Forevents Branding by Durana Durana

“Company dedicated to organizing custom-made weddings and events. Our goal was to build a single brand, from its name to the graphic pieces that identify and reflect the interest to create exclusive moments for his clients. The identity provided to Forevents the possibility of professionalized and gain relevance in the sector.”

Durana Durana is an independent graphic design studio located in Barcelona. Founded by Àxel and Alba Durana is the combination of two different personalities who have joined this experience. Each project, big or small, is a new challenge that they want to share with their clients. They offer personalized attention, they value the needs and seek the best possible solution providing value and relevance. 


…Football without the distractions and illusions of the all-encompassing circus. Just the ball at his feet, pen to paper, writing touching stories etched into our memories and shared history. More poet than soldier, he has nonetheless achieved what every soldier dreams of: victory, medals, reputation, accolades, respect and praise that will outlast all battles–immortality synonymous with his name. Some of the best art–and poetry–may have been borne out of, and inspired, by acts of war. Yet, let there be no mistake: There does not need to be a war for there to exist the poetic elegance of Don Andrés Iniesta. [article by grup14]

Anims Andrés Iniesta!