The Million Dollar Shot (for ceaselesslyinlove)

Hello, my lovely Valentine! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day :) I apologize for the lateness in posting. I had to get home to my computer to do this. ♥♥ I hope you like it!! @—->

Summary: Sherlock has been injured while on a case and is quite insistent on having Molly present while he recovers

Note: Written for broomclosetkink’s Sherlolly Valentine’s Day Ficathon.

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birthday, first kiss, suprise

“Don’t forget to make a wish!” Artie called out excitedly as Clara blew out the candles on her surprise Birthday cake.

Clara grinned and closed her eyes for a few moments. When she opened them again, she saw Artie and Angie whispering amongst themselves quite conspiratorially. Mr. Maitland joined them and a moment later nodded to Artie who stood forward.

“I know what you wished for, Clara!” he said proudly.

“Well, I guess you’ll never know because I can’t tell you or it won’t come true.” She grinned cheekily as she reached for the knife to cut the cake.

She managed to cut one slice when she caught the whispers that were punctuated by fits of giggles from Artie and Angie. 

“Go on, then!” Mr. Maitland playfully pushed the Doctor towards the Birthday girl.

“Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!” Artie and Angie chanted in unison.

Clara turned to face the blushing Doctor while trying unsuccessfully to not to smirk. She knew full well what the Maitlands all wanted to happen. 

The Doctor fidgeted nervously for a moment before noticing the expression that written all over Clara’s demeanour. She was challenging him and fully expected to win.

Oh no, you don’t. My impossible girl, he thought to himself.

Before Clara could blink, the Doctor swooped in and carefully cradling her neck and waist, he dipped her backwards. She gasped as he closed the distance and pressed his lips to hers. He was gentle and warm and patient as he coaxed her to return the kiss.

There was a noise, she noticed, from very far away. Clapping, perhaps. Whatever it was, she didn’t care as she wrapped her arms securely around his neck and kissed him like her life depended on it.

After all, they had to put up a good show. This might have been their first kiss, but the Maitland’s didn’t have to know that….

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dancing, bow tie, dress

The first time the Doctor tried to take Clara dancing in Las Vegas, they ended up on a Russian nuclear sub for a couple of weeks. Sure, they saved mankind from martians, but afterwards the Doctor had to constantly intercept flirtatious crewmen from his lovely companion. That had not been fun.

The second, third and fourth time were much smaller on the disaster scale in terms of avoiding possible nuclear holocausts. However, it did seem like the universe was very much against Clara Oswald being allowed to dance.

So, she decided that she was going to do just that. Once and for all. With the Doctor.

She put on her prettiest dress— a new, red one with a cute twirly skirt. (She noticed that the Doctor seemed to pay even better attention to her when she was wearing that combination of dress.) Then, she made her way to the console room.

“Clara?” the Doctor asked curiously as she waltzed up to him.

“If you please, Sexy.” She looked up to the ceiling lights and circling panels of Gallifreyan symbols. “Big Band, I think would be nice.“

Thoroughly impressed by Clara and the TARDIS’ ever-strengthening relationship, the Doctor grinned amusedly as the lively music began to play throughout the ship.

Clara strode up to him with her hand outstretched, “Does the Doctor dance?”

Desire, like a growing flame, burned in his belly.

“Oh, Clara.” He straightened his bow tie, took her hand, and then twirled her in a circle before settling her in his arms as they moved to the beat. “Do I dance?”

They danced in perfect unison as if they’d done it a thousand times before.

“Yes, my Clara.” He smirked remembering a conversation he once had in another life. “Yes, indeed. I do.“

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At the Bar (Matt/Reader drabble)

So… you’re at this party in the midst of a sea of people you’ve never met. You attended with your good friend as her plus one and she’s abandoned you to mingle on your own.

You head to the bar needing a drink in the worst way. You tell the bartender what you’d like and stand there waiting patiently. You’ve got all the time in the world anyway.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can tell someone is standing pretty close to you. You glance over to smile to be polite, but you almost choke because you instantly recognize who (WHO) is standing next to you.

He smiles warmly at you and grins conspiratorially. ‘Please tell me there’s at least one other person as bored as I am at this party?’ he says. It’s the worst split second moment of your life when your brain goes blank for a witty comeback. However, you quickly recover and return something smart and sexy enough that makes his smile widen so naturally and easily that you know he’s impressed.

Your drink arrives, but you barely notice because you are engaged in the most wonderful, funny conversation with this impossibly charming man that everyone wants to meet. But, he’s hanging on your every word and his eyes haven’t left yours at all… except perhaps, one or twice to glance at the pretty shade of your lips.

Sadly, your monopolization of his attentions has come to an end. He is being whisked away to answer questions with the journalists in attendance tonight. He smiles apologetically as he is guided away. But, your heart is so full it’s about to burst so it’s more than okay with you. It is an evening you will never forget.

You exhale a deep breath before taking a sip of your wine. Nothing has ever tasted as sweet. You take out your mobile to text your friend. But, before you do anything, there’s some noise and the shuffling of people around you.

Matt rushes back to you, his gorgeous coif flopping into his eyes making him look so disarmingly casual and playful. He quickly grabs your phone and punches in a few numbers. He answers the call with his own phone and he taps a few keys on it. You gasp with delight as you realize that he’s saved your information into his list of contacts.

He winks at you as he hands your phone back. ‘We’re not done yet,’ he smirks before he slips back through the crowd.

Later on, as you regale your little encounter to your slightly disbelieving friend, your phone chimes a familiar tune that let’s you know you’ve received a message. And, this is what it says:

Thoroughly enchanted. Meet me for coffee tomorrow? Today? Any day?


