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Well it almost got cold in Houston, so I decided to take advantage and wear some longer sleeves. I wish this weather would just make up it’s mind.

I love prints, so when I saw this vintage dress at the thrift store I just had to get it! I already owned this awesome fabric for the head scarf and together I thought it was a great look. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my family had made plans for dinner at my Grandad’s, but yesterday he fell and broke his hip, so now our plans have all been postponed. 

It was pretty scary to see him in so much pain. Thankfully I work as a caregiver to him, so I, as well as my mom and sister, were there only minutes after the fall.

This was the whole reason I moved back to Houston…to be with and help my Grandad. My Grandmother passed away this time last year, so it’s been a strange time being in this city without her and I can only imagine how that’s affected Granddaddy, after all they were married for over 60 years (unbelievable!). 

In my family, on both my mom and dad’s sides, every event pretty much revolves around the Grands, so this season is already proving to be pretty tough for me. My Grandad is the last of my Grands and I’m really struggling with this. However, I am so so grateful to be able to be spending so much time with him now. There are so many distractions in life, the only thing that really matters are the relationships you have with people and the memories you make with them. Time is precious, don’t let it slip away from you.


Karla Homolka Volunteering At Schools

According to a report by the Montreal edition of Breakfast Television, murderer Karla Homolka volunteered at her children’s elementary school in Notre-Dame-de-Grace last March.

Homolka also supervised a school trip of kindergarten children from Montreal’s Greaves Adventist Academy in March and once brought her dog to the school for students to pet.

The private school are well aware of Homolka’s criminal past.

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would you give some musical recommendations?

Tbh if you haven’t watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper idk if u can even call yourself a true musical fan

“Ryan watched her as she hung the towels in her tight fitting black-and-white uniform that went just above her knees. She dropped one of the towels and bent over slowly to pick it up, revealing her nicely formed buttocks ….“Now if you will let me, I would like to thank you the best way I can.” Ryan began to get sexually aroused. He couldn’t believe he still had it. This attractive female was thirty years younger than him. A powerful successful man like himself was obviously an aphrodisiac to a poor Russian immigrant looking for an opportunity to better herself. Mila slid off of the bed and onto her knees on the floor facing him. She unzipped his suit pants, and with him lifting his buttocks off of the bed, she pulled them and then his underwear down to his ankles. Ryan was now fully erect. “Do you have a condom,” she asked. “In my wallet in my pant back pocket.” When Mila finished, she peeled off the condom and tossed it into the waste basket … The condom was retrieved out of the waste basket. She turned it inside out, rubbed it on the skin above her vagina, and then on the sheets, leaving it there … Mila was sobbing as she screamed, “Help me, he raped me!”

- Excerpt from “A MAD World Order”, by Paul Bernardo

Random photo from a past doll club meeting. I believe the theme was “fairy tales” so here are Francisco and Shakira doing their best to represent the theme. Francisco (formerly the Happy Family AA Father, thrift shop rescue) is wearing the Patrick Dempsey suit from that movie that was partially animated that he was in - I forgot the name of it, sorry. He has a Ken shield, sword, and crown because he’s a prince who wants to slay a dragon. Shakira, who was rebodied onto a MTM, is wearing a cheap Barbie dress and a tiara, as she is a princess who is protecting the little dragon. The dragon is actually a “finger puppet” - I think it came with a Curious George keychain/playset thing. 

Side note - the club has a lot of members who are way more into super expensive dolls so my contributions to the theme dolls are often overlooked and/or ignored LOL So now I go out of my way to bring playline Barbie type dolls just to give them something to roll their eyes at LOL

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Paul Bernardo’s analysis of a psychopath in A Mad World Order

“…he was probably often humorous and entertaining, but inside though he was a cold-blooded killer, and miscreant who was ready to use violence anytime it served his purpose. He and his thugs saw murder as no more than a occupational necessity. He would kill with impunity, and unless he had been intentionally crossed by someone, it was always completely unemotional and strictly business. Mason knew every psychopath had rationalization for his behaviour, and that made it right to them.”

-Bernardo, Paul. A MAD World Order. N.P., 2015.