Bonnie & Clyde: Pretty When You Cry

Bucky x reader AU

Notes: smut, angst (ish), fluff, swearing, mentions of prison sentence, mentions of criminal activity

(Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU)

Lana del Rey - Pretty When You Cry

Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life.

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“m'Sorry, baby girl” he whispered, gently planting a kiss on your temple.

You shook your head, “I liked it, I missed this”

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Dawn - Hotchner [Part Five]

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welcome to part five!  i enjoy this part a lot and i have such big plans coming up!! i am so excited

please enjoy!

word count: 2,069

Monday came quicker than ever, and you were not ready for the upcoming night in the least bit.  It was almost half way through the day, and your stomach was churning horribly.  You sat at your desk, looking through various profiles, and researching them just the same.  When there was no case on deck and no paperwork to be done, you found yourself researching past serial killers and how they were caught for the terrible acts they did.  It made you feel like you were bettering your job.   

Spencer often walked around from this desk across from you and watched you do this as he sat on the edge of your desk, doing paperwork on top of one of his books.  You and Spencer got along well since you both did not mind sitting in silence.  

“So, how did Friday go?”  Spencer asked from across the desks from you wihout looking up.  

You stopped what you were doing for a moment and looked up.  “Better than expected.”  You told him ambiguously with a small smile on your face.  

Spencer perked up.  “You sounded flustered on the phone when you called Friday. It was also decently early still for going out on a Friday night.”  Spencer observed and raised an eyebrow at you.  

A smile grew on your face.  Of course he would notice the details of your night without actually hearing about it.  “That does not mean the night was bad.  Perhaps it is a man who has priorities.”  You offered and smirked lightly.  You were referring to Jack, Aaron’s son, of course.  

“Will you see him again?”  Spencer finally asked with an interested look on his face.  

You nodded and a blush crept on your features.  “I am going to his place for dinner tonight.”  You admitted and smiled widely, trying to hide your excitement and anxiety.  

Spencer smiled and opened his mouth to speak, but JJ’s voice from above the bullpen interrupted them.  “Round table in five!”  She called out to you, Spencer, and Emily, who was farther from you two.  

You sighed lightly.  “Maybe not.”  You said to Spencer and stood, walking towards the conference room.  

Emily fell into step with you, looking tired and exasperated.  “Long night?”  You asked her with a crooked smile on your face.  

Emily nodded and rubbed her eyes lightly, trying not to mess her makeup up.  “Something like that.”  She agreed with a smile.  “What were you and Spencer talking about?  Did I hear mention of a guy?”  She questioned you with a wide smile.  

You shook your head quickly.  “No, of course not.  We were talking about my parents coming into town.”  You lied quickly.  Your parents were not coming anytime soon, at least not until Christmas to see you and your sister, but it was the first thing that came to your mind.  

Emily pouted lightly but nodded.  “I could set you up on a blind date.”  She offered and Spencer smirked at you.  

“No, thanks.”  You cringed and sat at the round table, ignoring Aaron’s presence.  “You have no room to be offering me dates, by the way.  Did you not tell someone at the bar you were married to a Sergio?”  You asked with a small, smug smile on your lips.  

A chuckle came from Emily and David as you settled into the chair, waiting patiently for Derek and JJ to arrive.  “Did everyone have a nice weekend?”  David asked and folded his hands together.  

You nodded absently, and began listening to what everyone else had to say.  Spencer said something about watching a new movie in Russian, which aggravated you slightly because he knew so many more languages than you did.  All you knew was English and French.  Emily was out with friends from Interpol on Saturday and spent the day Sunday with her husband, Sergio, where as Penelope and Derek went to a movie.  David and Ringo watched the game and played poker with his other famous buddies.  You sighed lightly.  You would kill to meet Ringo.  

“What about you, sir?”  Spencer asked Aaron with a smile on his lips.  

Derek came into the room and sat quickly, with JJ in tow.  Aaron glanced up.  “Oh.  Jack and I had a nice weekend at the park.”  He said without even sneaking a glance at you.  

You smirked at this, and waited patiently for Penelope to deliver the case.  “I would say good morning, but this morning is anything but good for this Floridian.”  Penelope began and without turning to the screen, began flipping through.  JJ handed out the profiles, and you looked through yours slowly as Penelope talked on and on.  

“Looks like out gentleman has a particular interest in strangling with barbed wire.”  You murmured as you turned your head to the side, trying to determine what mangled part of the body you were looking at.  

JJ nodded.  “Yes, and tying down our victims with it as well.”  She agreed and glanced at the photo you were looking at.  

Aaron looked up with an annoyed look.  “When was the last murder?” He asked quickly. 

Penelope glanced at her watch.  “About two hours ago.”  She answered quickly and glancced at the screen behind her to be sure it was through with the slides.  

“And the one before that?”  Derek Morgan asked with his eyebrows drawn together in concern.  

“Three days ago and the body was discovered around this time in the morning as well.”  Penelope answered.  

“How many total victims?”  David asked and closed his profile, tired of looking at the pictures.  

Penelope thought for a split second before opening her mouth.  “Four.”

“Why are we just now getting called in?”  Spencer asked and looked up from staring at the police reports.  

