The Million Dollar Shot (for ceaselesslyinlove)

Hello, my lovely Valentine! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day :) I apologize for the lateness in posting. I had to get home to my computer to do this. ♥♥ I hope you like it!! @—->

Summary: Sherlock has been injured while on a case and is quite insistent on having Molly present while he recovers

Note: Written for broomclosetkink’s Sherlolly Valentine’s Day Ficathon.

Unmentionables (drabble, eleven/clara)

Being nostalgic today. Here’s a short Souffez drabble from their “early days” together.


The mid-morning sun was shining brightly as Clara took the remaining clothes from the line and pocketed the clothespins. It was a royal pain that the dryer was malfunctioning again; hopefully, the Doctor would be able to fix it. But, knowing him, he was just as liable to turn the machine into a toaster or a Hadron Collider.

Upon her return from the garden, she was relieved to hear the drying machine tumbling away as it used to.

“Thank y—” She was about to say to the man standing in the living room, but as he turned around, she stopped short.

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