Unfortunately, this is the one part he remembers the next day.


When Yurio gives them both the shovel talk within an hour of each other.

Yuuri makes a small, distressed noise after they compare notes. “He’s so cute,” he says.

“Please go tell him that,” Victor says. (For some reason, Yuuri doesn’t.)

i just got my copy of the Yuri!!! on Ice setting materials book, and this is the hotel room in Barcelona (obviously).  important to note how the beds have definitely been pushed together.  it’s a little hard to tell, but going off the bedside tables, i’d say both beds were pushed to the middle to get rid of an annoying gap of a few inches.  ♥

now i’m picturing victor and yuri entering their room and immediately going to the outside of their respective beds to push them together~~~

We were both born in 1987, I know him since we were 15. We went to a tournament in Villareal with Madrid’s U16 and we were staying at the same hotel as Barcelona. I had a good relationship with the ones I knew from the national team: Piqué, Marc Valiente, Cesc… I saw Piqué at the hotel. Back then we used to beat them always, and Piqué saw me and grabbed me: “This year we’ll win”. And I said: “No fucking way”. “Yes”, he said, “We have this new guy and he’s fantastic”. “Who?” I asked. “That one over there”. And he pointed to the pool and I saw a small kid, very small. Alone, sitting by the pool with his feet in the water, self-absorbed. Piqué is a prankster, he has always been, and I thought he was messing with me. In fact, what I thought was: “He’s messing with me and he’s messing with his own team mate”. That was the first time I saw Messi. During game he crushed us. They won 3-0. He was spectacular. Very short and strong as a rock. But the craziest thing was how he carried the ball. Stuck to his foot, it was impossible to take it away. Shocking, it was scary to think about what he could become. And 15 years later I see him on the pitch and I think: “Fuck, he’s still here”.
—  Esteban Granero (Espanyol) about the day he met Leo Messi for the first time

Something creepy happened to me in my hotel in Barcelona.

Maybe I just had too many glasses of wine before my flight. But the receptionist thinks it’s more than that.

After I checked in, I walked the halls towards my room. They were lively. I could hear faint music from one room, and quiet laughter from another. I also saw a staff member knocking on a door to deliver fresh towels.

Inside my room, I unpacked and changed into something classy. I planned to try Barcelona’s paella immediately, you see. To see if it’s better than Madrid’s.

The moment I walked out of my room, I noticed that something has changed. The lights were much dimmer… the halls were way quieter… and despite trying as hard as I could, I simply couldn’t find the elevator. I walked around in circles for about nine minutes. I was unable to spot the exit.

Weirded out, I chose to go back to my room. Inside I called the reception. “Hi, I’m lost. I couldn’t find my way down. I’m sorry, but could you please help me?” “No worries, Señora. I just finished my shift. Will come over now and pick you up.”

A few moments later, the receptionist knocked. When I opened the door to find him standing there, I noticed that just like the first time I walked the halls of the hotel, the lights are brighter… there is music coming from somewhere in the corridor… and there’s a hint of conversation and laughter.

My shock and fear must’ve been obvious because he offered me his arm and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here. You’re fine now.”

And I swear, in less than a minute, he and I were standing in front of the elevator. It was just straight ahead, then a right, and a left. I made the exact same turns when I was alone many times before, only to find more and more rooms and no way down. I’d never been so confused in my life.

Now safely standing outside the hotel, I asked him, “What just happened to me?” He laughed and said, “You’re okay now, I promise. The souls were just saying hi.”

it’s easy to miss the gold we find

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a series of ficlets written for robert week.

day one: write a romantic scene between your favourite robert ship.

It was like any other Saturday morning, when Robert woke up. He could just about see sunlight poking through part of their curtains, Aaron never closing them properly (despite Robert going and buying blackout curtains, so there wouldn’t so much as be an inch of light in their room in the mornings), the duvet bunched up around Robert’s shoulders.

He was alone.

Robert wasn’t surprised to wake up to an empty bed, Aaron prone to still being an early riser at the weekends, the side effect of too many years up at the scrapyard, but he was still a little disappointed he’d slept in so much, and missed his favourite part of their Saturday routine, the two of them curled up in bed together, exchanging lazy kisses, and talking about their plans for the day.

