barbie girl

LANCE: i’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world!
PIDGE: life in plastic! it’s fantastic!
BOTH: you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere! imagination, life is your creation!
SHIRO (from another room in a completely monotone voice): c'mon barbie, let’s go party
*silence as lance and pidge look at each other in shock trying not to laugh*
KEITH, TO HUNK: do you see why me, a humble emo, cannot survive out here?
HUNK: uhhhh, i dunno keith, barbie girl is a classic, and if you can’t see that, there is going to be a strain on this friendship.

I just couldn’t resist when I saw @imjustalazycat karaoke video and when I saw fucking swapfell sans sing the intense parts of this song I was all like “bruh I have to intensify this” it was so cute!!! I’ll probably draw her swapfell papyrus as well but later. I’m all worn out because of this piece of work.


I officially have the bestest friend in the world! Thank you so much @thelittlegogo 😍😘❤️ this CD has been on my wish list for months 😄 it has all the soundtracks from The princess and the pauper, the Nutcracker, swan lake and rapunzel and it comes with a little leaflet full of these beautiful artworks 😍 i love them so much💜 thank you so much my love for being one of the most amazing, selfless, caring and loving people I’ve ever met 💗

I’ve wanted this Barbie logo bag for months and it’s finally mine 😍💗💕 I just need the backpack now!!!🙌🏻

One of my very special new barbie items has just arrived 😍 Barbie as the princess and the pauper snow globe which plays Written in your heart from the movie 💖 How precious and beautiful is this!! It looks stunning with my barbie rapunzel snow globes 💞