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Hey! I'm ftm and have yet to go on T. Any tips for passing? Like how to present myself more masculinely and overall getting my body to look more like a male's without gaining a lot of weight (gaining weight is a problem for me) Thanks!

A big one could be the way you hold yourself and your gait. Guys tend to walk pretty straight on without a whole lot of hip movement. That is to say, instead of your feet going more towards a central line when walking, try to keep them a little more in line with your hips. And standing with feet about shoulder width apart is helpful too.

You can also get a masculine haircut. Just pop into a barber shop and show them a pic of what you’d like or describe it. I’ve seen people where hair was literally the only barrier to their passing. Not saying that’s for everyone, just that can help a lot. (Tip: try to get a straight cut across the neck instead of an round shape)

A big one is also confidence. Keeping it fully in your mind, it’ll come through in your appearance. Even if nothing physical is happening, people can read others’ attitudes. It helps.

Like so many American cities, Chicago has a particular brand of Soul music. Artists like Curtis Mayfield and Gene Chandler helped pave the way in the 1960s and 1970s, but where is that sound today?
To help answer that, we heard from Reclaimed Soul’s Ayana Contreras and current Chicago Soul artist Avery R. Young. Then, we heard a remembrance of one of Chicago’s most beloved soul stars: Minnie Riperton. For that, Vocalo’s Emma Farley sat down with Minnie’s brother, Ray Riperton.

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This week on the Barber Shop Show, we talked about the results of the elections. We unpacked how the pundits and pollsters were so far off in their predictions. And we also asked what Trump’s first 100 days in office might mean for people of color, in particular. For that conversation, we were joined by:

•Salim Muwakkil, WVON Radio Host and op-ed columnist for the Chicago Tribune
•Sue Ontiveros, columnist and blogger for the Chicago Sun-Times
•Delmarie Cobb, Political Strategist
•Sylvia Puente, Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum

Plus, we talked with the photojournalist who captured the Tribune’s iconic shot of the World Series champion Chicago Cubs.
• Brian Cassella, the photojournalist who took the amazing Tribune cover shot of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

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He wouldn’t know an L from a B from a G from a T from a Q
He’s never been out of this town
with it’s three bars and one laundromat
and 200 years of intolerance
for anybody who doesn’t fit the most rigid description
of the straight, white, American male

He didn’t know much
‘cause he’s never been out of this town
but he did know one thing
that it’s not okay to be gay
or feminine or different
Well, that’s three things
but you know what I mean

Anybody like that
he’d just take ‘em behind the barber shop
and show ‘em how a real man
takes care of business
That’s how his daddy did it
and his daddy’s daddy before that
They’d never been out of this town

There were rules, goddamnit
and there was the way things were supposed to be done
and he didn’t care how they did it
in Miami or New York or El Lay
He’d never been out of this town
but if you wanted to keep
your pretty face pretty
you could be damn sure
the rules were made to be followed

and the games that they played
in the back of the men’s club
after they’d all had a beer or two
or six or twenty
were something else all together
Something you didn’t ever talk about
‘cause when you said the words aloud
that made it real
and this was just a game

He had to assume
this must be the way things were
all over the world
at least in every godforsaken nowhere
in this great, big country of ours
but he couldn’t know for sure
He’d never been out of this town


Max Mundan, Never Been Out of This Town

© David Rutter 2015

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