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Why do people(women) only focus on how unrealistic barbies body is instead of how empowering she actually is? Barbie had almost every job that is or was still male dominated while wearing pink f*king shoes. Barbie is such an inspiration and a perfect example of you can do whatever you want no matter who you are and how you look like! By the way Barbie always was the main character in all her movies, ether ken was there as a small role or he wasn’t there at all, long before Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks did it so why only focus on barbies body why not use Barbie to show little girls they can become whatever they want when they really believe in it!

Kindergarten Headcanons

-his name is Jason
-but people just call him kid
-doesn’t talk much but when he does
-he becomes the sass master
-stuck in a time loop
-not sure why
-slightly confused
-very observant
-does not give a single fuck
-will kill for white dragon blue eyes
-has a killer poker face -can be a proud boy
-just wants to go to 1st grade
-hates Monday.

-is Starbucks vegan?
-says that monstermon cards are dorky
-secretly loves them and is an avid collector
-has a soft spot for dogs
-likes dogs more than people
-pops off the heads of Barbie dolls
-surprisingly strong
-laugh sounds like a cackle
-loves bubblegum
-watches too many soap operas
-steals her flowers from Lily’s garden
-jealous of Lily

-probably has a fidget spinner
-owns monstermon cards to look cool
-doesn’t know how to play
-friends with Monty but won’t admit it
-can do all the cool yoyo tricks
-flips all the water bottles
-wants his dad to notice him
-takes hall passes partially for attention
-the kid who puts his feet on the desk
-“I know you are but what am I?”
-Monty owes him 10 sodas from being jinxed

-can smell money from a mile away
-buys cigarettes for his dad
-has a very small crush on Cindy
-has an accent
-doesn’t like chicken nuggets
-wants a tattoo
-has a really good aim
-sensitive about his weight
-his secret stash was originally his brothers
-sees Jerome as competition
-kind of a loner
-but will respect you if you prove yourself
-holds grudges
-much more logical then he lets on

-his family is part of a cult
-secretly the smartest one
-he consumes the energy inside monstermon cards
-not from this world
-sometimes stalks Lilly
-feels more comfortable underground
-Ate sand and liked it
-spent an hour on Lilly’s letter
-doesn’t like ketchup with his nuggets
-likes puns
-Billy taught him how to read
-no means no
-scary temper
-slightly paranoid

-N e r d
-probably read “the art of the deal”
-“the jinx machine is out of order please insert another quarter”
-pissed that Jerome can’t with play monstermon cards
-teaches him anyways
-secretly loves gossip
-knows all the dirt from his customers
-ew, Feelings^tm
-believes in a fair bargain
-not easily impressed
-takes things apart and puts them back together for fun
-sold a monstermon card to pay for the 10 sodas
-grammar nazi
-dead inside

-likes dresses
-can bake
-grows pink flowers in her backyard
-isn’t as into monstermon cards as you might think
-but she still likes them
-watched a bunch of cop shows to help her find billy
-now is totally hooked
-easily flattered/embarrassed
-untrusting ever since her brother went missing
-very organized
-easily takes the blame on herself
-tries her best to ignore Cindy
-can draw really well
-can’t catch a break

-Knew what was up
-wanted to investigate on his own
- good at sneaking around
-pretty short
-a cat person
-admires the player a lot, really wants to impress him
-really bad handwriting
-a monstermon pro
-the closest person to Nugget
-very positive and happy compared to uncertain and socially awkward lily
-traumatized from the incident
-doesn’t show it though
-although terrible he admits that living in a secret lab under the school was kinda cool.
((Just a bunch of headcanons that I needed to get out :00 feel free to add any! Let me know if you agree or disagree.))

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#154: “I’m 21 years old, and hadn’t even thought of Barbie movies since I was 10. Last week I randomly had an urge to watch Princess and the Pauper (it had been my favorite) and from there watched all the others I remember growing up with. I forgot just how amazing they really are, and can’t believe I thought I had outgrown them. Barbie is such a strong and amazing character to role model, I wish I saw more positivity around Barbie and not all the negativity claiming she is a terrible model for kids.”

- anonymous


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