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Fresh Face: Soft colorful eyes with “POP” lips

Who says you have to wear neutrals with bright lips?

Just keep things soft and luminous, and you can get away with almost any color. 

Here, I’m demonstrating with a soft peachy beige and soft lavender on the lids. I kept the cheeks very luminous and soft (just a radiant pink tinge) and on the lips, I show 2 options that both work with the eye makeup.


Pairing a warmer shade (peach/beige) with a cooler one (soft violet) is a way you can make your eye makeup work with any warm or cool lip color you want.

To prove that, I’ve used 2 lip shades on opposite ends of the warm/cool spectrum!

Products used:

Base: MAC Face and Body Foundation N2

Concealer: Lancome Le Correcteur Pro concealer palette

Powder: RMK Kaleidoscope powder 02

Brows: VDL Festival Brow Pencil in Grey Brown + Canmake Coloring Brow Mascara 01

Peachy-beige shadow: Urban Decay Moonflower

Violet shadow: Urban Decay ACDC

Metallic brown pencil: Urban Decay Corrupt

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black

Soft luminous pink blush: Dior Diorsnow Fresh Cheeks 001 *Asia- and Nordstrom-exclusive

Salmon-coral lips: VDL Festival Lipstick 607 Jared

Matte bubblegum pink: L'oreal Colour Riche Matte in P501 Sakura Petal

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“The second that I saw you, I knew you weren’t the same man that I knew two and a half years ago; I mean, you’ve changed, Dale. You The way you hold yourself, the look in your eyes.That edge you had from Iraq is gone.
Now, I know there’s only one thing that can do that.”

By: thejennire

okay so mattel or target or just stores in utah are racist because I couldn’t find a black barbie that didn’t have brown hair with blonde highlights anyway this is my VERY FIRST EVER repaint of a doll

she started out looking like this

so I remade her to look like Intern Dana c:

This is her work in progress picture, when her hair was curling and I’d redone her face

this actually took two days, one day for hair, one day for the repaint

it’s such an awful picture, she’s way cuter in real life

here is the next day with her hair done

time of day makes a big difference as far as how the pictures turn out because my camera is a piece of nonsense