Every one of my careers is an adventure, and running for President is one that I will cherish forever. A very special thanks to my fab glam-paign stylist, Chris Benz, the inspiring women at The White House Project, and all of my B Party dolls… you!

B Inspired. B Involved. B Confident. B Informed. B A Dreamer… and one day YOU could B President!

Shine bright, dolls!


Dream Big

I’m so proud to be representing the B Party! There’s never a dream too big for a doll standing on her own.

Show your true pink, white and blue colors by sharing your dreams with your fab friends and family. Support the B Party and participate above!

If you can dream it, you can be it! 

B Informed with Dolls of the World!

As a doll that jet sets around the world, there’s nothing more inspiring than learning about all the a-mazing countries! To B a great leader on the road to the Pink House, I believe that a Doll-in-Chief of any glam-paign should B informed about each country’s fab culture.

You can learn all about the cultures of China, Ireland, Australia and Argentina with these Dolls of the World here:

The B Party & The White House Project – B involved!

There are so many fab ways for dolls to create a better future! As the sole female Presidential candidate, I truly believe that you’re never too old or too young to make a difference for all girls. Whether you’re volunteering with your best girl friend, or learning about your neighborhood representatives… always remember to reach for the stars!

B involved in Election Day 2012! Visit The White House Project to learn how you can inspire the dolls in your life, by taking them to the polls this November.

Start shaping the future now, dolls! Spread the word and don’t forget to share your Election Day stories and pictures by using the hashtag #Binvolved.