Chris Colfer Can’t Pass Up Anything Covered With Avocado
“We ate family-style — meaning I can eat seven times as much food as I normally would, and no one is the wiser.”

Best known as Kurt Hummel on Glee, Chris Colfer is a man of many trades. He’s currently on a book tour for the fifth installment of his wildly popular middle-grade fantasy series, the Land of Stories, with a sixth book on the way. Beginning July 22, you can also catch him in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie as a “hairdresser slash social-media consultant” to Jennifer Saunders. But first, read about his affinity for chocolate-chip cookies and what he dubs the “Trail Mix of the Gods” in this week’s Grub Diet.

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Last night, our friends Lori, Emi and Mia invited us out for dinner at one of Philly’s best new restaurants (according to Philly Mag), Barbuzzo. After a little snag trying to get sat (the hostess tried to tell us after seeing our two toddlers that they didn’t have a table big enough for us, even though Emi made the reservation weeks ago and called and confirmed the table twice and told them we were bringing toddlers), they magically found a table for us and our dinner began.

We had a great time. The food was amazing, our server was attentive and sweet and the company was fantastic as always. The asparago pizza (with shaved asparagus, panchetta, truffle and farm egg) and the dessert salted caramel budino (with dark chocolate crust, vanilla bean caramel and sea salt) where the highlights. Actually, the budino was more like, life-changing.

And Quinn likes grilled octopus. Who would have known?

I was a little worried about how she was going to do. We had a weird day and she didn’t take a nap and barely ate lunch so she was a complete grump before leaving the house. Luckily, she napped in the car on the way there and we drove slowly. When we finally arrived and she saw her friend Mia, she was totally fine.

I don’t know why I’m always so worried she is going to be bad when we go out and do stuff like this. She is always pretty good and last night was no exception. She did have a little screaming there towards the end (after the sugar kicked in from the budino), but it was loud in there anyway so I don’t think it was an issue. For 4 courses at a small, non-kid friendly restaurant, she (and Mia) both were great.

Then, afterwards, we went outside for some dancing on the sidewalk. Just two gals hanging out in the big city. 

Barbuzzo. Our favorite restaurant so far. I know this is a dark picture, but I don’t want to use a flash in a restaurant. I’m trying not to be that guy.

These are Brussels sprouts. I love this vegetable when it’s treated right, but when it’s abused, I pretty much hate it. These Brussels sprouts were home-schooled.

Most likely blanched, then pan seared with house-cured pancetta, (yes they cure their own meats here,) and covered in parmigiano reggiano, this is about as easy as they can get. And as delicious.

Restaurant Week: Barbuzzo

all i can say is, finally!

barbuzzo has been on my “restaurants i’m dying to go to but can’t ever seem to get a table” list for quite some time now. way back in december my friend emailed out that she got a table for january 22nd at 5pm [early yes, but we took it]. there was no way i was turning that down.

the menu starts out 2 crostinis with “from the chef.”

smashed fava-goat cheese (w/ preserved lemon, mint, evoo) & smoky chickpea (w/ roasted garlic, cumin, smoked pimeton). both were insanely delicious.

next up was the “first course.” between the 5 of us we ended up getting all 3 options.

i went with the roasted beet salad (w/ goat cheese, orange, pistachio pesto, tuscan kale). my friend who also ordered this and i decided that while the salad was very good, we would have liked some more fruit & beets. but flavor wise it was very good!

one of my friends ordered the sheep’s milk ricotta (w/ sherry soaked figs, evoo, vin cotto, herbs and sea salt). i asked her how she liked it and all she was “very good.” so, i think i might have to order this next time i’m there!

my other two friends went with the barbuzzo meatball slider (w/ warm caciocavallo, balasamic onion jam, rustic tomato sauce, sweet potato chips). again i asked their thoughts and all i got was a “really good.” they did say that they really liked how the cheese was on the inside (!) and therefore the buns weren’t soggy or sliding off the meatball.

next up, “second course”!

