Blazing Temptation~ Derek Luh Imagine pt. 5

Chapter 5: Broken Hearts and Drunk Kisses

It had been a week since the incident in the restroom and I’ve been avoiding Derek like the plague. I just couldn’t bring myself to look at him, I would feel way too perplexed but I just couldn’t get him out of my head.

Suddenly I hear a knock at the door and my heart starts to race with the thought of it being Derek, maybe he’ll be standing there with a bouquet of flowers and an apologetic smile.

“Hey Ev!” Ash announced happily but disappoint filled me when I realized it was just her.

“Hey Ash.” I drawed out.

“Well don’t look to excited now Ev, I can’t handle it.” She said with sarcasm extremely evident in her tone. After she noticed I didn’t give any response back she started to analyze me with her eyes. “What’s wrong Ev?” She questioned after a few minutes.

“Oh nothing Ash.” I trailed off

“Oh please, don’t you dare lie to your best-friend.”

“I’m not even lying.”

“Mhhm suuure, does it have anything to do with Derek?”

Fuck, I was hoping she wasn’t going to question me about him. I mean it is about him but I’m not in the mood to talk about him right know, he’s probably with that stupid redhead right now anyways.

“No it doesn’t.”I tried to convince her weakly.

“Come on, Ev… I hate when you shut me out like that.” Ash whispered.

Dang, I had no clue she even felt like that. I mean I get sometimes I choose not to say anything but I’ve always been taught that even the ones closest to you could do you dirty. Maybe it’s time to finally open up to someone, well not fully but at least talk about something as measly as a crush.

“Well actually the other day I walked in on Derek and some redhead making out.”

“What?!” She yelled furiously. “That little fucken shit head, who in the fuck does he think he is?! When did you find him with that whore?!” She continued.

“It was actually after he had gave me that thing on my neck,” I said with shame.

Ash then stood quiet for a minute and stared at me with pity.

“You know Ev, you deserve better than him anyways.”

I didn’t reply, I simply just stared at the door behind her. After giving the situation some thought I came to the conclusion that I did deserve better, I always try to help others so why can’t I get someone who would treat me with respect. He probably calls the redhead ‘baby-girl’ and ‘babe’ too.

“It’s whatever though, why don’t we watch movies and order pizza?”

“Even if it’s whatever I’m still here for you but I am in the mood for some barbeque chicken pizza.” Ash smirked at me and chuckled.


After finally finishing all the Gossip Girl seasons, Ash called it a night and went hope not before promising to come back tomorrow so we could go out for breakfast.

I threw myself on the bed and then groaned when I heard obnoxious knocking at my front door.

“Ugh, who could it be. It’s about to be like one in the morning.” I said to myself annoyed.

Cautiously I looked in the peephole and gasped when I saw who it was.

“Derek? What’re you doing here.”

“Oh baby-girl, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” Derek slurred and threw himself at me.

“Woah, you should probably go home.”

“What? No, I want to spend time with you. You’ve been avoiding me haven’t you? If it’s because of that redhead, she doesn’t matter to me.”

“Derek go home! You’re drunk!” I said sternly.

“No! I already told you I want to be here with you and for the redhead she actually slapped me because I moaned out your name a couple times.” Derek said with no worries and laughed out loud.

That one sentence made my face start to turn red and my heart to race so I turned away,”Derek… why don’t you go sit down. Come on.” I pulled him along to the couch.

“Oh Evelyn, you’re so sweet I just can’t get enough you. As a matter of fact, come here let me give you a thank you kiss.” Derek said while pulling me towards him. When he finally gave one hard pull I fell on top of him.

Derek then slide his hand down to my ass and squeezed, “Ugh, I love your ass so much.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond before he finally smashed his lips to mine.

Even though kissing those plump lips was a dream come true I couldn’t continue he wasn’t in the right state of mind so I pulled away.

“Derek just go to sleep, you must be tired.” I muttered.

“Mmm, I am but baby-girl I think I might be falling for you… “ Derek said before he knocked out cold.

Well shit, I didn’t expect that but honestly it seems like I am too.