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Britney Spears may not be as big as Beyonce right now, but Drake certainly is! Drake is a bigger artist than Beyonce. He even got a #1 where lemon juice failed to get one. Bey is not on Drake's level so you need to accept that

The only way Drake is a bigger artist than Beyoncé is by height

and since you want to be brave so bad to talk about #1′s, let me put your ass in check real quick.

Y’all JUST gave him his FIRST #1 song meanwhile Beyoncé has about 9-10 of them (and a plethora of top 10 - top 20 - top 200 hits but I won’t go into those. It’ll be overkill) ALL of her albums debuted CONSECUTIVELY at #1 AND managed to win at least 1 Grammy, giving her a grand total of 20. Drake has been nominated an astonishing 27 times (so he had a lot of potential to beat her with the amount of Grammys); however, he only won ONCE

and I’m not even done with being petty. 

Drake and his award stats

Beyoncé and her award stats


And the album is called Lemonade, but you can refer to it as the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF 2016, topping, yes, Drake and VIEWS

When it comes to album gross: the combination of EVERY. SINGLE. DRAKE. ALBUM. fails to outsell Beyoncé’s FIRST album

I won’t even go into tour gross because that’s embarrassing at this point

Long story short: It is ok to like Drake more than Beyoncé. You can say he has talent or whatever, but you will NOT compare him to Beyoncé. That’s not even an option. You are right about the last line! Beyoncé is not on Drake’s level. She’s WAY above him


48.3% (334) Canadian, 23.1% (160) American, other (198) 28.6%


In Canada 1% identify as gay or lesbian, 0.7% identify as bisexual.

In USA 1.8% of males identify as gay, 0.4% males identify as bisexual

In Europe (where the majority of other players come from) approximately 4.9% of males identify at LGBT

*i did a bunch of math*


Statistically, out of the approximately 692 current NHL players, 20 are LGBTQ. Unless hockey players are some sort of statistical anomaly-which i doubt, as there are openly gay professional women hockey players.

It is perfectly acceptable to not assume all NHL players are heterosexual. People need to get over that some of them may like guys (gasp) and some of them may like guys and girls (GASP). As fans we need to remember that it is partially our job to make the hockey environment one that people can feel safe in.

Beyoncé could make history on Grammy night!

  • She already became the most nominated female in history with a whopping 62 nominations.
  • She has potential to beat Alison Krauss in becoming the most Grammy awarded female in history. Alison has 27, while Beyoncé currently has 20. If Beyoncé win more than 7, then Beyoncé will surpass Alison Krauss and make history.
  • If Beyoncé wins 8 of her Grammys, then she will be tied with Michael Jackson (1984) and Santana (2000) for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins all 9 of her Grammys, then she will surpass Michael Jackson and Santana for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • Beyoncé could break her own record in winning the most Grammys in a night by a female artist. Currently Beyoncé and Adele are tied for winning 6 Grammys in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins 6 Grammys, then she will be the first female artist to win at least 6 Grammys in one night, twice.
  • If Beyoncé wins more than 6 Grammys, then she will be the most awarded Grammy female artist in one night.
  • She will become closer to becoming the most Grammy awarded artist of all time. <3

Queen Bey extends her lead as being THE MOST AWARDED ARTIST at the Soul Train Awards with 19 wins, after winning 4 Soul Train Awards tonight.

Nominations and wins that include Beyoncé are as follow:

Video Of The Year (WINNER)

  • Beyoncé - Formation
  • Beyoncé - Sorry
  • Drake - Hotline Bling
  • Kanye West - Fade
  • Rihanna ft Drake - Work

Album (or Mixtape) Of The Year (WINNER)

  • Beyoncé - Lemonade
  • Bryson Tiller - T R A P S O U L
  • DJ Khaled - Major Key
  • Drake - VIEWS
  • Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo
  • Rihanna - ANTI

R&B / Soul Female Artist (WINNER)

  • Alicia Keys
  • Beyoncé
  • Fantasia
  • Jill Scott
  • Rihanna

Song Of The Year (WINNER)

  • Adele - Hello
  • Beyoncé - Formation
  • Bryson Tiller - Don’t
  • Drake - Controlla
  • Rihanna ft Drake - Work

Best Collaboration (1 nom)

  • Beyoncé ft Kendrick Lamar - Freedom
  • Chance The Rapper ft Lil Wayne / 2 Chainz - No Problem
  • DJ Khaled ft Drake - For Free
  • Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft French Montana / Infared - All The Way Up
  • Rihanna ft Drake - Work

Best Dance (1 nom)

  • Beyoncé - Formation
  • Drake - Hotline Bling
  • Kanye West [Teyana Taylor] - Fade
  • Rihanna ft Drake - Work
  • Usher ft Young Thug - No Limit

The Ashford & Simpson Songwriters Award (1 nom)

  • Adele (and 1 other) - Hello
  • Andra Day (and 1 other) - Rise Up
  • Beyoncé (and 4 others) - Formation
  • Bryson Tiller (and 6 others) - Don’t
  • Rihanna (and 9 others) - Needed Me
Obstacles to Type Development

There are many factors that can potentially influence your type development. Becoming aware of which factors have negatively affected you means that you can think of strategies to overcome the problems instead of using them as an excuse to avoid growth.

Pressures of Environment: Environmental pressures can force an individual to depend on cognitive processes that are not natural to their type, turning people into “inferior, frustrated copies of other people”, e.g., pressures related to gender roles or familial responsibilities or chronic stress.

Lack of Faith in One’s Own Type: Some types have statistically lower numbers in the general population and being a minority or outsider can lead to feelings of inferiority or attempts to overcompensate.

Lack of Acceptance at Home: Children have a natural tendency to want to please their parents by behaving in the way that is expected even if it goes against their type preferences. But individuals of any age can feel conflicted when their loved ones do not accept or understand them or even actively undermine their natural type expressions.

Lack of Opportunity: Sometimes the environment does not provide sufficient opportunity for exercising type preferences, e.g., Feeling types who spend most of their time in highly competitive or socially toxic environments.

Lack of Incentive: Growth requires a person to move outside their comfort zones, so it can be difficult to develop your type if the environment does not challenge you to stretch and cultivate your capabilities.

adapted from: Gifts Differing. Myers, I. 1995.

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