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Ziggy Marshall, magician!

I had a Mattel Fashionista Zigzag Curvy hanging around, the cool WOC with half cornrows and half rooted blond curls. I also recently acquired a Wolf King Female Joker, mostly for her cool clothes, a reinterpretation of the Joker’s from Batman Begins. The two-tone hair on the accompanying sculpt put me in mind of Zigzag, whose head I liked more. I decided to make a person cosplaying the Joker.

Of course, that’s where my idea started, but Ziggy took it in her own direction. At first I thought I could pop her head on the Wolf King body and just paint the neck to match, then hide the rest with clothes. Well, it turns out that paint don’t stick to those #%&%@$ squishy bust bodies, so I hacked off the Curvy’s bust. I removed the arms and reamed out the inside of the bust with my Dremel, then glued it over the Wolf King framework. Then I had only to cover everything else up with clothes, which I did. Ziggy’s pink socks prompted me to keep her BRIGHT PINK lips and then add some more pink in the form of the hair covering her original rooting area.

Anyway, folks, here’s Ziggy Marshall, the Maestra of Mystery, the Magical Master…Maestro of Mistress… Fuck it. The title is still a work in progress, apparently. Anyway, she’s a stage magician. She can juggle pretty well, but her specialty is scrying, which is cold reading with an acrylic juggling ball as a prop.

Steven Universe is a goldmine of wasted toy potential, tbh.

When I started watching SU my first thought aside from “this show is so friggin’ cute” was “these characters would make AWESOME action figures!” So you can imagine my disappointment when the toy landscape turned out to be a desert with Funko Pops in the place of tumbleweed.

There are so, so many possibilities, though. Just for starters, imagine the accessories! Peridot could have detachable limb enhancers and a tablet and a bunch of metal doohickeys. Malachite could have a gaggle of tiny watermelon people to terrorize. BISMUTH COULD COME WITH A FORGE PLAYSET.

What about transformable gems? The success of the Transformers franchise has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that people love toys that can be turned into other toys, and this is a show full of characters that can canonically shapeshift! What about an Amethyst action figure that you can turn into a cat?

Oh yeah, and while we’re on the topic of Transformers; SU Combiners could be a thing too.

^ This is a giant action figure made by sticking together five smaller action figures. How about a Ruby+Sapphire 2-pack where you can transform and combine them to make Garnet? Its not totally unfeasible is what I’m saying.

And that’s just action figures. The fashion doll market need not be neglected either! Do you prefer Amethyst’s original season 1 outfit or her current outfit? Lucky for you, Amethyst doll comes with both options. Don’t forget the Purple Puma fashion pack! There could be so many fashion packs, you guys. Maybe you want your Pearl doll to wear her spacesuit from “Space Race” today, or that snazzy tuxedo from “Mr. Greg” or the baseball uniform from “Hit the Diamond” or, wait, what about a full “Hit the Diamond” set featuring Steven, “Earl,” “Amy,” “Bob,” and “Sophie” in their baseball outfits? It can be done. It has been done. Behold; the Monster High School Spirit and Fearleading 3-packs.

Hey, remember those Barbies with the Magic Colour Changing Hair? You see where I’m going with this, right?

Magic Colour Changing Cotton Candy Garnet Barbie please and thank you.

Speaking of hair, who else wants to brush Jasper’s glorious mane?

That’s right; it’s Amazonian Warrior Meets Totally Hair Barbie.

Crewniverse, if you’re reading this, please keep in mind that if any of the above were ever made reality I would be like:

It’s bullshit that teens and adults aren’t allowed to play. 

 I have a younger sister, so I continued to play make believe games longer than most of my peers. Eventually, around middle school, I noticed that the other kids around me were no longer playing with dolls and stuffed animals. “Oh.” I thought. “I guess I should stop doing that too.”

