barbie devil

Barby girl.. you’re mine pt.3

Jungkook x reader “lead pairing”

“other members will join too”

Genre : angst /smut/ fluffy

summary: you’re a seed from an English mother and a Korean father you spent more than half your age in England when you see yourself returned to Korea where you find your self in a guy’s arm who seems rough that gonna change your life better or worse that you’re not sure about……..

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 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 epilogue


your heart was in his way to leave your chest from funk and your reaction can’t be hidden because hana’s eyes were watching you

“hhhhh what!! “ you yelled

“Why you look surprising !? i really mean it, she snorted because she was tired you can see her red eyes 

“But i barely know him and he as well ,how could he like me no way..”  
I saw him dance with you and both of you are suitable to each other 

“Hhhhh so because we had a short dance he will have a crush on me! come on ‘ HaNa’ for the god’s sake, try to sleep you’re hallucinate right now get out  this fucking idea.. she fidget "i’m exhausted y/N  and i ’m afraid 
you restricted the distance between both of you and opened up your arms so she finally finds some peace there because all what she needed  was appeasing her feelings “ don’t leave y/N stay here with me please 

”i’ll do i will take care of you please try to have some sleep you look horrible ,any way why you’re living here alone ?? you said with astonished tongue  “I’m not alone ‘Nayoung’ lives with me but she went back to Busan to visit her parents she’s a good friend too

 “i thought you were living with your parents”

” nah,noway i can’t our home is nice but i want to feel free so my father bought for me this apartment it’s quiet big and modern but as i can’t handle to live alone” Nayoung” accrosed my way and we become close friends that’s how it went 

anyway why you don’t join us too? “ she said 

“ here”

“yeah you said you hated your family castle and you didn’t want to live alone in your apartment so let’s live here the 3 of us  believe me it’s the best situation to be in come on y/N  “ she was insisting in a ducky way made your lips grin

”okaaay we will see later go to sleep now aaah , take this medicine taehyung said that it will help to sleep i will be here if you need something”

“he said he’s a doctor” you noddes you head to confirm that “ yeah he told me before he’s an internal doctor now 

Jang hana was so quiet now so  you took your phone and started a conversation with your mom you told her how bad is life far from her lap then  you went  downward and clean the miss where your friend were bleeding you felt sorry for her it’s really horrible 

2 days later , you were standing in your new big room in Ha Na’s apartment arranging your belongings ,she really ordered to decorate the room and made it feminine and comfortable as it used to be your own she was able to do anything to push you to live there but it’s a relief because your father will not complaint any more  when you were arranging some leather jacket your eyes

dropped into a big one that definitely doesn’t belong to you  “no way this jungkook’s  jacket maybe the maid in the hotel put it in the wardrobe so you really forget to give it back well your mind started cunning that could be a good reason to see him such a devil 

“oh barby “ the husky voice replied from the other side

“ taehuyng i’m not a child anymore to say this to me stop it “ 

“hhhhhh i won’t i definitely won’t, expect if you will call me ‘oppa’ you actually used banmal when you talk to me 

“hhhh oh sorry haraboji teahyung i won’t again”

“come on i’m not that old you brat girl , anyway how have you been ??

“i’m ok i just want you to tell me where could i find jungkook”

“well,he’s actually busy this part of the day but you can find him certainly in the company”

the drive was a little bit stressful because of the traffic jam 

your cologne’s smell found her way to cover all your lungs and your stylished hair was really matching well with the light jeans and leather jacket

“when you arrived you took the bag where you put his jacket and headed to ask where you could find him 

“the beautiful secretary took the side phone to ask for permission to let you go in his office “ Mr jeon there is a lady called y/N she said she come to meet you can i let her in?.. ok sir

“sorry Miss he’s actually so busy with the schedules so he can not see  you   

you felt a hole in your chest and you couldn’t hide your angry surprised eyes “it’s ok take this bag i’m actually here to get it back “

you left the damn place tears in eyes but you didn’t want to cry how the fuck could he do that! who thought his self is to insult you -_-

you drove your car unwise towards your company to meet your cousin ‘hoseok’ and your father they said there was a meeting that you should join 

the hours were teasing you as they barely move in time you feel nervous and your chest was aching 

“are you okay” hoseok sweet voice worriedly asked you 

“yeah “

“so focus please it’s an important tender 

finally the meet turned to finish when 2 men were walking with your father awards you “ y/N come here darling “

“this my daughter y/N 

you bowed to greet them “i’m y/N nice to meet you 

“ i hope you can be a good child for your father as well as my son is for me hhh” the charismatic man said his face was familiar but where did you see it ! ,fuck it this bad memory you had 

when you came home you had some ordered food with “Hana” and went upstairs to your room trying to sleep but it seemed impossible 

the phone cut your flood of thoughts “ ah oppa hhh what’s up”

ewww you really surprising me every single day you finally said oppa hhhh well  i’m okay i’m passing near of your apartment so i thought if can i  pass to see you quickly

