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kidskk when you're in the Mafia, you're rich. Awfully rich. But a kid doesn't really understand money. Even worse when you are from a poor backround, all seems so much. And in the first few months, they aren't even paid yet. It's their tutor who takes care of all the bills and spending. So all that to say, it's the story on how in their first pay check skk ended up buying the equivalent of $ 1500 worth of candy and toys in one evening.

Mori just walked into Dazai’s room once and he and Chuuya started throwing barbie dolls at him it was traumatizing

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out of pure curiosity, how does Senros hugs people with that twigs coming out of his head? asking for a friend >->

ok first things first, 

never call it twigs. NEVER. CALL. IT. TWIGS.

There are few things that makes Senros lose his patience instantly and this is one of those. He will argue about ‘branches being the secondary stem arising from a tree with medium side and resistance enough to match his owns’ and a lot of rambles about it. Just, save yourself Senros ramble and don’t mention twig in front of him.

also about the hugs, how he does it..

SO IS NOT LIKE IT DOES WORK OUT AT FIRST, but there are tricks, we have necks and height differences for it.

so you see, there is an strategy. And then you ask me “ok Roi but none of those is a typical hug” OK I WILL GIVE YOU THE FLUFFY HUG. Just keep in mind that Theon took a bucked of endorphin to agree with that. And therapy.

trigger warning for fluffy/ comfort/ hugs/ molasses/ and all that stuff that has no blood.

ok I may have forced the branches position because I had to draw +35 hug sketches to actually get the instinctive drawing of it in my system and at this point I had even forgot the branches and was trying to think about poses. Still, the essence oF THING IS THERE. Tilt head, the branches bend, a bit of height difference that now I see it didn’t change anything when I drew it.

and then you ask me, in which circumstances Theon would actually do that?

I have no idea, bucket of endorphin I guess.

anyways, thank you so much for sending, love random asks and Theon did enjoy the sudden charge of affection he got as the lab rat for these demonstrations