(Robert savoured every moment he got with Aaron now, savoured all the lazy kisses and cosy mornings, all the things he’d never expected to get to have again.)

Stretching his hands above his head, Robert took a second or two to stretch out his sleep heavy limbs, smirking slightly to himself as he felt the ache in his backside, the aftermath of a Friday night in with his husband (boyfriend? partner? He really wasn’t sure anymore, if he was honest.)

A night in with his Aaron.

Robert pushed the duvet off himself, shivering slightly at the chill of their room as the air hit his bare skin.

Aaron hadn’t turned the heating on again.

Robert tugged on a pair of pyjama bottoms, and a ratty old t-shirt, going back for a pair of Aaron’s thick winter socks and a hoodie on second thought, wanting to spend his Saturday morning as comfortable as possible, thank you very much.

This was his home, and if he wanted to slob out, he absolutely would. Robert wasn’t even going to bother with a shower, figuring Aaron had experienced his bed head and morning breath enough times to not care.

(And if he was angling for a round of shower sex, well, no one had to know, did they?)

Robert could hear Aaron in the kitchen, as he made his way down the spiral staircase, admiring the way light seemed to pour in the stained glass front door. That, he decided, was one of his very best ideas.

(Okay, so maybe it had been Ronnie’s idea, but Ronnie was long gone from the village, and Robert was taking the credit.)

“Something smells good,” Robert commented, padding into the kitchen. The table was laid for two, a bright bunch of flowers messily arranged in a vase Diane had bought them as a wedding present.

Aaron whirled around at Robert’s words, eyes wide. “You’re supposed to still be in bed!” he said, as though this was something Robert was supposed to know already. Aaron was already dressed for the day, wearing his best jeans, and a tight grey t-shirt that showed off the very welcome consequences of his five days a week in the gym habit.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “I’m not allowed in my own kitchen now?” he said, reaching around Aaron to flick the kettle on, noticing that Aaron was making his favourite, pancakes and bacon. “What’s the occasion?”

Aaron looked at the mess behind him, giving a slight shrug. “I….. I wanted to do something nice for you,” he admitted.

“Why? It’s not my birthday.”

“No, but does it have to be? You do nice stuff for me all the time,” Aaron shrugged, tugging on the sleeve of Robert’s borrowed hoodie. “Go on, sit down, it’s nearly ready.”

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My experience meeting Louis Tomlinson

So… I don’t know how I’m going to explain this, but I’ll try. (I’m sorry for my bad english, btw)

I was at home in pajamas, watching some geek videos, and then, my best friend texted me telling me to go and have dinner with her at the W hotel in Barcelona. I dressed up, and went there with her, and, by the time we arrived, we saw like a hundred of girls waiting outside, so we asked them why were they there, and they told us that Louis fucking Tomlinson was here with his step-dad. So we went at the bar for a drink while waiting for another friend, and, like 10 minutes later, a group of people in their 30’s/40’s came where we were, and Louis was with them. When I saw him, I didn’t realized that it was actually Louis Tomlinson standing in front of me, and I kind of freaked out. I was like “omg omg omg Alex it’s Louis omg I’m going to die”, and she was like “wow calm down”… nevermind.

