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Has Oliver sibblings and parents. Do you know anything from his private life? His goals

Hello lovely, Yes he has an older sister and parents! His private life is definitely private so I’m not completely sure lol. Goals I assume is continuing doing music, possibly working w/ other people etc. He’s said If he weren’t doing music he would take barbering courses and become a barber!

airyairyquitecontrary replied to your post: “Okay… That was some deeply fucked up shit (you know what I mean)….”:

I think also that when there’s someone we like online, because they’re lots of fun or they’re really smart or really kind or all of the above, we may try to adjust our opinions to conform to theirs out of admiration, but we really shouldn’t.

God yes, please don’t. I can speak with authority on exactly one thing and that is my opinion.

If I’m putting into words exactly what you feel, that is awesome and let us fist bump.

If you hadn’t thought of it that way before and I’ve shown you something new, hooray for another perspective!

If you only like bits of what I say, carve it into little pieces and take what you want as my gift to you.

If you think I’m full of shit, toss my opinion the fuck out like the useless thing it is.

What you think and feel is most important to you and that’s how it should be.