Note: Original edit by Its-Pond has been used with permission

Unmentionables (drabble, eleven/clara)

Being nostalgic today. Here’s a short Souffez drabble from their “early days” together.


The mid-morning sun was shining brightly as Clara took the remaining clothes from the line and pocketed the clothespins. It was a royal pain that the dryer was malfunctioning again; hopefully, the Doctor would be able to fix it. But, knowing him, he was just as liable to turn the machine into a toaster or a Hadron Collider.

Upon her return from the garden, she was relieved to hear the drying machine tumbling away as it used to.

“Thank y—” She was about to say to the man standing in the living room, but as he turned around, she stopped short.

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proposal, tardis, stars

He opened the TARDIS doors, the force field keeping everything inside from being sucked out into space. Beyond the ship, the Dragon’s Eye Nebula swirled and sparkled in all its glory while the surrounding stars twinkled endlessly. 

He pulled out the small, velvet box and opened it. A mirror image of the nebula shimmered at the center of the black diamond. It was truly breathtaking. He’d scoured the galaxies for ages just to find the stone.

It was time. There was no hesitation left in him. No awkwardness. No doubt.

He got down on one knee and called out her name, knowing the TARDIS would amplify his voice throughout the ship.

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sunrise and breakfast

Sure, it was Wednesday… but, Clara had not expected the TARDIS to materialize in her bedroom before the crack of dawn. She’d barely opened her eyes when a warm, familiar hand grabbed her and pulled her through the blue doors. Sunrise on Ventax Six, the Doctor had said. Something about it having three suns. With a blanket on a hillside and hot coffee and pastries in a basket, they’d waited. And, it was absolutely gorgeous though it paled in comparison to another sight: Clara asleep in his arms.

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flowers, tea, and moonlight. <3

He stood at the doorway of observatory, his feet unwilling or unable to move any further. He was a little surprised that the great dome above was now clear for the TARDIS, herself, would’ve had to make the change for Clara. Moonlight bathed the dark room in a soft glow.

“You can come closer.” she told him after a time. He saw her reclining on the chair at the base of the magnoscope.

He took a deep breath, shuffled his way towards her and perched himself awkwardly on a short ledge next to her. He had no idea what to say. After several hours apart, he had to admit to himself that he couldn’t function without seeing her… seeing if she wanted to go home and be done with him altogether.

Clara turned and saw how his shoulders slumped forward, how his brow was tightly furrowed.

“It’s okay to fight sometimes, Doctor,” she whispered.

When he finally looked up, he saw forgiveness and affection in her lovely eyes.

“I’m afraid…” he trailed off.

“I’m afraid, too.” Clara returned when he could not. “For me?”

He looked at the now lukewarm cup of tea and the two daisies he had picked from the greenhouse and nodded. Then, as Clara leaned forward and placed a little kiss on his cheek, he whispered the three words he’d been having such trouble with before he understood what he was doing. He realized, with wonder, that they were much easier to say than he had once thought.

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Cold, picnic, dawn (:

“Seriously?” she asked again.

Whatever the Doctor answered was lost in the wind as he raced up the hill in front of her.

It was cold. Damn cold. And, damn dark too.

Not fifteen minutes earlier, they had been in the middle of a planet with a scorching sun beating down on them at mid day. Then, suddenly, her dear Doctor had had some sort of an epiphany and had rushed her all the way back to the TARDIS. And now, they were in the middle of somewhere dark and frosty.

If she got sick, she was going to make him pay.

“Come on, then!” The Doctor shouted over the wind. “Keep up, Clara!“

Onward she marched, mumbling some choice words about a certain gangly alien man-boy to herself. At the crest of the grassy hill, she saw Doctor sitting on a fallen tree stump. He patted the spot next to him with glee before pointing to the brightening horizon in the distance.

"It’s almost time!” he grinned wildly.

Clara sat and wrapped her sweater around herself to keep warm. Before she could ask, a glimmer of gold caught her eye. With each passing moment, it grew stronger and brighter until she had to shield her eyes.

The Doctor reached for her free hand and folded into his on his lap. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash and the entire valley below them illuminated at once. However, beyond this valley the sun had yet to reach out her warmth and everywhere else was dark.

“What is this place?” Clara asked in amazement.

“This is the fabled, golden city of Shangri-La,” the Doctor leaned in and whispered in her ear.

Clara shivered, but not from the cold. She turned to catch the Doctor’s gaze and expected him to turn away like he always did. But, this time he didn’t and it made her heart skip a beat. Or two.

“I thought we could have a little picnic,” he finally shied away as a gong sounded in the distance.

“Later,” Clara smiled as she shifted closer to her Doctor and wrapped her hands around his waist. “I’m cold.“

After a moment of hesitation, she felt his arms and his warmth envelop her. Smiling, she closed her eyes and held him tight.

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do you enjoy writing the whouffle prompts people send in? are there some that you're comletely stuck on? or do you seem some and think "oh that is just perfect, i definitley know what im writing for that". Also how long does it take for you to do each prompt?

Hi, I’m very much enjoying writing these prompts! This is the first time I’m doing anything like this actually. I thought it would be fun and I’m just praying that people enjoy what I’m writing :)

I’m taking the prompts as creative writing exercises. I’m just sitting down and letting inspiration go where it takes me. Some prompts are easier than others, but it’s been pretty good for me so far. Some drabbles are quite short and others are more lengthy. Prompts take me anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on if my muse is cooperating and if I don’t have any interruptions!

Are you guys liking these drabbles or am I spamming you all with junk? Eep!