barbie movies confessions

#104: “Sometimes I feel too old to love Barbie movies, so I can never talk to anyone about them. Princess and the Pauper makes me cry everyone because the plot is so genuinely good, and I love it.”

- anonymous

#101: “I love Barbie as Rapunzel more than Tangled. Even though Tangled is a good movie, Barbie as Rapunzel holds a huge place in my heart.”

- @hokalinstag

Note from Erika: To clarify to those who don’t know, Barbie as Rapunzel was released in 2002, and Tangled was released in 2010, so please don’t spread rumors that Barbie “stole” ideas for their story from Disney. They have a few similarities, but neither are a blatant rip-off of the other.

#134: “Feminists who hate on Barbie characters have clearly never seen Princess Anneliese. She’s a princess and she’s beautiful, but she’s also humble and intelligent! She loves science and figures out how to escape being trapped twice with just her smart thinking. Also, it’s noble that she sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of her people. She is one of my childhood role models!”

- @iwonderaurora

#222: “In Barbie & the Diamond Castle, I think of the heart necklaces as wedding rings. When they decide to make necklaces, it’s a mini-wedding ceremony. Liana and Alexa hold hands and say, “best friends today, tomorrow, and always.” After they fight, Alexa takes off her necklace/ring and now she isn’t protected by the power of love anymore. Later, Liana saves Alexa by putting the necklace/ring back on her. Liana renews her marriage vows to her wife, Alexa, and she is saved by the power of her love.”

- @alantlm