“of course you can any time “

he actually dying to see’ Ha na not you and you find it so funny knowing this  

you put your hot drink on the table to pull the little blanket and cover your thighs from the chilly breeze, you were sitting in the balcony and watching the beautiful sky actually you could not see the hidden stars but it stills calm and dreamy for you 

“what are you doing there in this bad weather? “

“the voice.. oh no how come!

your head turned to make your eyes dropped into the young man ones

“what are you doing here jungkook.!?” you murmured as you stand up letting the blanket takes her way to fall dawn and uncover you legs 

“i’m here to say sorry because i really feel it he walked to kill the damn distance between you and grabbed you to cuddle him his arms was so tender but strongly rough too”

you suddenly went back to reality and pushed him away “what the fuck are you doing “jungkook” your eyes were widely opened to gaze him he seemed so tired and his eyes were shriveled “i’m saying sorry because i was so fucking busy this morning to meet you believe me i didn’t mean to do that “

“ i came to give you back your jacket because i found some shit of papers and notes and i thought you maybe need it so i came  and it’s ok i really don’t mind if i didn’t see y……. his wet lips are suddenly pushing in yours that definitely he didn’t hear the last words, he kissed and pressed his lips to rub yours gently his soft action made you kissing him back it was so soft and needy your core was aching because of the warm lips jungkook had, when you suddenly waking up and smacked him letting your fingers tick so clear in his milky skin 

“get out of my room “ you were a shiver  mess, how can he do that!! no no why did you kiss him he didn’t forced you anyway??

after few minutes you decided to go downstairs where’ taehyung’ and Ha na are softly talking and laughing it seemed they didn’t notice any thing, jungkook left  immediately because you heard him talking to taehyung before going out  

Ha Na was the first to remark you coming while “taehyung” was burning focus with her 

“does jungkook leave you try to ask as you don’t know?

“ yeah he’s busy actually he was with me when i called you so he came to see you he said he had something to discuss with you.. 

“ oh yeah it’s okay now you smiled softly trying to avoid HaNa’s “ eyes 

i’ll be in my room guys i have a class tomorrow so i have to sleep enjoy your evening “HaNa don’t hesitate to give him some beers you winked her”

“ oh yeah i’m in my way to bring some bottles “

“sounds good he smirked 

the night was completely dark you covered all your body even your head under the heavy blanket trying to hide from ‘jungkook’s eyes” and you licked your lips countless time trying to taste again jungkook ‘s touch he’s becoming a dangerous man for you; 

a week later ‘hoseok’ will celebrate his 20 birthday so you were so busy with him to prepare for the party which exactly will be on the quite hall of your family villa 

these kind of parties were not only to enjoy  and have a good time many businessman will be there their wives and daughters where every single female will try to catch other’s attention by her style and jewelry, here people meet other people, here new tenders begin and be continued in the big companies  thousands of billions interchanged between them in a half of the second all this goddamn story you know muffled your breath and make it heavy to inhale,,  the evening comes so fast so you’re in your way to the party 

the car stopped and you get out you were really a pretty women your midnight blue dress swaying with your hips when you walked the stars line tatto  were hardly shown up from the limpid fabric as also you were styling your hair the way that your ear-drop was shining, your grandparents were speaking to some guests that of course you don’t know them when your father called you to join him   he lets you meet many new faces that gazed you with choked surprised pleased look because you were so fucking pretty 

“ah mr jeon how are you glad to have you here”

“oh hi little daughter thank you hhhh  you can call me ‘ahjussi’, kim junpiyo’ your daughter is very cute and disciplined

he said to your father next of you

“ oh son, come here let me introduce you to Mr kim’s beautiful daughter

your body rushed suddenly with the highest temperature it could ever reach 

“ oh hi i’m jeon jungkook” it’s an honor miss 

“ oh likewise, i’m y/N; both of you certainly can be nominated to win  the best couple act award this year for this scene no body can notice that you know each other before

jungkook was here in front of you with his bunny smile,cute face and high size even he looked tired 

your eyes connected and immediately came to mind the sweet kiss you shared with him in your room, your father saved you and leads the way next of you to continue what he had to do a while ago when finally you stop to catch your breath and have some drinks’ hosoek’ was walking around with a beautiful girl ;his fiance; so you can’t go hide into him 

you sipped some drinks when a hand suddenly take a way to touch your back exactly your spine’s tatto he rubbed your back secretly  and rest holding your waist he dropped his head to whisper in your ear you’re so beautiful tonight 

“thank you as his next of you ;you take the chance to examine him with your eyes his tuxedo was fucking suiting him and his hair style teased you as you wanted to put your fingers in between and stoned it 

“would you mind to join me in this dance “ he softly said 

you shrugged why not”

last time when i asked you to dance with me it was you who said sorry 

it’s my turn now to say sorry “i’m really sorry for last time i didn’t know what happen i just felt the need to kiss you 

“it’s ok shits happen i don’t care too much  it was just a kiss”

his brow lightly raised “oh really !he smirked made you try to avoid his gaze that burned all your face made you blushed and felt your body sweat under your dress

he held your waist and pushed you to stick with his chest the lights were so dim to see clearly his expression the dance was smooth and so damn mellow you really enjoyed it and try to calm your heart beat because it was fucking increasing ‘jungkook’ noticed your shyness and found it enjoyable the twitch of his lips explain every thing 

“why you did not tell me before that you’re Mr kim’s daughter ??”

