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Hi, I'm reading Asoiaf for the first time, and I was wondering what you thought Bran's visions were of that he has in ADwD. I know people think the two children are lyanna and benjen, but I was wondering what you thought about the other ones. Thanks.

Oh man, Bran’s visions were one of my favourite parts of A Dance with Dragons. I’m not sure about what half of them mean or whom they featuring, but I would love to share my theories.

… but then somehow he was back at Winterfell again, in the gods-wood looking down upon his father. Lord Eddard seemed much younger this time. His hair was brown, with no hint of grey in it, his head bowed. “… let them grow up close as brothers, with only love between them,” he prayed, “and let my lady wife find it in her heart to forgive …”

I think it’s pretty clear that Ned is praying about Jon, and asks for Catelyn’s forgiveness for his deceit. (I say deceit instead of betrayal, because as I mentioned in this meta, “as close as brothers” line fits with R+L=J theory quite nicely.)

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For the puffs, could you do the Pond family? With Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor? If not, that's okay, but I think that would be cool. I love your puffs, by the way!

i would love to do that. i have a similar request for just Eleven, Rory and Amy but i will do a separate one with River added to that as well. 

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Hi, I am looking for got/asoiaf blogs and I was curious if you had any suggestions. If you don't that's alright. Thanks.

Sure thing :)

These are only the blogs whose #1 fandom is ASOIAF, though. There are several other great blogs who post ASOIAF, though it’s not their priority. For such blogs (and a few others that I probably forgot), check out my blogroll.

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