barbra evans

Chips && Dip||Mac+Babs

Barbra knew posting her food order online would come back to haunt her, however, she was so hungry and over the moon about finally getting food that she couldn’t say she cared very much about it. When Mackenzie asked for some food, Babs wasn’t against giving her best friend something to eat. Of course, she may have been joking when she requested her to come over her house and bring it to her - but Barbra wasn’t opposed to bringing her bestie food, she knew Mac would do the same for her.

Closing her laptop, she grabbed the Taco Bell bag off of her bed with the Honey BBQ chips and left her room. She walked down the stairs and got the car keys off of the hook, telling her parents she’ll be back in a few. She got into the car, placing the food beside her, and cranked it up - she backed out of the driveway and drove towards the Pierce-Lopez house. She had been there so much she knew every shortcut to get there - which she took. In ten minutes time she was entering the drive-way.

She turned off the car and grabbed the food and walked up the porch steps. She knocked on the door and smiled when it opened, holding up the bag of food, “Did someone say they were hungry?” She smirked teasingly.