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Ken Speaks: 'I Will Always Love Barbie, No Matter Her Size'

KEN HAS SPOKEN OUT ABOUT BARBIE’S NEW BODY IMAGE!!! 😅 His interview is super sweet with a few giggles! I’ll link the interview but I’ll list my favourite moments:

“I don’t know about you, but my love for Barbie means I’m happy Barbie is going to get to be all the things that she couldn’t be before. Tall—really, rather tall!—and slim. Medium-sized and curvy. Petite! Barbie is finally going to get to experience what it’s like to be relatively normal. She’s going to see that there’s more to life than doing the splits in a camper.”

“The thing is, if you love Barbie like I love her, you have to let her change. Because if we don’t let her change, then the Elsa dolls have won”

“I have loved the same woman for a long time. Since I was zero years old! And I will keep loving her, because she herself is such a loving person—she loves all of you so much she is willing to change.”


After 50 years of sporting an oft-criticized combo of thin waist, thin limbs and large breasts, Barbie finally has a new body. Actually, a few new bodies.
The new Barbie Fashionistas line features different body types—curvy, tall, petite—as well as varied skin tones, face shapes, and hair colors. A far cry from the Barbie of yesteryear.
Brilliant marketing ploy, now you need to buy a set of outfits for each body shape! 

Check out the commercial by BBDO San Fransisco below

When Barbie was given new body molds to look a little more like everyday girls, I was okay with it. All different body types and shapes were introduced. That was nice. Little girls can pick a doll a little closer to what they look like. That’s always great! But I’ll admit I was a little sad that her achievements were so easily overshadowed by her appearance.
She’s done so much! Barbie’s been to the moon. She’s been a mermaid, a princess, a doctor. She’s more careers than I have the will to count.
Barbie was created to show little girls they can be whatever they set their minds to. That was the most important thing. Her history is amazing when you take a look at it. Very inspiring.
I can understand why parents were so upset that her body didn’t look like a normal person’s. No one wants their child to look at a doll and think “why don’t I look like her?” No one wants their child to think “I’m not pretty enough.” No one wants their child to think “I’m too fat to be like Barbie.”
But growing up, I understood that no natural human person was going to ever really have her original body shape. I understood that everyone was different. I knew that my Aunt Michelle certainly did not look like Barbie but was certainly one hell of a lady. Trust me. She’s a big lady (and she’s scary if you piss her off).
I didn’t look at Barbie and think “I need to lose a few pounds” or “I can never be like her.” I was taught the difference between what was fake and what was real. All I was interested in was the fact that I could be an artist, a chef, a scientist, or possibly even a mother if I so chose.
I just don’t think we should be focusing on our dolls having the same body types as us. We should be picking role models based on what they achieve, the positive messages they send, and not just the way they look.
The Bratz dolls have ginormous heads and teeny tiny bodies but send out creativity. Monster high dolls are tall and thin but share that we should embrace our differences and celebrate them. Those are just examples. Differences vary but as far as I know, the kids aren’t paying attention to their bodies. The kids are more interested in what they do and represent.
When I went for a doll as a child, I went for how pretty the hair and clothes were and how alike the character and myself were as far as what we liked and how we acted. My little sister did the same and so did my little brother (when he played dollies with us).
It’s like choosing a favorite Power Puff Girl. We had our favorite characters. I didn’t mind how different my body was compared to the doll I was playing with. I don’t really think I even noticed… But maybe we were just weird kids?

anonymous asked:

Did you hear? Barbie released four new body types, tall, petite, and CURVY! She's not as chubby as she could be, and still has hourglass proportions, but honestly, she's really cute and very similar to my own body. And she has blue hair!

I actually saw that on, I think, Kat Blaque’s Facebook feed. The dolls I saw looked adorable!