barbra morse

Imagine meeting Bobbi at a bar. “What’s wrong y/n. Drink flat?” Max, the bartender asked. You were a regular at the pub and came here to get your mind off your ex. “Nothings wrong, just thinking.” You said lifting your drinking and downing it all. Max got you another drink and left you to your thoughts. You started to watch a soccer game that was on one of the tv’s. The door behind you opened and released a beam of light into the smoke filled room. “What can I get for you ma'am?” “I’ll have a budlight. Thank you.” A girl replied sitting a few seats down from me. “Hey Max!” I shouted over to me. “Yeah y/n.” “I’m paying for that girls next five drinks.” I threw teen bucks on the bar and he nodded. I watched as the girl took out her money, but Max shook his head. They two said something but you couldn’t hear them. You raised your beer and she raised hers. She grabbed a napkin and took a pen out of her bag. She wrote something down and slid down the paper. It read, “Thanks for the drinks, i’m Bobbi” She rolled the pen down the bar and you pick it up. You wrote,“ Pretty girl like you should get a lot more then drinks, I’m y/n” You and Bobbi only wrote on napkins, never saying an actual word to each other. As the night came to an end, you went to the restroom, but when you came back Bobbi was gone and a napkin sat in her place. You sighed and picked up the napkin, it read,“Y/n you was amazing to meet you. Hope I get to see you again. Bobbi” That was it no number, no email, nothing. You mentally slapped yourself for not asking for her number. You hoped that Bobbi would come back to the bar again and you could continue your conversation.