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Video: First Look at ‘Downton Abbey The Exhibition’ World Premiere in Singapore June 17, 2017

Several cast members are slated to attend a red-carpet event at MBS on June 21: Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith; Jim Carter (Carson); Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes); Kevin Doyle (Molesley); Sophie McShera (Daisy); and Michael Fox (Andy).  - Straits Times June 3


There is an inherent irony to America’s food waste epidemic: As millions of households live below the poverty line, struggling to put food on the table, nearly 40% of all edible food goes uneaten.

For Dan Barber, a chef and co-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the problem is not only how we dispose of our food, but also, the way we create it in the first place.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

As we show in the video above, this is what chef Dan Barber demonstrated earlier this year, when he temporarily turned Blue Hill, his Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City, into an incubator for garbage-to-plate dining.

Barber’s intent was to raise awareness about the vast issue of food waste. As we’ve reported, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food is wasted in the U.S. each year. The typical American family tosses out about $1,500 of food yearly.

All this wasted food is the largest component of solid waste in our landfills, and when it rots, it emits methane — a potent greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

So, you may be wondering, what can I do in my own kitchen?

To answer that, we talked to Dana Gunders of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Her new book, Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook, which is out this month, is full of tips for tackling food waste at home.

Don’t Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste


“I’m used to you sitting next to me” -phil

“welcome to Dan’s barber shop” and dan just fucking combs phils hair

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more dan playing with phil’s hair

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dan running his fingers through his fringe, giving him a little quiff and iT STAYS LIKE THAT FOR A COUPLE JUMPCUTS OKAY

he’s so pretty with a quiff omg

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phils laugh when dan comes on screen in a squid costume

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dan rolling back and flashing every one his bum “whoaaaa here we go”

“you don’t know him guys” dan says after being almost chopped up by phil

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calling phil philly again

“homoerotic ice skating”

Culinary Artsy

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why I chose to pursue a career as a chef. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and the short answer is, I thrive on chaos; or I’m just stupid.

Nobody looks good after cooking as a profession for 20 years. This field is physically and emotionally draining. You will be regularly riddled with burns and cuts. Your bones will ache. Your back and head will hurt. Your skin will start to break out like a 13 year old due to all the salt built up (due to sweat and the actually handling of salt every 30 seconds for your entire shift).

Your friendships will be strained, on Friday night when your friends are out at a show you will be covered in degreaser, scrubbing a flat top. Any romantic partner you have will also be joining a relationship with your career, they will marry your career. By the time I get off work my only options are bars, it’s no wonder this career breeds functioning alcoholics. Plating six dishes while five others are cooking and also retaining the next ten that are being yelled at you is stressful and exhausting. I am about to turn 26, I am constantly tired, I already have a bad back and knee (albeit that could be also due to the motorcycle wreck); yet here I am, spending my days off planning my own pop up that I will probably lose money on.

Yet there is no other life I would choose.

There are exceptions to this, corporate restaurants, culinary schools, etc. There are also plenty of people who cook just as a job, not a career; I am in no was discrediting these careers, however I am referring to a very particular sect of the culinary world. The people that thrive of this chaos. Who love the insanity. Adrenaline junkies looking for there next fix in the form of a perfectly emulsified hollandaise. The people who breathe food, dream of food and constantly think of food. The ones who constantly reasearch every new technique and dish they discover. It’s not a career choice, it’s an addiction, a disease, a madness.

For better or worse, this is the path I chose, until death do us part.

The following quotes sums it all up so well…

“I was attracted to cooking because it’s so beautiful; When you look at it from afar. What I didn’t understand when looking at the beauty is just how torturous it is, and that’s a lesson learned late.”

- Chef Dan Barber

Chef’s Table - Season 1 Trailer

Chef’s Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef, featuring Ben Shewry (Attica Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia), Magnus Nilsson (Fäviken in Järpen Sweden), Francis Mallmann (El Restaurante Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Niki Nakayama (N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, USA), Dan Barber (Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns and in New York City, USA) and Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy) and their lives, talents, and passion from their piece of culinary heaven. 

