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who are some good people to watch on youtube?? i'm bored of netflix

navathebeast (military/fitness/my boyfriend)
nick bare (military/fitness)
rob marino (cheat day eating videos/fitness. him
and his fiancé are so cute)
drip46 (military/humor)
heidi somers (fitness)
nikocado avocado (mukbangs)
army barbie (army duh but this bitch is so funny)
cambria joy (lifestyle/wellbeing/pisces older sister figure)
olivia jade (beauty)
bella fiori (beauty/i love her mystery monday videos)
alwayshungry (ED recovery/cheat day eating videos)
josh garza (military/vlogs/also my boyfriend)
yoga with adriene (all time fave for yoga)
sarahbethyoga (2nd all time fave for yoga)
kendall rae (i like her conspiracy/crime videos)
edyn jacks (what i eat in a day’s/i just love her personality)
morgan taylor (fitness/vlogs/she’s a kindergarten teacher too!)
marie j (beauty)
alexandrea garza (beauty/fashion)
a classroom diva (she’s so cute omg she teaches 3rd grade)

Bonding 4

Warnings: Fluffyness
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sister
Summary: Castiel takes care of you for a day and you two bond.
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 999 (well then)

Y/N: Your Name
POV: Point Of View

A/N: So I just threw this together cause I’m really busy! This is a series I’m doing on how I think the SPN characters would bond with a 6 years old Winchester Sister! Enjoy!

Bonding 1Bonding 2, Bonding 3

You were in your room playing with your toys. “Y/N!” you heard Sam call you. You got up and ran to the library, you walked up the steps to see your brothers, Sam and Dean, along with Uncle Cas. 

You haven’t seen Uncle Cas in a while so it was quite a surprise seeing him, but a good surprise. “Unky Cas!” you yelled as you ran to Uncle Cas, who picked you up and gave you a hug, which you gladly returned. Cas then rested you on his hip, “What’re you doin’ here, Unky Cas?” you asked. 

“Well, young one. Sam and Dean have to go out for their special job. So while they’re gone, I will be looking after you.” Cas explained. 

“Yay!” you shouted, hugging Cas once again.

“Alright, kiddo. We’re heading out,” Dean said. 

You reached out your arms while making a grabbing motion with your hands, Dean got the message and took you from Cas. You hugged your brother and Dean gave you a kiss on the head, he then handed you over the Sam. You hugged Sam and he also gave you a kiss on the head, “Love you, Bug.” Sam said. 

“Love you, too!” you replied while being handed back over to Cas. Sam and Dean both waved goodbye and walked out the bunker door.

“Well, little one. What would you like to do?” Cas asked. Your face lit up as you scrambled out of his arms. Cas put you down and you told him to wait where he was, which he did. You ran down the halls of the bunker, and into your room. You grabbed a bunch of, barbies, action figures, army men, and other objects.

You ran back into the library where Cas was waiting patiently, your arms were overflowing with toys. You then dropped all your toys in front of Cas, “We can play!” you said while sitting down and setting a few things upright. Cas smiled and sat down on the floor with you.

“Well, I think this one would look fabulous,” Cas said in a high-pitched voice while moving the Barbie doll. 

“No, it wouldn’t! You should wear this one!” you replied moving your action figure which had a shirt in its hand. 

You and Cas went back and forth playing with your toys until your stomach rumbled. “Unky Cas?” you said whilst looking up at him. 

“Yes, child?” Cas responded with a concerned look. 

“I’m hungry,” you told him, getting a little crabby. 

Cas chuckled and got up while grabbing your hand, he led you to the kitchen and picked you up, and sat you on the counter top. “What are you hungry for?” Cas asked while looking in the fridge. 

“I dunno,”

Cas paused for a minute, it looked like he was in deep thought, you just stared at him. “Humans like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Would you like one?” Cas asked. 

“Yes, please!” you responded.

Cas got out the bread, peanut butter and jelly, he also got out a spoon and butter knife. Cas was about to start but then paused. “What’s wrong Unky Cas?” you asked. Cas didn’t respond, he just told you to wait where you were and he walked out of the room. Unfortunately, Cas walked too far away for you to hear.

…Cas’ POV…

“Dean, I don’t know how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Cas said, concern laced in his voice, Dean chuckled on the other end. 

“Cas, you put jelly on one piece of bread and peanut butter on the other, then put them together. It’s not rocket science!” Dean started laughing harder. 