A few minutes later, we went upstairs to the restaurant, and we saw that Louis and the others were there too, but like in a room for themselves. We had dinner freaking out a little, and, by the time we finished, we went out to the balcony to smoke, and 10 minutes later, Dan appeared from literally nowhere, and my friend was like “oh it’s Dan”, and I was trying really hard to not scream or something. So I checked my phone, and at the exact same moment my friend grabbed me by my arm and I turned out, and there he was. Louis Tomlinson. In the same couch as me. just beside me. I don’t know how I did it, but I actually talked to him like “hey how are u?”, and I tried to tell him to be careful because there was a l of people waiting for him downstairs (we knew that because this girls actually asked us to go and see if he was there), but, I mean, I’m half-french /half-spanish, and my english was sooo confusing, so he didn’t understand me well. But he was like, so so so cute, he told me “well… I don’t know what you’re trying to say to me, just, we’ll go step by step”, and my friend explained it to him, because I don’t know how but she could actually speak with a good english even if her mother tongue is french. Then, we talked to him like… we had a real conversation with him, talking about life, about what he was doing in barcelona, he asked us if we could give him a cigarette, we gave him one, we asked him for his lighter and he gave it to us (he told to my friend: “sure, love” :’) ), he tried to tell us some words in french, like, (joking), “ferme ta bouche” (wich is like: shut up) and I told him “well it’s better to say ferme ta gueule, it’s more… bad ass” (ferme ta gueule is shut the fuck up), and he actually laughed at it, then he checked what I was doing on my phone (I was trying to see myself ‘cause I had a bad face today), and he was like “wtf are u doing”… and then I don’t know, we talked for like 15 minutes more or less, and he was so so sooo sweet to us. At the beginning, when I saw him passing by, I was like “oh my god I’m going to die oh my god I guess it’ll bother him if I ask him for a picture..”, but not at all! He’s one of the sweetest famous people that I’ve met, really open-minded, and chilled out. He was talking to us like if we were friends, he explained to us what he was going to do, why he came here, etc. And I think it’s because of his behaviour that I didn’t freaked out and I could talk to him so easily, we were fucking joking with him, I mean, now I think about that and I just can’t believe it.

He’s also sooo much prettier (if that’s possible) in person, and not that small ;) and he seemed so happy. 

When he was going to leave, I asked him for a picture, and he laughed and said “I saw that coming”, and he gave my phone to Dan, and this guy…. he took a selfie… and then Louis was like “oh my god that’s a really bad joke”, and Dan laughed and then took the actual picture. Then they leaved, and Louis told us “Aurevoir!”, supeeer duper cuuuute :’)

I’m sure that I’m leaving some details in the story, but it was 2 hours ago and I’m still shaking, but the essential is here :)

If you ever have the chance to have him this close, just, be nice to him, I assure you that he’ll be just as sweet!

Here’s the picture :D

Oh, and here is Dan taking a selfie:

thanks for reading !

When The Tide Turns (7/16)

Summary:  The plan was to go to England, finish the case and head back home in a matter of days. Of course, nothing in Emma’s life ever goes according to plan. Not only does she end up travelling across Europe, looking for a Liam Jones in order to finish her case, she ends up travelling with Liam’s brother - an annoyingly handsome Killian Jones. And she doesn’t trust him one bit.

Rating: T, for language and a bit of violence later on

Beta-reader: Aina ( @forget-me-not-s ) has been such an invaluable help to me, especially with these next few chapters. Emma and Killian are headed for Barcelona, and unfortunately, I’ve only been there once myself. Aina, however, is from Barcelona, so obviously she’s been wonderful in helping me figure out where Emma and Killian should go and how to get the atmosphere of the city right. So THANK YOU, AINA!!!

Artists: these artists are seriously such talentented and amazing people, and they deserve so much praise!!! @theblacksiren - check out her beautiful artwork for chapter 1 here! @optomisticgirl created the awesome banner - and @fairytalesandtimetravel has created a true masterpiece for a later chapter, and it honestly brings tears to my eyes, it’s so beautiful.

Word count: ~3781 (68k+ in total)

A/N: just wanna give a huge thank you for the response I’ve gotten for this story, both here on tumblr and on ao3. I love hearing your thoughts, and I really hope you’re enjoying this little adventure! Now, on with the chapter! :)))

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 |


Emma’s day turned out to be quite busy - way too busy for someone who had barely slept all night and was living off coffee.

After she and Killian had agreed that going to Barcelona was their best option, Emma had to call the office and give them an update. Regina wasn’t thrilled with Emma’s progress. She certainly wasn’t thrilled with Emma going to Barcelona. But their work back in New York, trying to track Liam down through digital means wasn’t going very well either.

A stroke of luck (and a hasty packing and farewell to Belle) allowed Emma and Killian to be on the bus out of Valadilene two hours after their discovery of the clue. Another three and a half hours, and they were on the plane to Barcelona, ready for take-off.

Emma smiled at Mary Margaret’s text (just heard about Barcelona! Have fun!) and was about to set her phone to flight mode when another text chimed in.

