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Maybe That's What I Was Trying To Say - Kim Samuel Requested Scenario


Genre: fluffles

Message?: its cringy if I try to write in Korean so I am not going to do that!


“And now everyone, please welcome our forean exchange student, Y/N!” Mr Lee said.

Okay, that was my name, I understood very little else of what he just said but it was probably an introduction.

I bowed, introducing myself in my broken Korean.

“Okay then Y/N, go to that seat over there, next to Samuel,” Mr Lee said.

I smiled at him, mentally cursing for not practising Korean more as I walked over to my seat.

“So,” the boy next to me, Samuel, said in perfect English, “where you from?”

I blushed a bit, looking at his handsome features before stuttering, “umm, Y/C/N.”

“Oh that’s cool!” he smiled.

“And you?” I asked, comfortable with English. “Where are you from?”

“Grown up in Korea,” Samuel said. “But my Mum is Korean and my Dad is Latin American.”

I gasped, “that’s such a nice mix!”

He chuckled, “Thanks. Oh and uh, I know it takes a while to get used to the Korean language and culture, but I’ll help you.”

I grinned at him, everything would be fine if I had Samuel…

At the end of the school day, all I wanted was to go home maybe unpack a bit and then sleep. Maybe for the rest of my life, but, when I told this to Samuel though, he just laughed.

“No way! You can unpack tonight!” he laughed. “Afternoon’s are made for street food and Korean tours.”

“Samuel seriously!” I said in Korean, trying to show off.

“If that is trying to impress me, it’s not working,” he replied in Korean.

I shrugged, walking off with him following me. I then sighed, “fine. I guess I could do with street food.”

He smiled, walking ahead of me and calling at me to keep up.

“My legs are not as long as your’s!” I exclaimed.

He chuckled, “it’s fine we’re here. Now, I want you to order.”

“But that’s Korean,” I said. “I can’t do that.”

“Actually, you can,” he said. “Your challenge for the next week is to go into five different shops or stalls and order in Korean.”

I swallowed, then accepted his challenge by saying, “fine. What do you want.”

He hummed for a bit, looking at the stall, “ttoekbokki!”

I sighed, walking up to the stall and ordering two servings of ttoekbokki.

The man gave it to me, I payed him and bowed before turning back round to Samuel.

Samuel stared at me with his eyebrows raised, “so?”

“I did it! I actually did it!”

He laughed, high fiving me. My heart dropped as I though he was going to go for a hug. Wait. Why did I feel like this? I gave him the ttoekbokki, pushing the emotions I had down into the back of my mind. They mean nothing.

The next day after school Samuel decided that rain actually might affect our Korean trip and stall food so instead, brought me round to his house.

“I think my sister is having a friend round today as well,” he said. “So you might find little Barbie dolls everywhere.”

I laughed, “you have a little sister?”

“Uh-huh, she’s 9,” Samuel nodded. (A/N - I don’t actually know the age of his sister)

I smiled, “cute.”

“More like nightmare,” Samuel laughed.

I rolled my eyes before saying, “so what are we doing today?”

“We, dear Y/N, are practising Korean,” Samuel smirked, just as I reached the top of the stairs.

“Bye bye,” I said, walking back down them.

He laughed, grabbing my arm.

“Come on Y/L/N,” Samuel said, bringing me up to his room, sure enough on the way there we saw plushies and Barbies.

“Also, I have something to say,” Samuel said as he closed his bedroom door and sat at his desk. “Y/N I..”

He looked at my eyes before shaking his head, “actually it doesn’t matter.”

I looked at him confused until he shook his head, “no forget about it. It’s fine.”

I sighed before sitting next to him, “okay.”

We then spend 4 hours on Korean revision. We had 2 breaks. By the end I should have been fluent. But I definitely was not.

“Why can I still not do this?!” I exclaimed.

Samuel laughed, “your so cute.”

He then froze at his own words before clearing his throat and continuing, “well, maybe you should get home now. It’s quite late.”

I smiled, thinking about his comment before standing up, “yeah. Yeah I should.”

He walked over to his bedroom door, about to open it so I could go home but he stopped as both of us were next to the doorway.

I looked at him, “you alri—”

I got cut off by Samuel pressing his lips to mine.

“Maybe that’s what I was trying to say earlier,” he said, breathless.