barbie fairytale

#316: “Sometimes I’m afraid to say A Fashion Fairytale is actually one of my favorite Barbie movies, because I know a lot of people hate it. I just can’t help it; I like Marie-Alecia and Aunt Millicent and I even like the flairies. It’s also one of the only Barbie movies to actually feature Ken and I like their romantic moment in the climax. The movie also inspired me to pursue my own career in fashion and design, something that I thought about giving up for a while.”

- anonymous


I officially have the bestest friend in the world! Thank you so much @thelittlegogo 😍😘❤️ this CD has been on my wish list for months 😄 it has all the soundtracks from The princess and the pauper, the Nutcracker, swan lake and rapunzel and it comes with a little leaflet full of these beautiful artworks 😍 i love them so much💜 thank you so much my love for being one of the most amazing, selfless, caring and loving people I’ve ever met 💗

Why does everyone compare being beautiful to Barbie? Have you even been paying attention to Barbie? She’s a doctor, an astronaut, an athlete, an actress, and a hundred other things. She’s the perfect representation of kindness, loyalty, patience, and grace (not to mention courage). Who cares if she’s blonde? I want somebody to tell me I’m as smart or as good as Barbie.

Sometimes I feel like the Flairies in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.

You know, the Flairies make the dresses all sparkley and pretty after the original design is done? Well, they only can do the magic™ when they’re inspired by the design and if they aren’t inspired, the magic is unstable and it gets gross.

That’s how I feel when writing. It’s really hard to write when you’re not inspired: or else it could end up how Jacqueline’s dress did when she forced the Flairies to put the magic on her uninspiring dresses.

If you write when you aren’t inspired, it could turn out to be a gross writing and you won’t be pleased with it.

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