On a random note the house I’m puppysitting at
Had this Barbie in their girls room
Was wondering if anyone had an ID
She’s semi articulate and is like bigger than a standard but not huge


I got her working and… What? Lol… If anyone can tell me what she’s saying or even what language she’s speaking, I would love that

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so yesterday I noticed this:

my Barbie’s pants…

they took the time to make real belt loops and then sewed in fake pockets…. (the only other pair of barbie jeans i have the details are printed on)

but both the boy doll pants i own…

have real functional pockets? why??!

let’s talk about the bitty&ford captain&manager dynamic. i’ll start

  • so jack and lardo bonded in a special quiet-person low-voice assertive-introvert retreat-within-yourself-to-complete-important-projects maybe-batman way
  • which means bitty and ford bond in a no-nonsense extrovert-chatterbox repress-feelings-with-frantic-activity kind of way
  • they talk about a very specific subset of music. like she knows who beyonce is? but the important thing is that they like the same sad music. i’m talking lorde. i’m talking dixie chicks. i’m talking aretha franklin at her ABSOLUTE SLOWEST. is it possible to cry to sunday candy by chance the rapper? ford and bitty do.
    • they are each other’s structured emotional time people. like, as much as SMH is big boys with big feelings, they have outbursts. ford and bitty like to schedule times to get wine-drunk and sit at the kitchen table and listen to past lives by kesha and sob together
  • bitty, upon walking into the house: i can bake here
  • ford, upon walking into the haus: i can keep my sewing machine here
  • he stress-bakes a pie. she stress-patches all of her jeans. black sabbath, which she introduced him to, plays very loudly from her beats pill.
    • When You Hear Heavy Metal Keep Out Of The Kitchen (will poindexter to freshmen, 2017)
  • ford, for all her emotional evenness, is a physical shitshow. think nursey’s clumsiness with chowder’s raw kinetic enthusiasm. when u a theater kid u learn to talk with ur whole body & scoot around on ur knees. this is a nice counterpoint to bitty, who has the smug gracefulness of a guy who can do turns with his leg up by his ear, but the emotional consistency of a ride designed by a bloodthirsty 9-year-old on rollercoaster tycoon
    • bitty’s movements: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) / bitty’s feelings: (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻
    • ford’s movements: (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻ / ford’s feelings: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
  • hear me out: ford grew up where football is a big deal AND theater is a big deal. ford is from texas
    • normally texans and georgians don’t have THAT much in common. but against these assholes from the Tundra……….they are a team
  • technically lardo was shorter than bitty. but in terms of raw power, he Would Not Dare. so ford is the first person in a million years that bitty can be bigger than. he’s a total dick about it. head as elbow armrest
  • ford really likes to swing dance. learning basic swing is a universal Performing Arts Kid Thing, & everyone always practices it bc you get to touch boys. during rehearsal breaks you’d just see a couple nerds busting out a fallen angel lift in the corner. bitty knows the basics and can pick moves up fast, so it becomes a thing, especially at kegsters. nobody gets a concussion but there are a few bloody noses
  • while bitty went into college definitively gay, ford is in the ??? stage of sexuality. they talk about this a lot. she still knows more gay slang than he does and tells him he u-hauled with jack
  • ford is the only person who can be bluntly mad at bitty. bitty is the only person who can be bluntly mad at ford. it’s not often or for long but it makes everyone else feel like they’re in the twilight zone
  • as i said, being in theatéré makes you really physically expressive and fearless. and ford is so small, and she is surrounded by Muscle Boys, and what i’m saying here is that scene from brooklyn 99 where jake is like “terry will catch me” and runs and jumps at him and terry’s like “i’m holding coffee!!!” but he catches jake anyway? except terry is bitty.
  • she borrows his cardigans and he borrows her scarves Thanks