barber training


Steve Buscemi roles in the 80’s

1. Nick in Parting Glances (1986) 
2. Johnny in Kiss Me Goodnight Daddy (1987) 
3. Switchblade in Call Me (1988) 
4. Fred in Vibes (1988) 
5. Eddy in Heart of Midnight (1988)
6. Charlie the Barber in Mystery Train (1989) 
7. Wilfredo in Slaves Of New York (1989) 
8. Gregory Stark in New York Stories (1989) 


Every Sunday I some friends and I go to a diner in Williamsburg to eat food and laugh and recover from whatever we got upto on Saturday night.  A few weeks ago I had the bright idea to start stealing some of my friends away after brunch to act as test subjects on my barbering skills.  Today I managed to wrangle three of my friends into following me back to my apartment so I could  freshen them up with some clippers combs and sheers.  I’m going to try and make this a regular thing and if anyone out there in tumblr land is interested in getting there hair cut by me, let me know I’d happily make time to cut a hair or two.

Here are some pictures of Max with his high fade, and the infamous Mike Rubino with his standard executive…. I don't know what happened to max’s shirt, I may have shaved it off in a frenzy.  There is also a picture of my cluttered kitchen setup, it makes me appreciate my booth at school.

The soundtrack for the day was 90’s r&b and other baby making music.