JJ frowned lightly.  “It crossed county lines, so there was no connections until the second one in Broward County.  The sheriff then looked into it further and found the two others in Collier and Palm Beach counties.”  She explained and glanced to Aaron.  

He stood and closed his profile.  “Wheels up in thirty minutes.”  He said and immediately, everyone stood and began flooding out.  You fell into pace with Aaron as everyone else went their separate ways and glanced at him.  

“Rain check?”  You asked him quietly. 

“Rain check,” he confirmed and smirked at you as the two of you got to the bottom of the stairs of the bullpen and went your separate ways without another glance.  


You sighed heavily as you dropped your bag off at the hotel the team was staying at.  It was not that you hated Florida, you were just tired of being there for one purpose only: their seemingly limitless lists of serial killers.  

As you got back in the car with Aaron, Derek, and Spencer, you could not wait to get to the police station and begin to build a profile for the serial killer.  You were ready for this case to be over with already.  Barbed wire was not your thing to begin with.  Ever since you were young, your parents always told you to watch for barbed wire in the woods and since then, you had a bad taste in your mouth for it.  

And the vision of the mangled girls in your head made your stomach hurt, as well. 

“(Y/N), when we get to the station begin calling other counties in Florida and tell the to be on the look out for this scenario.  Express to them that they are not to tell the media and only speak to the police chief or the sheriff.”  Aaron ordered without bothering to look in his rear view mirror at you.  You nodded and glanced out of the window, watching the palm trees go by.  

Derek crossed his arms over his chest in the passenger seat.  “This sick man must have a fetish for tying women down.”  Derek offered.  

“And an extensive supply of barber wire.”  Spencer agreed and glanced through the police reports once more. 

Aaron glanced at Spencer.  “Do you see a signature noted in all the police reports?”  He asked.  

You glanced over Spencer’s shoulder, looking at the report he was reading, and cringed at the words.  Sometimes, the job made you hate humanity as a whole, even though you knew that was rather stereotypical.  “Not yet.”  Spencer answered and narrowed his eyes at the paper.  

Aaron nodded as he pulled up to the police station and shit the car off immediately.  Everyone followed out, and walked in a group towards the entrance of the police station.  Upon entering, many eyes turned to your group, surprised to see the feds.  The police chief approached Aaron quickly and shook his hand.  “You must be Aaron Hotchner,” the police chief said in a gruff voice.  “I am Chief Reginald Kinney.  We have a conference room ready with the equipment you requested this way.”  He said and lead you towards a large conference room.  You sighed in content, you loved it when the police stations were competent.  

“Thank you.  This is SSA Derek Morgan, SSA (Y/N) (Y/LN), and Doctor Spencer Reid.”  Aaron introduced the three of you.  The police chief nodded, and you all reciprocated, beginning to get to work.  

The police chief walked off, leaving you to your work.  You took your laptop from your purse and immediately began looking for the other counties in Florida.  “Spencer, (Y/N), stay here and set up.  Derek and I are going to go to the first dump site.”  Aaron said and the two of you nodded solemnly.  

For a good while, both you and Spencer did not say a word to each other as he set the pictures onto the board and went through the boxes of reports on this case.  You called county after county, talking to the police chiefs and the sheriffs if the chiefs were not available.  Once you finished calling the 64 counties that were not involved in the three you were representing now, you sighed and put the phone back in the middle of the table.  

Spencer glanced at you with a small smirk.  “What are you looking at?”  You asked him with a smile growing on your face. 

Your friend raised an eyebrow as you stood, gathering one of the boxes and beginning to shuffle through it for anything interesting.  You took a stack of papers from the box and stood there, scanning over then one by one.  “Rain check?”  He asked you with a curious grin.  

You dropped the papers back onto the box accidently, and they scattered all over the table and onto the floor.  “Spencer!”  You whispered-yelled.  “You were eavesdropping!  How!  You were not even anywhere near us!”  You scolded him and blushed madly as you began gathering the papers into a pile to reorganize.  

Spencer smiled smugly to yourself.  “I was not eavesdropping.”  He said in matter-of-fact tone.  “I have an extraordinary talent of reading lips and you enunciate well, so you are easiest to read.”  He explained and pinned another picture onto the cork board.   

Your cheeks were blazoned red.  “You can not tell anyone, Spencer, I mean it!  This is not even a good idea to begin with, he is my boss and thinking about it makes my head hurts and oh my goodness,” you babbled, but Spencer interrupted you.  

“He makes you happy.”  He observed.  “It does not matter to me as long as it does not interfere with work.”  He told you with a reassuring smile.  “And, of course, your secrets are always safe with me.”

You set the papers onto the table and ran a hand through your hair, so stressed.  “Is it so obvious?”  You asked in the smallest of voices and Spencer chuckled.  

“It is not obvious at all.  If I were not biased now, I would say it is the quite opposite.  You two seem to have a distaste for one another.  That is what I had thought until this morning.”  He told you with a small, sincere smile.  

It felt like he heavy weight on your chest had been lifted all at once.  You took a deep breath.  “Perfect,” you mumbled.  

Spencer smiled.  “Perhaps you could make him a little more nicer.  Not that he isn’t nice, but compassionate.”  Spencer offered with a goofy smile.  

You rolled your eyes.  “No, thank you.  I do not want to interfere with your work.”  You told him with a smile.