How The Signs Show Kindness
  • Aries: Cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Planning elaborate adventurous fun days out with their friends when they have been sad
  • Taurus: cooking or making homemade presents for those going through hard times. Reminding people they love them even if they don't always talk to them as much as they'd like
  • Gemini: lending a listening ear even when all they want to do is speak. Trying their hardest to include as many people as they can in a group setting
  • Cancer: tagging their friends in things that remind them of them throughout the day. Caring for others when they are sick or injured
  • Leo: sharing information they find valuable with those around them. Trying really hard to make others laugh/keep everyone entertained. Compliments others at random
  • Virgo: giving long, elaborate advice to those who are in need of it. Teaching what they know to others who could benefit from it, regardless of how long or tedious that process may be
  • Libra: bringing people together who could benefit from one another. Being honest when it is necessary and humane to do so
  • Scorpio: devoting tons of time and energy to those closest to their hearts. Putting harsh feelings aside for the sake of others when it is needed
  • Sagittarius: surprising loved ones with long desired gifts and gestures. Bringing others to see/experience things they have not yet had the chance to. Sharing details of their day and asking others about theirs
  • Capricorn: giving back to those who helped to bring them up. Reminding their friends of all their great qualities and all the reasons they shouldn't be giving up. Serving as an inspiration
  • Aquarius: giving to organizations and charities which they feel deserve it the most. Fights for those who cannot fight for or stand up for themselves
  • Pisces: approaches any situation with a caring heart, genuinely nice and easy going inside and out. Highly empathetic and sympathetic and will show they are concerned about a friend's emotional state
Throne of Glass Characters as Barbie Gifs (this was tough)

Rowan at Aelin:

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Aelin and Lysandra:

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•Often people “grow” on them, so they may not like you at first, but then start to warm up to you as they get to know you.

•They will do the opposite of what they were told just because they were told to do it.

•They have a tendency to get angry quickly- but that anger won’t last too long, and soon they’ll feel alright again.

•Though they crave adrenaline, an Aries would be just as happy in a basement surrounded by friends as they would be at a punk show or an amusement park.

•You won’t find them copying or feeding off of others- their intentions, style, and mannerisms are entirely their own.

•They are easily bored by routine, so if you really want to teach them something, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone.

•They are good to have on your side when a confrontation occurs.

•Don’t worry too much about an Aries backstabbing you- if they said it behind your back, chances are they’ll say it to your face as well.


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Here On My Island (Ro Solo Version) 

Here’s a version of “Here On My Island” with JUST RO singing! I edited this version using the version of the song featured in the 2007 Macy’s Parade and the instrumental version.

The Signs as Terrible Mistakes
  • Aries: trying really hard drugs because you don't "have an addictive personality"
  • Taurus: refusing to forgive somebody for something they did years ago just for the sake of being bitter
  • Gemini: hooking up with your friend's ex and then lying about it when they find out
  • Cancer: turning off your phone and refusing to leave your room or talk to anyone for days
  • Leo: getting overly involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you
  • Virgo: criticizing and judging someone who does not wish to be criticized or judged
  • Libra: getting back with an abusive ex despite the warnings of those around you
  • Scorpio: wishing bad on an "enemy"/ praying for their downfall/ seeking revenge
  • Sagittarius: leaving town with no job, no money to your name, and no resources
  • Capricorn: setting someone else up for failure do you can ensure your own victory
  • Aquarius: throwing the first punch in a physical confrontation, or turning a verbal argument physical
  • Pisces: sleeping through important events/ backing out of long held promises