also here is Marcus from Rock ’N Royals

PoC Characters in Barbie Movies
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Ken Does My Makeup Challenge! | Barbie Vlog | Episode 33

Okay but Ken is freakishly good at doing makeup???? He did a flawlessly adorable kitty??? In like less than 2 minutes?????

~ Juliette

Okay, so I don’t have any room for Eden as an individual on the Barbie Challenge (that I can foresee at the moment), but I just really needed to take a moment and make a Eden Starling appreciation post. 

I love how endearing she is in spite of her flaws. I love how real she is. We’ve all heard the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, but when a chick is that greedy and selfish, she’s immediately labeled a witch (G-rated term obviously). I understand the label, but I love the sentiment that the Barbie adaptation brings to the table. I love that they give Eden reasons for her choices. She’s not right for her choices and still needs to change, but the sentiment that “maybe it’s harder to judge once you know the whole story” is pretty profound. I’m sure some people still dislike her for her personality, but I can’t help but root for her. I like that she’s flawed. I think it’s good to not be so self-righteous and to stop and realize anyone of us can act like Eden at any given time. Heck, I’m guilty of being a spoiled, selfish diva sometimes so maybe that’s why she resonates with me? 

All in all, Eden is an awesome character in my book.