“why shall i do i barely new you and we didn’t talk about it before”

“hhhh oh yeah i see he nodded his head the way it was so damn close to meet your own when out of blue the lights turned on  hoseok’s fiancé crossed the big hall making her way with some others friends towards him who was standing with his funny surprising look she was holding a cake and all of them singing to him , you and jungkook closed the distance to join them “oh deabak deabak thank you guys  aigo” 

“ come on oppa wish some thing and snuff out the candles bully ‘quickly)”the sweet girl demanded approaching the cake to him

he kissed her quickly and softly making all the others screamed out and yelled as they felt teased because they really was a cute couple even jungkook was enjoying this 

hereafter,you joined your grandparents and sit with them the next coming part of the party just to be far from jungkook his presence made you shiver and nervous for unknown reasons 

the party turns to end up and many guests find their way back home

you did not see’ jungkook’ and his father from a while even you did not notice their departure all your flood of thoughts  broke off when you gazed hoseok hurrying up towards one of the guests room you followed him quickly to see what’s going on when you saw Mr Jeon ‘ laying on the big coach beside the big vintage mirror where jungkook’s face reflected looking horrible he was bending his back to check his father situation so hoseok was in his way to call the doctor your father was near to jungkook who didn’t even notice your presence when you approached to your father” what’s going on dad is he okay??” 

“ oh he’s a little bit tired because of his illness so we leads him here to take a rest  “your father finish explainig to you and changed his sight to jungkook the worried young man “ don’t worry jungkook he’ll be ok “

“he don’t fucking listen to me when i advice him countless time to take his medecine” he snarled 

the doctor said that he shouldn’t leave the bed for a while because he’s so tired actually he knows that he had to rest but he don’t listen to the doctor or his family and that’s how it ends up 

your father refused that he went back to his house and try to convince jungkook to let him resting there and invited him to to stay with him 

the house maid prepared every thing for them and the nurse finished putting him the serum now he’s condition is stable jungkook were in the corner talking with the doctor you got out the room  with your father it was 1:00 am and all of you were in the side hall “ y/N it’s too late now to go back just stay here tonight “

you will refuse if it’s  not the same condition but jungkook is here now so you nod your head in agreement but when you think about sleeping here you feel sick and afraid

your room is completely the same the beige and move colors the velvet blanket your queen bed and every single toy you played with when you were a child all are here you remembered how you were so happy with your mother and then you knit your brows as you remembered as well the horrible nightmares you used to see  

‘jungkook’ was in the next room but you didn’t know he as well 

you went to bed and as you were exhausted you directly passed out an hour later  your body was sweating under the pressure of the nightmare you’re seeing when suddenly you yelled in furious and frighten 

you barely recognize jungkook’s face jumping in the middle of your bed 

“are you ok what’s happen “ he said trying to calm you down “

“ i …mom she was dying i .saw her bleeding oh no i hate this place i really do  you covered your face in a hideous crying    “

“shhhhh it’s a fucking nightmare don’t worry babe i’m here now he snatched your body and cover your back by his arms and put your face on his shoulder

trying to  reassure you “i’m here now his lap was like your mother’s one but you feel something different his hand that fondled your hair make you melt you wished you can kiss him now because his lips were so damn close to your neck as he didn’t stop assure you whispering in your ears that every thing gonna be okay 

“i’m sorry for bothering you “jungkook “

“ i was in the next room actually i couldn’t sleep that’s why i was able to hear you yelling”

“oh actually my room is far from my cousin’s and father’s rooms “

“hhh i don’t think hoseok now can hear you i swear his a deep sleep after fucking his girlfriend “

“shut up hhh you joined him laughing they are so cute together “ 

“do you believe in relation ship?? his question drives you to take off your head to gaze him “yeah i do you don’t ??

“ i don’t have time to do this actually i was forced to join the company in an early age 5 years ago when i was 18 my father’s health condition was so decreasing so i found my self on the top of the responsibility  so i didn’t have much time to this things i will be a bad partner if i did 

you felt your heart saying ‘good bye life i’m gone ‘ it really hurts inside you bit your lips and replied him “yeah i can understand your situation jungkook”

“come on try to go back to sleep i’ll be here until you sleep  trust me it’s ok now “

“i don’t want to sleep anymore “

jungkook suddenly hovered around you and pushed your head to fall in the pillow and laid in the other side of the bed i said i’ll be here so try to sleep you turned on your right side to face him both of you laid on the big bed  in a deep silence jungkook eyes reassure you “try to sleep y/N before i change my mind and do some stupid affair …..

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