barbie girl

this one time my sister and I were high af and we came to the conclusion that we and all the people were barbie dolls and lived in a barbie world and everything was fake and we thought we acted like barbie dolls and we laughed like barbie dolls would do and everything was just kind of set up by someone. and then we remembered that there is actually a song telling us exactly that and we were like ‘everyone thinks the song is hilarious or annoying without even noticing that it tells the truth’’. it was just so weird.

I’ve wanted this Barbie logo bag for months and it’s finally mine 😍💗💕 I just need the backpack now!!!🙌🏻

One of my very special new barbie items has just arrived 😍 Barbie as the princess and the pauper snow globe which plays Written in your heart from the movie 💖 How precious and beautiful is this!! It looks stunning with my barbie rapunzel snow globes 💞

My third favourite Barbie movie, Her hair and dress are just absolutely stunning and swan lake is a movie I love to watch on a quiet rainy day under a blanket with a cup of tea 💕