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Barbie • Reception area

*cue barbie girl music in the background* I can’t believe that I finally finished this plate. I loved the outcome and I hope that other people (esp my prof) would like my design 😭 hoping that my finals plate in colors would get a good grade. But even if this won’t get a high grade, i’ll still love this plate because it’s barbie, and I designed it by heart ❤️


3 exams and 3 more plates to pass 😭

Explaining Barbie Hand
  • Co-instructor: Guys, when we do this arm, we want you to have something called Barbie Hand. The fingers are together with the index and the thumb out slightly. It's called Barbie Hand because, if you've ever seen a Barbie, this is what their hands look like.
  • Male student: And yet another unrealistic expectation for women - having your fingers stuck together.