3 out of the 5 of us ordered the pan seared gnocchi. we ordered it vegeterian so we did without the prosciutto. it came with kohlrabi, wood roasted mushrooms and homemade truffle butter. to quote my friend liz, “they are little puffs of heaven.” and they were. it was delicious.

my other friend ordered the grilled bronzino with artichoke-mushroom farro and sicilian tomato pesto. she really liked it. 

& lastly my other friend ordered the capricciosa pizza with san marzanos, fior di latte, proscuitto cotto, hot coppa, artichokes and castelvetrano olives (she ordered it vegetarian style though). the pizza was huge, but at least she has left overs for today!

& for dessert… salted caramel budino (obviously). it’s layers of heaven. the bottom is a dark chocolate crust with a vanilla bean caramel on top (& whipped cream). the salted caramel was out of this world. i’m going to be craving this for days, i just know it.

overall, very positive RW experience. i definitely need a week off before i hit up 2 more restaurants next week! stay tuned!

it’s baaaack.

my friends already snagged a spot at barbuzzo for the first week. i officially want everything on their menu. from the smashed fava-goat cheese crostini, to the roasted beet salad, to the pan seared gnocchi. plus, salted caramel budino for dessert doesn’t sound too terrible.

then taking a week off from that meal, i’m headed to zahav. i’ve never been and i’ve only heard great things about it. i’m already dreaming about their fried cauliflower and the almond-apricot rugelach! [menu]

dates this winter are january 22-27 & january 29-february 3.

[participating restaurants are here]

Pizza Uovo at Barbuzzo Philadelphia (dinner tonight…)

Brussel sprout leaves, guanciale, “secret white sauce”, parmesan, fior di latte, truffled farm egg, dried sicilian oregano.

The oregano is brought to the table dried and still on the stem.  You pick it off and crush it between your fingers over the pizza.  One, it makes the pizza taste even better, and two… your hands smell like oregano, and you’ll never hear me complain about that.

caramel budino.

if you’re from philly and/or have been to barbuzzo you know their claim to fame is their ridiculously amazing salted caramel budino.

well, i found a recipe that seems to be pretty similar.

[i don’t know their recipe, but this looked equally as delicious]

worth a shot, or just not even worth trying to duplicate this masterpiece?


Barbuzzo, Philadelphia, PA, USA

After having heard so many great things about Barbuzzo, I finally had the chance to try the restaurant. Even though I made the reservation a week in advance, I only managed to get the 9 pm slot. That pretty much told me how popular the restaurant is.  

When I arrived at Barbuzzo, the place was actually much smaller than I thought.  It was very crowded. We were seated at a very small table. So it was a little cramped for me throughout the meal especially I had to put my camera on my lap the whole time. Before visiting, I asked my friend to recommend me a number of dishes. Looking at the menu, I pretty much just ordered all the dishes I was recommended. We started off with the beets salad with goat cheese and pistachio. I was never a big fan of beets. However, the pistachio with kale was delicious. The bone marrow came second. The dish was served in the bone and crostini. It was pretty good, but I still prefer the one at Bibou. Our third dish was the foie mousse. The liver was well-made. It paired really nicely with the crostini on the side. In my another attempt to convert my girlfriend to like pasta, I ordered the gnocchi with brown butter. It was very nicely done. The trumpet mushroom and pancetta worked well with the gnocchi. The last entree was the meatball. At this point, I was the only one eating the meatball. So this dish was just a little too heavy for me. After the meal, we finished it off with the salted caramel dessert as recommended by my friend. I had to say Barbuzzo ended my meal with a bang. I loved this dessert. It really grew on me. The combination of sea salt, dark chocolate, and vanilla bean caramel was perfect.

Barbuzzo was another great option in Philly. The meatball tripped me up a little because it was very heavy for me.  However, a lot of the dishes were delicious. The restaurant is a great place to go out for a drink and have great food with friends.

Rating: 9.0/10