I flew down to Mexico a couple years ago, and met up with one of my best friends (KB), her dad and step-mom.

I got my flight for $400 return, and camped on a beach for $5 a night.

While we were down there, we RANDOMLY met KBs aunt, uncle and cousin on 5th ave in Playa del Carmen. It was the craziest thing ever, and it was kind of funny because it was a side of the family she hadn’t seen in a long time as they live in Kenora…

It went something like this….

“I think thats my uncle…I can tell by his skinny lets and the vein on the side of his head!!”, said Kaily…
“Ya right man…we’re in fuckin’ Mexico…”, replied Sarah
“No I’m pretty sure its my uncle…his son in law is a cop or something…(Kaily continues to go off about his family…)
"Umm…ok…well Kaily he is wearing an OPP t-shirt…”, Sarah said…a little creeped out…“Maybe you should just walk by and say his name…if he looks its him?”

Long story short we stalked him for about 10 minutes before KB had to courage to say anything….

They then invited us to come visit them at their 5-star hotel (Barcelo…I think it was called). So hell yes we are going to take them up on their offer! After sleeping in a dilapidated tent with crabs (not the STD version), and showering in ice cold sea water it sounded amazing. So the next day KB and I went on this epic adventure…which included: walking up some long ass dirt road…running across a 6 lane Mexican highway (and if you’ve ever driven in Mexico you know what thats all about…) hanging out with a bunch of creepy dudes at a bus terminal…not understanding where all the buses were going…never heard of the names of the places on them…so we wait for a good 30 mins in the baking hot sun before deciding to hop in some other weird bus/van thing…with a driver who only speaks mexican and a baby that is crying the entire time ($2 later) we hop out…walk around the streets of Playa del Carmen not entirely sure where we are going…walk down the highway some more (after checking out a local pet shop…) and finally waving down a taxi and getting a ride to the hotel…and we arrive right at the exact time we said we would…genius!

Anyways it was fun.

The end.