Chef’s Table premieres exclusively on Netflix, April 26th.

Organic Chocolate Stout (Samuel Smith)

Brewery : Samuel Smith
Beer : Organic Chocolate Stout
Style : Stout / Sweet Stout
Variance : Brewed with Real Organic Cocoa

9 / 10

I was going to talk shit about Dan Barber from Chef’s Table (amazing documentary) and his crazy “organic” ideology even though he’s fine with people messing with “god’s” creations and cross breeding hybrid fucking veggies, but this is too damn good to poke any fun at… Oh wait I think I just did. Anyways, this is a damn delicious beer and probably the most chocolatey brew I’ve had to date and the only problem I have with it is that I can’t put it down long enough to type a few words of this review. Heinrich Nestle would probably be trying to get his grubby hands on this it wasn’t for the fact that he’s been dead forever but at least his company makes a shit load of money even if Hershey’s chocolate is still way better and even EVEN if this beer is way better than both. This starts with a straight up chocolate syrup sweetness with just a mild hint of smoke before even more milk chocolate joins in and intensifies right through to the end. The level of deliciousness this beer exudes is easy to understand unlike girls obsessions with the half alien half cat faced monster Adam Driver which is why I’d highly recommend this beer to all levels of drinkers both new and old especially if you have a sweet tooth. If you are looking for a silver tray filled with marzipan animals and french pastries for dessert then fuck right off, but if you are looking to drink your dessert in a fancy glass then let’s cheers to our new found friendship. Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.

© Ball & Albanese

Burger Love: This exceptional veggie burger, created by Dan Barber for his WastED pop-up at Blue Hill in New York City, has a lot of ingredients; each one adds to the taste and texture and makes it exceptional. The key is cooking the burger until it’s well seared, so you get the familiar charred flavor.

Recipe: Beet-Bean Cheeseburger

Pretty Boy's Hair Salon

I wrote my first fanfic on tumblr!

Summary: Based off @philsenpai ’s amazing artwork! Dan is a hairdresser and Phil is one of his customers.

Tags: Fluff

Warnings: None!

Wordcount: 2074

A/N: I don’t own Dan or Phil, nor do I claim that Phan is real. This is just a work of fiction. Enjoy!

Phil sighed as he looked in the mirror. It’s been a while since he had a haircut, and it was starting to show. His ginger roots weren’t just lurking underneath his black hair anymore. There was at least an inch of ginger showing, and it was messing with his punk look.

You see, Phil wasn’t really the most “ordinary” person. He had tattoos all over his body, more piercings than was probably acceptable, never left the house without his leather jacket and wore his combat shoes religiously. He was the kind of person old people avoided and kids stared after.

Phil was what people would describe as a punk, a trouble maker. And maybe he looked the part, but his personality was something else entirely. His mother always amused herself with telling him how different his appearance and personality were.

Phil was the most bright and cheerful guy you could ever come across. He volunteered at pet shelters, charities and helped cleaning the park every month. He had a YouTube channel where he talked about his life in the hopes of making other people’s day happier.

All in all, he was a ray of sunshine.

Phil heaved another sigh as he looked at his hair. It was time for a haircut.

He scrolled his through his contact list, smiling to himself as he looked at the quirky names he had given his friends.

He quickly found the contact he was looking for. Howell’s Hair And Beauty Salon. Or, as he had named it in his contacts, Pretty Boy’s Hair Salon.

Phil had a small, well, huge crush on the owner of the hair salon; Dan Howell.

Dan absolutely despised gender roles. He resented them and made sure to break at least one every day. He wore baggy, oversized jumpers in light pastel colours and never left the house without a pretty flower crown on top of his brown curls. He wore nail polish and sometimes went as far as to wear a skirt.

All in all, his style was the complete opposite of Phil’s.

Phil called the salon, making an appointment for the next day. He smiled to himself as he hung up. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

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