barbering school

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🌍 - hmmm it’s a tie between cuba and haiti (not to tan on the beaches and shit, but to absorb the culture and get to know and have fun w the locals)
📺 - i don’t watch tv, but martin, a different world, courage the cowardly dog, dbz and it’s a tie between king of the hill and the simpsons
📚 - idk if it’s a career goal, but graduate barber school? my personality will take care of me making paper lol
✏- uhh im a really good writer, i know i don’t showcase it lol, but I scored really high in the region for writing, my teachers thought i plagiarized my essays lol s/o to reading books n shit

I recently needed a new hair stylist so I called a salon and asked for an appointment with someone that can do short/alternative hair. I got paired up with Missy, who is a cosmologist, but wants to go to barber school. She pretty much knows it all. My hair used to be longer on the sides, but the mohawk was the same. I told her to really shorten my sides and she gave me the best fade. I freaking love my hair even more now.