“T-that’s it?” Cas asked, confused. 

“Yeah, Cas, that’s it. I’m pretty sure Y/N would’ve been able to tell you that!” Dean said in between laughs, Cas stayed quite. “Is that it, Cas?” Dean asked, finally calmed down. 

“Yes. Goodbye, Dean.” Cas replied, Dean just hung up.

…Your POV…

Cas entered the room, “Okay, you still want a sandwich?” Cas asked. You nodded. Luckily, Cas was able to make it without any problems.

After you ate, you got pretty tired, “Unky Cas? Can we watch a movie?” you asked with your puppy dog eyes you’ve inherited from Sam. 

“Sure, what would you like to watch?” Cas asked while picking you up and setting you on his hip, Cas then made his way to the room that your brothers converted into a living room. 

You thought about Cas’ question for a moment before answering, “Up!” 

Cas looked at you funny, “I-I don’t understand. Why would you want to go up?” Cas asked.

You started laughing, “No, Unky Cas! ‘Up!’ is a movie,” you respond with a smile. 

“Oh, that is an odd name for a movie,” Cas said mostly to himself but you heard, you just giggled.

Cas found the movie and you both sat on the couch, you then scooted closer to Cas and he wrapped an arm around your small frame. You rested your head on his chest and before you knew it, you were fast asleep. Cas smiled when he saw you sleeping.

After the movie was done Cas didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want to wake you so he just sat there. Cas’ eyes then got heavy, and soon he fell asleep.

Sam and Dean finally got back and went looking for you both, they walked into the living room where you two were at, and smiles made their way onto their faces. “Aww, aren’t they adorable?” Dean commented, Sam chuckled before snapping a picture on his phone.

“How’d he even fall asleep? I mean he is an Angel… I thought they didn’t need sleep.” Sam pointed out. 

Dean looked just as confused as Sam. “Don’t question it, little brother.” Dean replied while patting Sam on the shoulder before heading to his room.

Sam walked over to you both and laid a blanket on top of you, he took one last picture then made his way to his room.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

10 reasons why this generation is losing the ability to love

Now this is a real article that I saw scrolling through facebook and the reasons were a bunch of belittling biases but I’ll give you the correct reasons as to why it’s true

1.We are told we are always too young to know what we want let alone actually love and that love is only okay if we are telling you our favorite color or classroom subject not if we like the boy or girl in our class making us poor in the knowledge of how to know if you like someone or the attention they give you and these are some rich lectures that are coming from parents that either eloped or had us out of unplanned conceptions

2. Monkey see monkey do and we aren’t seeing any love towards another by our elders especially if they are too different from us and

3. gotta be careful what you say to your own gender if you’re straight because you might catch the gay and that’s still illegal in some states so gotta fear love all together because what if you’re wrong since

4. You can’t date casually anymore unless you enjoy the terms slut or manwhore so be prepared to break up or get married and probably fear commitment all together

5. We are pouring all of our love into social media to gain affection and attention to make up for the ones we aren’t receiving by the people who should be giving and each little heart that pops up on your screen is a small two tap death sentence for our self worthiness

6. We are marching to the beat of click click bang masculinity and magazine pages empty skinny empty pretty faces like a brainwashed GI Joe and Barbie doll army of capitalism so no time for love when you’re being taught world domination based on your skin tone and religion

7. Girls are taught love in all the wrong ways ever since we were little
Oh he chased you around the play ground and pulled your hair? It’s cause he likes you
Oh he teased you and called you names? It’s cause he likes you
Oh he beat you up? It’s cause he likes you
And rape and love are both four letter words but I know that they don’t have the same correlation

8. C words are pretty known when dating like caress or cook for or carry around when you’re too tired to hold yourself up but that does not mean compliments and cat calling are synonyms so don’t blame our paranoia on males let alone relationships

9. It’s okay to advertise sex but if you ever talk about it you’re immediately shunned and it kind of destroys all self confidence about what or who you like

10. The fact that divorce rates are over 50% leaves little hope for our own romantic fantasies

So stop making articles or asking what’s wrong with our generation when the answer lies within the generation who raised us

—  t.p.g

I had the honour of being invited by my soul sisters Jameen and Rachel who are the head designers for Dyspnea at their first solo show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. The show was a dreamland fantasy, every piece was intricate and beautifully detailed. The barbie army has officially arrived. I’m so proud of them and can’t wait to see what’s next. 💕💞 ddyspnea


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