 But the desire to create, to imagine, to act out stories, that never goes away. Sure, maybe some adults can get away with fulfilling that desire by going to the renaissance faire or playing Dungeons and Dragons. But even those activities are ridiculed, and it certainly isn’t acceptable for a grownup to enjoy playing with barbies or action figures or make a spaceship out of a refrigerator box.

 Adulthood restricts the playfulness in all of us. Granted, it certainly isn’t unheard of for adults to play video games, or for men to graduate from collecting matchbox cars to repairing real ones. But no adults can play as freely and unashamedly as they did as children, even in their limited free time. And women? We’re expected to stop playing dress-up as witches and queens and instead learn to do our contour. We trade in playing tag and climbing the monkey bars for running on the treadmill at the gym. Adults aren’t barred from fun, of course, but we are expected to only enjoy certain types of entertainment, often media based or involving alcohol.

 I know for a fact that the stories I created as a little girl were practice for the writing I do today. But sometimes the words alone just aren’t enough. I want to get out my Playmobiles and build a world of intrigue and betrayal, make the yard a battlefield where I fight invisible foes, even just run through the sprinkler with my friends again. And I’m not just talking about age regression here—the games I would play with my American girl dolls and plastic animals would be much grittier and complex than anything a child could come up with. I just want playing with toys to stop being shameful for adults, even teenagers who aren’t so very far from their childhood years. We encourage creativity and innovation in science, in art, in writing, why condemn it when it brings nothing but personal enjoyment?

 My mom, who just turned 50, told me recently that she doesn’t yet feel like a grown up. I don’t either, but yet I am expected to leave behind my childish wonder and silliness behind just because I have to pay car insurance and college fees. It makes me sad.

#124: “Hilary Duff would be a much better choice for the role of Barbie. Unlike Schumer, Duff is beautiful inside and out, talented, intelligent and a great role-model for girls all over the world. I don’t think Sony is aware that Barbie’s public is not the same as the Trainwreck fans and that this movie will very likely be a huge flop. Mattel should step up and not allow this project to go any further for the sake of Barbie’s legacy.”

- anonymous

I distinctly remember as a child i’d drag my brother into playing dolls with me. My barbies would marry his action men and then they’d like have dramatic action hero type marriages with guns and a tiger. Pretty sure my barbie killed some of the other barbies and bratz dolls when I was a kid. It was like Mr and Mrs Smith or something. 

When I was younger my brothers and sisters convinced me that I was adopted and that my real father and mother was Barbie and action man. So when ever they would try and send me to bed I would scream “your not my real mammy and daddy Barbie and action men are” Just remember this next time you feel like your adopted.


1:6 scale version of Michelle Gomez as Missy in progress

I started this project because @natalunasans gave me the Curvy Barbie [Spring into Style Fashionista] in question, who had the perfect cheeks and jaw for Michelle Gomez. This repaint is done with spit, Prismacolor pencils, and acrylic paint, sealed with matte varnish.

First picture shows Missy’s current state. Second picture shows default Spring Into Style. Third picture shows in-progress shot.

Michelle Gomez has a very distinctive face, with weaponized cheekbones and a lower lip that’s significantly more visible than her upper, so even an approximate likeness is recognizable, I think. Appropriate hair and clothes will increase the likeness. In translation, I may weather her face more, but the likeness is about 75-80% there, which is good enough for me.


1:6th Scale Barbie Toy Store Diorama - Mattel Toy Store Play Set, Basic Fun Key Chains, Polly Pocket Bluebird houses, Hallmark Ornaments, Micro Action  Figures, Playskool, Little Tikes, and Fisher Price dollhouse replica toys, mini Barbies, Capsule toys, Re-ment Strawberry, tiny Lego-like blocks from Michael’s Crafts, a 1:144th Garfield my friend made for me, and a Tupperware Key Chain. Feel free to ask about anything I didn’t list. The background is paper covered foam core. The Lundby miniature replica is one that I made. A real children’s store called “Twilo” was my inspiration for the tree and owls design elements. I have been collecting miniature toys for several years, and I thought it would be fun to do a store scene where I could put most of them together in one place. 

