barbie and kellie

“Though you may not know where your gifts may lead
And it may not show at the start
When you live your dream you’ll find destiny
Is written in your heart.”

Working on a project based around my favourite movies of all time, and Barbie Princess and the Pauper is pretty high on my list.

Rant about divas and the diva era ahead...

Yesss @ K2, Eve and Maryse dragging WWE for their treatment of the divas era. I’m so tired with WWE acting as if Stephanie McMahon and the four horsewomen invented women’s wrestling in 2014, when before that every girl was treated like crap, never reiceved a proper training as a wrestler (Thank God for Sara Del Rey), was given 5 minutes entrance included and couldn’t even try to put on a decent match or they would get yelled at (see Michelle McCool). But at the time women empowerment was not cool so no one was fighting for them. (Just Jericho, because he’s awesome)

That’s why it bothers me when Sasha Banks or Charlotte talk about the struggle of bikini contests, bra and panties matches and being the bathroom break. Girls, you never had to go through that, you were lucky to be in an era where you are given a chance to showcase your talent and prove how good you really are. It makes me so mad when today’s fan just dismiss the past era because lol modelzz butterfly belt !!!!

Is it Alicia’s fault she had to hold a butterfly shaped belt? Is Natalya’s? Maryse’s? Kelly’s? Brie’s? AJ’s? No. So why do people have to just downplay their era and completely erase their legacy with the whole bullshit narrative “women’s wrestling stopped exsting after Trish&Lita, after that the Bellas just wrestled themselves until the great Stephanie McMahon gave birth to Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley, inventing being good at wrestling.” And with this I’m not attacking the horsewomen or the current girls, they are all super talent and deserve the praise they get, but why completely dismiss an entire generation of women who had to fight hard and hopelessly behind the scene to hype the current era?? They are good enough to create their own hype and gain the fan support without the fake pr revolution and all the “HISTORIC!!!!!!!!” thrown at them.

That’s why I couldn’t get behind that documentary they made last year or really complain about today’s booking. Yes, most of the times it sucks and they are treated like a joke, but at least they get something in return. (Except for Bayley, that truly was bad however you want to look at it) Melina, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Layla, Michelle McCool, AJ Lee, Jillian Hall, Brie and Nikki Bella and every other girl who was unlucky enough to wrestle in the wrong era doesn’t deserve to be erased or bashed just because they were divas. So think about it before shitting on the diva era.

Kelly Kelly did not get hit with a kendo stick when she was 19 to be disrespected like that! (And she defended the heavyweight championship, don’t forget that since we are talking historic things! When will the others???)

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