“...Carl, get over here.”

Carl the Animator: “Is it important?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes.”

Carl the Animator: “…more important than opening my new Mr. Meeseeks socks?”

Ted the Animator: Very yes.

Carl the Animator: “Fine, fine, I’m coming.”

Ted the Animator: “Carl, can you explain this?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh. Uhh….”

Ted the Animator: “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s, uh… a glitch in their virtual world that just so happens to make them pop in exactly like when an animator forgets to pay attention to where the edge of the frame begins.”

Ted the Animator: “…and you’re ok with the scene staying this way?”

Carl the Animator: Definitely. The kids at home won’t notice.”

Ted the Animator: “Come on, where’s your sense of pride in your work? The satisfaction of a job well done? The honor inherent to the artistic craft?”

Carl the Animator: “At the moment, it’s tucked away inside my Mr. Meeseeks socks, which I’m gonna go open now.”

Ted the Animator: “This is why the show can’t have nice things.”

1. Shaggy pours out 11 peanuts

2. Peanuts take to the air, multiply into 17

3. Peanuts accelerate, becoming 21 in the process

4. Peanuts, still unsatisfied with their numbers, soar away and become 22, fulfilling their sacred destiny

Oh noes! The gang’s trapped inside a video game!

And because Warner Brothers had zero idea how game development works, the gang has to play through every level to reach the end.

To escape a level, all they have to do is touch the box of Scooby Snacks. Easy!

They get teleported into a Roman colosseum level,

–and… well, I’m not saying that their methods of winning are inefficient, but the gang manages to…

1. Have a chariot race,

2. Get Shaggy caught in a net,

3. Do some bullfighting with a lion,

4. Waste a bunch of time chitchatting while Shaggy’s life is in massive danger,

5. Hatch and execute a plan to lock away the lion,

6. Waste even more time chitchatting while all their lives are in massive danger,

7. Cause a giant dust storm,

8. Go pole vaulting,

9. Impersonate an emperor,

and 10. Nearly get cut in half…

…all because they weren’t willing to walk the 30 feet to go touch the Scooby Snacks that were available, unguarded, literally the entire time.