Bonding 4

Warnings: Fluffyness
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sister
Summary: Castiel takes care of you for a day and you two bond.
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 999 (well then)

Y/N: Your Name
POV: Point Of View

A/N: So I just threw this together cause I’m really busy! This is a series I’m doing on how I think the SPN characters would bond with a 6 years old Winchester Sister! Enjoy!

Bonding 1Bonding 2, Bonding 3

You were in your room playing with your toys. “Y/N!” you heard Sam call you. You got up and ran to the library, you walked up the steps to see your brothers, Sam and Dean, along with Uncle Cas. 

You haven’t seen Uncle Cas in a while so it was quite a surprise seeing him, but a good surprise. “Unky Cas!” you yelled as you ran to Uncle Cas, who picked you up and gave you a hug, which you gladly returned. Cas then rested you on his hip, “What’re you doin’ here, Unky Cas?” you asked. 

“Well, young one. Sam and Dean have to go out for their special job. So while they’re gone, I will be looking after you.” Cas explained. 

“Yay!” you shouted, hugging Cas once again.

“Alright, kiddo. We’re heading out,” Dean said. 

You reached out your arms while making a grabbing motion with your hands, Dean got the message and took you from Cas. You hugged your brother and Dean gave you a kiss on the head, he then handed you over the Sam. You hugged Sam and he also gave you a kiss on the head, “Love you, Bug.” Sam said. 

“Love you, too!” you replied while being handed back over to Cas. Sam and Dean both waved goodbye and walked out the bunker door.

“Well, little one. What would you like to do?” Cas asked. Your face lit up as you scrambled out of his arms. Cas put you down and you told him to wait where he was, which he did. You ran down the halls of the bunker, and into your room. You grabbed a bunch of, barbies, action figures, army men, and other objects.

You ran back into the library where Cas was waiting patiently, your arms were overflowing with toys. You then dropped all your toys in front of Cas, “We can play!” you said while sitting down and setting a few things upright. Cas smiled and sat down on the floor with you.

“Well, I think this one would look fabulous,” Cas said in a high-pitched voice while moving the Barbie doll. 

“No, it wouldn’t! You should wear this one!” you replied moving your action figure which had a shirt in its hand. 

You and Cas went back and forth playing with your toys until your stomach rumbled. “Unky Cas?” you said whilst looking up at him. 

“Yes, child?” Cas responded with a concerned look. 

“I’m hungry,” you told him, getting a little crabby. 

Cas chuckled and got up while grabbing your hand, he led you to the kitchen and picked you up, and sat you on the counter top. “What are you hungry for?” Cas asked while looking in the fridge. 

“I dunno,”

Cas paused for a minute, it looked like he was in deep thought, you just stared at him. “Humans like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Would you like one?” Cas asked. 

“Yes, please!” you responded.

Cas got out the bread, peanut butter and jelly, he also got out a spoon and butter knife. Cas was about to start but then paused. “What’s wrong Unky Cas?” you asked. Cas didn’t respond, he just told you to wait where you were and he walked out of the room. Unfortunately, Cas walked too far away for you to hear.

…Cas’ POV…

“Dean, I don’t know how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Cas said, concern laced in his voice, Dean chuckled on the other end. 

“Cas, you put jelly on one piece of bread and peanut butter on the other, then put them together. It’s not rocket science!” Dean started laughing harder. 

“T-that’s it?” Cas asked, confused. 

“Yeah, Cas, that’s it. I’m pretty sure Y/N would’ve been able to tell you that!” Dean said in between laughs, Cas stayed quite. “Is that it, Cas?” Dean asked, finally calmed down. 

“Yes. Goodbye, Dean.” Cas replied, Dean just hung up.

