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i said im a woman so they set me up with a stylist for my appointment and she had to ask her barber coworker to come help cuz she didnt know what to do with my undercut

Anyone else feel that their chronic illness gets looked down upon not just for being invisible but because able bodied people think it’s not that bad?

Like, take my PCOS for example

People think it just means I’ll have a lil trouble becoming a parent

But like, I get crippling pains that can hospitalise me for days, my ovaries are riddled with cysts that can and have ruptured, it leaves me exhausted, sometimes I can’t leave my own house, I can’t enjoy some of my favorite foods because the sugar in them sets off horrendous pain, I could develop diabetes, but people who know nothing about it bar difficulty conceiving just think that’s the only problem and I’m basically being a drama queen and need to buck up, and that’s only ONE of my multiple illnesses

Like honestly Debra I don’t care if your sister’s friend’s barber has it and they have seventeen children, there’s different levels of severity and it’s not just about difficulty getting pregnant

On that matter too, if somehow I got pregnant, I have like a 40% chance of miscarriage, which is upped even further thanks to having a tilted, heart-shaped uterus, so even if I wasn’t bothered by every other nasty aspect of PCOS it’s still fucking horrible to think that if I were lucky enough to create a child it has quite a large chance of dying inside me

I wish there was more respect for unseen illness

I may or may not have stayed up most of the night drawing Mrs. Lovett.

I pixel arted…. The background was transparent, but you couldn’t see his arms on the white Tumblr post, so I added red… I love and hate pixel art. I mean, I like how it looks, but it’s a pain… but then again, I’m probably doing it wrong… Anyway, I started with a character I know how to draw pretty well by now. :P
(If anyone likes this weirdness, I might try to pixel another character…)

You know what? Everyone can shit on iron fist because yeah it’s kinda not amazing. But I’m okay with him. You know why? Because RIGHT NOW he’s the ONLY ONE of the defenders with a god damned safety net. No one else does as far as I know. Daredevil is at odds with his best friend foggy and Karen right now and his girlfriend elektra is ‘dead’. His law firm is kinda in shambles too and there’s that old guy who helped him fight that he’s still angry at. Jessica Jones has no one I can remember on her side? I mean she has a PI business but it’s really small and I don’t remember her having any real friends helping her with that? I mean she had Luke Cage at one point but like and he’s got his own show now so…. speaking of Luke Cage, I haven’t watched his show a lot yet but so far he doesn’t really have that much as far as I’ve seen? I mean he has that barber shop? And he’s a hero I guess but? I don’t remember if he has lots of friends tho? No one I can note specifically off the top of my head? And the Punisher… well do I even need to explain why he has no one? I mean if you know him then you’ve watched daredevil season two or that old movie and both prove my point. But fuckin Iron Fist? He has a company worth billions with his name on it, an adoptive brother who runs that company who cares about him a lot, a lawyer lady who helps him out every time he gets in deep shit, he’s actually friends with Claire when he’s himself and not just iron fist, and he’s got a badass girlfriend who helps him fight and who he accepts into his life and wants to share things with. I like him because I personally don’t have to care about the emotional stability Iron Fist (aka Danny Rand). I don’t have to care because HE HAS PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE TO CARE FOR ME.

*facepalm* I have released another horrible Sweeney Todd doodle into the world. Haha……. (IGNORE his hands; somewhere between the 30th and 70th time redrawing them, I stopped caring.)

Victorian swimsuits are hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is that I would totally wear either one of these before I would ever wear a modern one.

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Do you have any favorite true crime movies?

Hi! I loooooove any movie about true crime, especially if its based on a true case/killer 😛 my faves:

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - I normally hate Tim Burton movies but this one is really well-written and based (sorta) on the legend of the Demon Barber. It has some really catchy songs.

Monster: This is one of the best movies about a serial killer HANDS DOWN. Charlize Theron plays Aileen Wuornos so incredibly well, and its very accurate factually. Most of Charlize’s dialect is actual quotes from Wuornos’ police confession.

The Black Dahlia: based on the book by James Ellroy, this is a pretty good movie if you’re into film noir. Its based on the famous unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, and the circumstances of her death.

Seven Psychopaths - I love this movie for the simple fact it features a team of serial killers who kill other serial killers.

“This blogger draws Sweeney Todd quite a lot…” (And is still incapable of drawing him…)

Well now I’m just bored and telling you about myself through bad doodles. XD

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Seeing how poodles have actually LOTS of hair that just doesn't stop growing, I can't stop imagining Dean growing fluffy all over himself, and going to the barber's with "Buzz it all down, but leave tufts here, here, there and over there" in an awkward manner because of pubes; and leaving pounds of fur in the place. Bc you can't really shave your whole body yourself, and I wouldn't trust Tony.

i think deans barber life has been discussed before LMAO i just dont consider things like this cause pfffht 2 lazy..but IN THEORY this is exactly how it would be

i think tony&dean would have 1 mishap with the shaver and never do that again.. dean envies tony and his low maintenance fur (THO tony does get a lil fluffier in the winter)   

Believe it or not, every single Sweeney Todd drawing I’ve done looks completely different to me. Anyway… here’s another one I just finished… I was supposed to be drawing the Mad Hatter…


Master Barber Gives Beard Advice and Haircut

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Headcanon, dwarves just sort of assume that Hobbit hair stops growing at a certain length and that's why it's so short so when Bilbo casually asks for some scissors or something and goes to give himself a haircut they're all shocked and horrified and BILBO NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING and Thorin starts freaking out because OH NO I TOLD THE BURGLAR HE WAS USELESS AND NOW HE'S HACKING ALL HIS HAIR OFF and they're all so confused when they find out hobbits cut their hair just for fashion and convenience

I was just gonna be like “hahaha this is a cute idea!” but then

a thing happened

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