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How do you get so close a shave on your face?

I never ever use razor, because they irritates my skin.. but I️ use the clipper first then the shaving razor blade like they do at the barber. The clipper and the blade causes less irritation 🤗


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Heading into the NBA Finals with Hair Art by @robtheoriginal

To see more creative hair art, follow @robtheoriginal on Instagram. For more photos and videos from the @NBA Finals, follow the San Antonio Spurs (@officialspurs) and the Miami Heat (@miamiheat) on Instagram.

Rob Ferrel (@robtheoriginal) was working at a barbershop in Texas eight years ago when local kids starting bringing in requests for hair art. “At first it was simple patterns and designs, but now if they bring me any image, I can replicate it in their hair,” Rob says.

Today, Rob is a professional hair artist and founder of Rob the Original Barbershop in San Antonio. As the local San Antonio Spurs (@officialspurs) enter a rematch with the Miami Heat (@miamiheat) in the NBA Finals tonight, requests for his popular basketball-themed styles continue from Spurs and Heat fans alike.

Rob’s toolkit includes standard barber clippers and razors, but also colored eyeliner for the finishing touches. “I create every shape and shade on the portrait—like a puzzle,” Rob says. “You can only do so much with hair, so the eyeliner perfects the picture and makes it look realistic.”

OH BRUH! Y'all, my barber got to arguing wit this other dude while I’m in the chair right? I’m talking like…EXPLOSIVE arguing. Thought somebody was about to get tossed around the shop. And in the middle of it, ol boy RUNS UP on my barber and my clueless ass sitting in the chair between them like ???? because shit popped off outta nowhere! Another one of the barbers, the young one, was like “aye y'all cut that shit out! You scaring her!!” and stepped up between them and got ol dude away from the chair and out of my barber’s face.

Now. This WHOLE TIME, my barber got the clippers in his hand tryna concentrate on MY HAIR. And I’m sitting here wondering 1) if ol boy was strapped and serious about all the threats he was making 2) if my hair would even be fresh after all is said and done. All that shit started cuz other dude thought my barber was tryna flex on him and his pride was wounded. I have never been so close to two niggas posturing and getting so heated before and I was scared for my life and my line up.

Ok the end.

As Kat so aptly put it, ma hurr did was looking awfully Conan this morning, so during my lunch break, I went to the local barbershop to get ma whacked hurr did fixed.

My Polish barber asked me what kinda hairstyle I was looking to get, and I was all, I dunno, maybe shorter on the back and sides, and longer on top? And my Polish barber was all, “Ooh! I know exactly what to do, trust me!!!” And I was all, Great!

And my Polish barber was all, “I’m thinking Constant Craving-era k.d. lang!!! Very lesbian chic!!!” And I was all, You know that I’m a dude, right? And my Polish barber was all, “What did you say?” And I was all, Nevermind.

Then my Polish barber took the clippers and swiped off most of my hair, but left the top as is. My Polish barber was all, “What you think!?!” And I was all, It’s very lesbian chic, that’s for sure. And my Polish barber was all, “The lesbian ladies gonna be going crazy for you!!!” And I was all, You know that I’m a dude, right? And my Polish barber was all, “Whatevs.”