…Your POV…

Cas entered the room, “Okay, you still want a sandwich?” Cas asked. You nodded. Luckily, Cas was able to make it without any problems.

After you ate, you got pretty tired, “Unky Cas? Can we watch a movie?” you asked with your puppy dog eyes you’ve inherited from Sam. 

“Sure, what would you like to watch?” Cas asked while picking you up and setting you on his hip, Cas then made his way to the room that your brothers converted into a living room. 

You thought about Cas’ question for a moment before answering, “Up!” 

Cas looked at you funny, “I-I don’t understand. Why would you want to go up?” Cas asked.

You started laughing, “No, Unky Cas! ‘Up!’ is a movie,” you respond with a smile. 

“Oh, that is an odd name for a movie,” Cas said mostly to himself but you heard, you just giggled.

Cas found the movie and you both sat on the couch, you then scooted closer to Cas and he wrapped an arm around your small frame. You rested your head on his chest and before you knew it, you were fast asleep. Cas smiled when he saw you sleeping.

After the movie was done Cas didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want to wake you so he just sat there. Cas’ eyes then got heavy, and soon he fell asleep.

Sam and Dean finally got back and went looking for you both, they walked into the living room where you two were at, and smiles made their way onto their faces. “Aww, aren’t they adorable?” Dean commented, Sam chuckled before snapping a picture on his phone.

“How’d he even fall asleep? I mean he is an Angel… I thought they didn’t need sleep.” Sam pointed out. 

Dean looked just as confused as Sam. “Don’t question it, little brother.” Dean replied while patting Sam on the shoulder before heading to his room.

Sam walked over to you both and laid a blanket on top of you, he took one last picture then made his way to his room.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

D’aww, this is the face of an old, cherished friend right here! She was my very favorite Barbie back in the day and she was lost in a move ages ago. I still think about her from time to time and really wish I could find her again! ♥

anonymous asked:

Hey doopie! Can you give me advice/reference on drawing the female form? (A.K.A. how do you do it?)

Today we will be learning about the female anatomy (anime edition because, damn, look at the size of that head). Well, this is how I draw it, at least!

FIGURE 1.) As you can see, this is how I would normally draw the female body. For females, as opposed to males, the shoulders would be much shorter, and the torso doesn’t always take an hourglass shape, however, I absolutely love hourglass shapes so that’s normally what I draw. You can always make them as boxy or as chubby as you like! All body types are different. As for the hips, I tend to make them round, cartoonish, and wide. I usually draw the legs longer than the torso. But if the figure alone seems too complicated for you, let’s break it down, shall we?
FIGURE 2.) Here I broke down the anatomy into shapes. This helps me a LOT sometimes when I’m having trouble drawing the body. You can always add more shapes if it seems too complicated, or less! There’s no right or wrong way to do it, honestly, just follow the basics. You can always add ovals on the thighs, knees, calves, shoulders, whatever makes it easier for you. Shapes will definitely help keep things proportionate.
FIGURE 3.) Speaking of proportions, let’s study the figure some more. The dotted lines indicate the basic anatomy of the character and where the proportions parallel with one another. This will keep your work symmetrical! I typically draw the hips as wide as the shoulders. The armpits/breasts should start where the shoulder begins. If you don’t know where the shoulder should begins, put on a tank top and look in the mirror (or imagine your character wearing a tank top). See where the outer curve of the tank top follows your shoulder? That’s where the arm would start. This also works with the seam of a fitting t-shirt, and that’s typically where the armpit tucks. MINDBLOWING RIGHT? The elbows always stop at the waist, and the wrist at the widest part of the hips. The fingers normally end mid-thigh. There used to be a rule at school where if your skirt didn’t pass your fingertips, it was too short. I like to use that as a guide for how long the arms should be!
FIGURE 4.) Flaunt those curves, gurl. The male anatomy tends to be much more boxy than the female, so a lot of artists that are used to drawing guys seem to have trouble with the female shape. Here I drew arrows to indicate those beautiful curves. As you can see, the shoulders point downwards, female shoulders tend to be less broad than the males. A curve that both genders have is the inner elbow. People tend to forget this shape, and sometimes it’s 100% okay to not draw this in cartoons and such. But I personally always draw the curves of the inner elbows. The waist, I love to take on an hourglass shape. It’s super fun to draw, maybe I got addicted to it thanks to Sailor Moon, I don’t know, but hourglasses are fun. Explore your options, there are a LOT! And of course you have the legs, which, are really tricky to be honest. Imagine them as really soft, sideways M’s. The inner legs, tend to be less curves! Try to keep them more straight, but not too straight! and the knees bring those legs together so throw some knees on there! Unlike me. I sometimes forget the knees. Whoops.

