barbie shot

Yeo Ok and the 9 nutcrackers
Unpacking Surprises

Prompt By Anonymous: stefan/caroline moving into their 1st apartment together

“If we have to move this couch one more time, I will kill your girlfriend,” Damon threatened, grabbing the end of the couch for the thousandth time.

“I heard that!” Caroline yelled from the kitchen, where she and Bonnie were unpacking all of the pots and pans.

“You were supposed to Barbie,” Damon shot back.

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I can’t remember if I’ve posted this one before or not, and it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I know I posted the hands as part of the Hands Doing Something meme a long time ago, but here’s the whole pic. It’s a Peavey T-40 Fretless, for those of you keeping score….1980, swamp ash battleship anchor…but it sure sounds purdy.

Body Piercing Meme -

Not a very attractive pic, but then again I’m not sure there IS a way to flatter your tongue…and sticking it out doesn’t ever flatter your face, so…

Nose & tongue & ears (1 in right, 4 in left) and I’ve often toyed with the idea of getting “something else” done, I’m just afraid of it being botched like the top hole in my ear. I also have a tattoo (and about 10 more planned) but I need permission to show you and then I’d have to kill you.


A glimpse of a piece of my day job.

This is just something I whipped up in an hour or two with just my camera, some basic editing software, and a few quick tricks I keep up my sleeves…just home video type stuff. Nothing too professional…that costs extra.

…which reminds me…

First Pic Meme -

I think this was the first photo I posted of myself on Tumblr. This was taken during a decompression stop after a 100+ foot cavern dive. What you don’t see is that there is a very large snapping turtle moving very rapidly in my direction and I am trying to shoo him away with one of my fins. It didn’t work. 

First Twitter Avi. Yep…there it is. It actually went with my first Twitter account, @LivingDedGrrl. It was my Facebook avi for a long time, too. I got sooooo many complaints on this pic, but the more complaints I got the longer I left it up cuz that’s the Barbie way. That’s just how I roll.

…incidentally, you see that chip in my front tooth? Mosh pit, 12th grade. Mom was soooo pissed. Leave it to mom to notice something like that.