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F1 2017 cracklist, a playlist by bloodthirstypandasfromthesky on Spotify
A playlist featuring Meridian Dan, Monty Python, The Bangles, and others

F1 2017 Cracklist: 

Lewis Hamilton - German Whip 
Valtteri Bottas - Finland

Sebastian Vettel - Walk Like an Egyptian
Kimi Raikkonen - Ice Ice Baby

Daniel Ricciardo - Barbie Girl
Max Verstappen - Little Einsteins (remix)

Daniil Kvyat - Hollaback Girl
Carlos Sainz jr - Hips Don’t Lie

Esteban Ocon - Pink Panther Theme
Sergio Perez - Pink

Fernando Alonso - What Is Love?
Stoffel Vandoorne - Tubthumping

Felipe Massa - You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Lance Stroll - Drive My Car

Jolyon Palmer - James Bond Theme
Nico Hulkenberg - Rock Lobster

Romain Grosjean - Je te Deteste
Kevin Magnussen - Like A Boss

Pascal Wehrlein - Ich Bin Ein Gummibar
Marcus Ericsson - Turn Down For What

- Bonus! - 

Jenson Button - F.U.N. Song
Antonio Giovinazzi - Baby Boy

*ps: the only reason Merc is first is because the song we chose for Lewis is #peak

Rule: Tag people you want to get to know better tagged by @ask-volley-bts ayyeeeee thank you mel for tagging me! Ilyyy <3

Zodiac sign: Taurus! (Gemini Moon, and Capricorn Rising).

Height: 5'2 and a half. REMEMBER THE HALF OK?? (I can jump on you so don’t underestimate me lmao.)

Last thing googled: What ‘Mi Hija’ meant in English (btw means daughter/child), because Mel called me that randomly while speaking Spanish to me. I got really confused ahaha.

Song stuck in your head: Currently its’ ‘A supplementary story: You never walk alone’, but last night the barbie song got stuck in my head for no reason. 

Last movie watched: Oh god I don’t remember what it was called but it was a romcom.

What are you wearing right now: Green Chinese working top, ripped black skinny jeans with embroidered red flowers, and black combat boots.

Why did you choose your URL: Because one of my nicknames is ‘bean’ or ‘beanie’ or I went with ‘beanie-bot’, I thought it sounded cool lol.

Do you have any other blogs: Yeah one actually that I just started up! It’s an Ask Bts blog (steampunk au filled with angst and stuff ahaha), @ask-steampunk-bts. (Shameless self promotion yooooo).

What did your last relationship teach you: My last relationship taught me that I turn a blind eye to red flags a lot, and that I should really pay more attention to that. Ahhh atm I’m just casually dating, in an open poly relationship. Though I’m not that focused on love life atm, just going where life takes me.

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual yes~

Favorite color: Ahhhh bright blue, mint green, black, and criminsion red. (I know black is a ‘shade’ to some people shuuuush).

Average hours of sleep: 0-11, it really varies. But on a average good nights sleep probably 9?

Lucky number: Ahhh 14 and 7!

Favorite characters: Are you really making me choose? Aaaaaah um, like all the haikyuu, and voltron characters. But I really love Coran, Pidge and Hunk from Voltron, Hinata, Sugawara, Kageyama, Daichi, Yamaguchi, Kuro, Kenma,ect ect legit everyone in haikyuu i kid you not. Also like a bunch of characters from star trek, dramatical murder, free! ect.

(Though John rose and tavros are my babies in homestuck).

How many blankets you sleep with: Three majority of the year, and two when it gets too hot ahaha. (I get cold, and its comforting~)

Dream job: Film Director/Actor/Script Writer (Animator maybe???)

Lipstick or chapstick: Both!! Tho a good lipstick is really nice. (Funfact we call ‘chapstick’, lipbalm in the uk ahaha).

Last song you listened to: ‘ Kimi to Kare to Boku to Kanojo to’ by breathe (aka fairy tail ending 15).

Top 3 shows: Star trek, Voltron, and Haikyuu.

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