Side views. The bane of my existence (and a lot of other artists’). Side views are difficult and I have the most trouble on them. You can probably tell that mine aren’t perfect, but we’re gonna discuss anyway!
FIGURE 1.) Here I’m comparing the side view to the forward-facing view. I like to keep the neck as the center. As long as the neck is in the same spot, the body will be centered properly as well. I typically keep the waist/midriff the same size. That isn’t always true, however. Sometimes the stomach is bigger sideways, or smaller. Keep that in mind!. As for the feet, I used the heels as another center. That may be why she looks “shorter” but remember guys, perspective. Imagine her turning to the side.
FIGURE 2.) Break her down into shapes, again! Make sure that you bring the thigh into the hip. I like to imagine barbie dolls or action figures and how they’re jointed. Same with the shoulders. This will help a lot while you draw!
FIGURE 3.) Let’s test our proportions once more. I typically make the chin in proportion to the back of the neck. Of course, depending on how you want to proportion the jaw, it’s up to you. The back I make symmetrical to the mid-cranium, or the back of the ear. I also make the nose in proportion to the breast (before drawing on some big honkers, no’wah’mean? ;) ) Of course, again, the elbow is proportionate to the waist. The wrist, is still symmetrical to the hip, except this time, you can’t see the hip! Oh no! What are you gonna do? Let me tell you my friend. You see that crotch right there? There’s your hip. Well, no, it’s not your hip, but you know what I mean. ALSO that is also the same spot in which you want to end your curve to the buttocks. You can bring it as far outward as you like (ayye), but all butts curve descend downward. Otherwise it may look unnatural. But hey, if that’s what you’re going for, I won’t judge you! And lastly, the start of the butt, the calve, and the heel, should all be symmetrical as well. This will help your character look as if she’s standing upright. Very important! 
FIGURE 4.) And last but not least, DEM CURVES. Sideways view is very similar. The shoulder still curves downward, that doesn’t change. The breast will curve downwards as well. That “hourglass” shape that was mentioned earlier, keep that in the BACK, but smooth out the front this time. The thighs won’t be as curvy, since they’re facing a different direction, but the back of the calves can be as curvy as you like. Just make sure the front isn’t, as opposed to the thigh, which you can give the front a little more curve. Why? Because the top of the thigh can hold fat and muscle, and the top of the calve is mostly bone. Feel your own thighs. You’re probably your own best reference. And the feet, of course, will curve outwards as feet tend to do. 

I’m sorry this was so long! Hopefully it gave you guys an idea on how I draw my female characters. I didn’t draw boobs on the model because boobs vary in size and shape. That’s a whole ‘nother tutorial, my friend. I understand that these tips vary also, everyone has different styles of art and really, go by your best judgement. As an artist, you are free to experiment and find what YOU personally like. Most of all, try to have fun with it. Try not to treat your work like a tedious school study, because honestly, the best way to improve is to ENJOY yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also if you have any professional advice of your own, feel free to share! I’d love to hear your opinions. 

Now get out there and draw them anime ladies. Take care!


Anna and Elsa Toddlers Camping Pool Party! Barbie Glam Camper Van Mornin…