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Je me foutais de la gueule de Lou parce qu’elle enchainait film barbie sur film barbie, mais là elle vient de me dire qu’elle regardait Barbie Agent secret, mais je l’ai jamais vue lui ! Du coup là elle me fait rager en me racontant des passages du film


The Scarborough Rapist

Canadian serial rapist and convicted murderer, Paul Bernardo was sentenced to life in prison after his (now ex) wife, Karla Homolka, testified against him in court for the murders of three school girls. Paul and Karla are often referred to as “The Ken and Barbie Killers.” 

When Paul was a child, Paul’s father was charged with sexually molesting a young girl. Paul’s mother went into a deep depression. Despite this, Paul remained a happy child, received good grades, and was even a boy scout. 

Paul committed many sexual assaults in and around the city of Scarborough. 

When Paul started to date Karla Homolka, he began taking his attacks even further, kidnapping and torturing girls. Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka were responsible for kidnapping, murdering, torturing, and raping at least three young school girls. 

It was Paul’s ultimate fantasy to have a sex slave. He continues to this day to state that he never killed, or had ever planned on killing any of his victims. According to Paul, he wanted to keep the girls as sex slaves, and it was Karla that actually killed them. 

Paul Bernardo remains in prison. 


Barbie Magazine: August 2016 by Plastic Beauty
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As some of you may know, 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Francie’s release. Her debut was a significant one for her glamorous cousin, Barbie. Francie, as the epitome of the blossoming Mod scene, singlehandedly introduced Barbie into the Mod era. Francie was really Mattel’s test to see how the market at the time would respond to a doll that was, by conventional standards at the time, wild and bolder in her extended wardrobe. Luckily for them, Francie was a success, and with it came Barbie’s drastic makeover and transition into a more colorful world. But the most important lesson that Francie and her Mod niche taught Barbie (and Mattel, by extension) was that change and evolution is fundamental if you want longevity, particularly in a very competitive doll market. It is a lesson the Barbie has applied time and time again, always in a constant cycle of change and adaption to the times for new generations of children (both young and old) to discover her magic.