And I hope you have time to call soon and tell me more about who this Killian Jones is… Other than him being Liam’s brother obviously. MM xx

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A prompt where they transition from using condoms to bareback :) Thanks for being so nice and deciding to write all of those things. It made my day :(

(omg thank you anon, also A++++ prompt)

The combination that was Yuuri’s silver at the Grand Prix, his world record, and the whispers about an engagement meant that he had reporters shoving microphones in his face one second, and friends shoving drinks into his hands the next.

By the time he and Victor managed to escape to their hotel room, they were a little drunk and a lot more exhausted. They managed to strip each other of their clothes and then nothing more than collapse on the pushed-together beds, Victor drawing Yuuri into his arms. Both dozed off before they finished exchanging their good nights.

It was still dark beyond the crack of the window curtains when Yuuri stirred, shifting into the warmth and firmness that was Victor’s body behind him. A pleased exhale rolled hot against the nape of his neck, and in the dark of the Barcelona hotel room, Yuuri turned in the bed and straight into the deep kiss Victor caught him in.

Victor’s bare skin felt like hot silk under Yuuri’s hands, burning and beckoning as his muscles twitched in response to each brush of Yuuri’s fingertips. Their sighs filled the early morning hours, faded into the growing heat between them.

Against his upper thigh, Yuuri could feel the hard press of Victor’s mirrored want, broken by frustrating moment of Victor having to pull away from the plushness of Yuuri’s mouth and the temptation of his emboldened touch.

Yuuri laughed when he heard Victor swear after stumbling in the dark of the room, and upon returning to the bed, Yuuri fumbled with the condom wrapper that was pressed into his hands. He threw his arms around Victor’s shoulders, kissing up the length of his neck in encouragement as lubricant-slicked fingers pressed into him.

“Ahhh, Victor, we should…” The daze of the too-early hours and the stretch inside him had Yuuri whimpering far faster than usual. “When we get back to Japan we can…”

“We should what, love?” Victor asked, affection clear in his eyes, even in the dim.

Yuuri was glad the darkness could hide his blush. “I was thinking that… uhh, maybe we could…” He tapped the corner of the condom wrapper against Victor’s shoulder. “They’re kind of annoying?… Sometimes?”

Victor paused, then smiled, nodding in understanding. “Do you know where we can go?”

“Yeah, umm, there’s a clinic by the station. I don’t know if you want to go together or…?” Yuuri would have trusted Victor’s word if he gave it, but he also wanted to do it properly. “I mean, if we’re-… I thought, if you were serious about the engagement, I thought maybe we could-… I only want to be with you.”

Victor’s response was his curled fingers setting off sparks inside Yuuri and the crash of his mouth against Yuuri’s. “I’d go anywhere with you, Yuuri.”

By the time the sun rose, they’d discarded more than one pair of foil and latex.

Otabek and Yurio

I want to think about Yurio and Otabek as a couple. Canonical, they met before during Yakov’s summer program. Otabek must not have made a huge impression cause Yurio hardly remembers him.

Flash forward to five years later. I’m assuming that Otabek has been watching Yurio from afar, waiting for him to move up to the senior division. That would make sense since Otabek gives Yurio that very searching look at the hotel in Barcelona, then shows up to rescue Yurio from his Angels.

Honestly, it looks like Otabek has it BAD. He pounced so fast! (Which is so delightfully cute to me.)

However, look at it from Yurio’s POV. Yes, he slightly remembers Otabek, and they obviously hit it off very, very well (see scene when they’re having tea and Mari-neechan dies a little).

But they’ve only been taking for three days!

They have that one day where Otabek rescues him.

The next day is the short program (“davai” from Yurio and thumbs up from Otabek).

And the next day is the free program (“davai” from Otabek and thumbs up from Yurio).

Then the next day, Otabek is (according to hints of Yurio’s Gala performance) assisting Yurio on the ice? When did they have time to practice? Why would Yurio ask Otabek and not Yuri or Victor for help?

I think this shows just how quickly their feelings solidified. (I’m thinking love at first sight, for Otabek at least.) I also think that Otabek would do anything Yurio asked of him.