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Myself (@cherubiks) and @camerupts have started doing a video series where we, two girls, play video games designed for girls, and our first video is out now!

Any reblogs or views on this are super appreciated! Hope you enjoy! :)


We just discovered that Nichelle Nichols, aka Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura and one of the most awesome people around, now has her very own Barbie! The Uhura Star Trek doll was recently released as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

Barbie Uhura is dressed in her original red Federation uniform and comes with a communicator, which she can hold her hand, and a tricorder with a shoulder strap.

And we can all order her here.

[via D.A. Królak]

PSA – “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” exists, and is unintentionally *hilarious*

In 2012, Mattel made a series of animated shorts about Barbie’s life.

In 2016, I saw it pop up on Netflix… saw it was rated two stars… and just had to see what it was like.

I was not disappointed.

It’s full of bizarre…


…inhuman faces.

It’s loaded with inexplicable moments, like-

-good ol’ Ken, with a pint of sherbet, inside a ventilation duct, getting kicked in the head…

…this weird woman getting tangled in wires while suspended over a pit of gigantic shoes…

…and, of course, what Barbie show would be complete without THIS classic scenario?


So, yeah – look it up on Netflix/YouTube, if you enjoy guys prancing in front of a million cardboard cutouts of themselves, or-

-dancing while making this face.

This glorious, glorious face.

You’re welcome, internet.


Behind Bar(bie)s